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  1. Todays work

    I love it. I am into Harley's and dragons. Looks amazing as a stool
  2. Staining/antiquing techniques

    I have to agree why change what's not broke your dye work is amazing
  3. Two new artwork pieces

  4. Basketweave belt

    That looks great!
  5. I like it, would gladly put that on my gun.
  6. distressed leather dye

    Thanks I will see what I come up with
  7. distressed leather dye

    I need to dye a belt and make it look distressed. I'm using veg tan leather. Wondering what are the methods people are using to do this?.
  8. Shave kit

    That is very nice
  9. Pattern Needed

    Hello I am in need of a pattern for a Colt 1911, leather weight 7/8 oz, inside waist band style, barrel length is 4.25 I don't have the gun. The holster is a b-day gift for my uncle his b-day is in 2 weeks. Thank you
  10. Custom acrylic templates

    Great thanks
  11. Custom acrylic templates

    Excellent thanks. I had a friend tell me to go to the library and see if they have an idealab and if they do ask if they have laser cutters. Apparently they teach you how to use it and for a small fee you can do it yourself. I'm hoping to get in there in the next week or so to check it out.