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  1. Wow That is a great idea. I would love some instructions on how to build one for myself if you don't mind, please.
  2. That looks amazing
  3. I use contact cement also, its the only glue I use and the way I make it thinner is to use a cement thinner that you buy from Tandy. I use a mixture of 65/35 and this makes the cement very nice and thin.
  4. I've sent you a e-mail
  5. Ok thanks for help. Would you recommend the 1541 for the work I do?.
  6. I have the opportunity to buy a Juki sewing machine and there is 3 to choose from, need help help which one to buy. I need it to sew different types of leather from 1 oz all the way up to 20 oz. I make a very large variety of products (belts, wallets, holsters, bags, purses and so many more). All 3 have a servo motor and are walking foot. My choices are juki du 1181, juki dnu 1541. And juki 141. Thank you in advance for any help
  7. Pm sent
  8. Thank you all for your help. It makes sense now.
  9. What cites and raw leather do you carry?. So I know what I can and can"t order. What is cites, this is new to me as I have never dealt with exotic leather, where do I find out what cites are in my area?.
  10. Great, do you have a list of what you have available with colors and price for each item?.
  11. Hello, I am needing help to find exotic leather for sale in Canada (stingray, shark, eel, snake) I have found suppliers in the U.S that will ship it to me but the shipping and customs cost is outrages, I was looking at one place for 2 stingray and 1 shark the leather alone was about $220 which wasn't bad but the shipping and customs cost was over $300. Thank you in advance for any help.