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  1. Shave kit

    That is very nice
  2. Pattern Needed

    Hello I am in need of a pattern for a Colt 1911, leather weight 7/8 oz, inside waist band style, barrel length is 4.25 I don't have the gun. The holster is a b-day gift for my uncle his b-day is in 2 weeks. Thank you
  3. Patriotic knife sheath for a Kabar

    Looks good
  4. Custom acrylic templates

    Great thanks
  5. Custom acrylic templates

    Excellent thanks. I had a friend tell me to go to the library and see if they have an idealab and if they do ask if they have laser cutters. Apparently they teach you how to use it and for a small fee you can do it yourself. I'm hoping to get in there in the next week or so to check it out.
  6. Custom acrylic templates

    Does anyone know where to get custom acrylic templates cut in Canada?.
  7. help with presser foot height

    Ok great thank you, I will contact them tomorrow
  8. help with presser foot height

    Are you talking about the large screw at the top of the head?. If so I have turned it all the way up and down and nothing happened, or do you mean the actual spring?. I look forward to getting more help from you.
  9. help with presser foot height

    No those were the first two things I checked. Now I have to figure out how to lower the walking foot. I'm new to sewing machines, I have a jack sewing machine also for my light weight stuff, but I never had to do any of this to it.
  10. help with presser foot height

    This is sitting in the lowest position.
  11. help with presser foot height

    Thank you so much. It's been set to sew about 12 oz and I have a quick project to do that's only 6 oz.
  12. I have a Techsew 5100 se and I need to adjust the height of the presser foot but I have no clue on how to do this, watched the dvd read the manual and neither mention how this is done. Any help is appreciated. I'm trying to lower it all the way down.
  13. Solo "Punisher"

  14. 1 oz leather

    Thanks I will call them.
  15. 1 oz leather

    Looking for a leather supplier that sells 1 oz veg-tan