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  1. custom clicker dies

    Yes please I'd like this info as well.
  2. Thanks for suggestions.
  3. custom clicker dies

    Does anyone know a good custom clicker die maker in Canada that will do One off's?. I need a few different clicker dies but I only need one die of each shape. Thank you in advance for any help.
  4. Sporran and Waiste Belt

    Looks nice
  5. I've been thinking about doing saddle bags but wasn't sure what leather and weight to use, what did you use to make yours?. Looks great.
  6. Sewing machine help

    Thank you to all for your help, I got it running the way it should. The problem was all in the bobbin tension it was way to loose.
  7. Sewing machine help

    I will have to try this. Thank you
  8. Sewing machine help

    I posted a message asking for help on what machine to buy got that figured out, but in that message I talked a bit the machine I have. So here it is, it's a jack JK-6380. The trouble I'm having is when I start stitching, pictures show my problem. Black thread is my top stitch that lay's flat on the top and the beige thread is my bottom (bobbin). The pic showing the black and beige thread is the top of the leather and the pic with just the beige thread is the bottom. I have never used a sewing machine, please any help I can get is well appreciated. I know it's got something to do with tension but I don't know what controls what and how to adjust the tension. Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. Sewing machine help

    Thank you to all for your help. I will get some pics of my sewing machine this week along with the model number.
  10. Sewing machine help

    Hello, I am looking at buying my second sewing machine and need help, I have never used a machine before so I am looking for something that's user friendly has a servo motor and a speed reducer. I had bought a jack sewing machine over a year ago paid $1850.00 for it and never been able to use it, can't figure out how to thread properly I had it threaded once before and it sewed but the it had a bird's nest on the bottom of the leather never been able to fix that, now when sewing it does about 2 stitches and the top thread breaks so I don't know if it's still bird nest's on the bottom the machine has become such a head ache that it just sits there. There's no youtube video's on it I called and e-mailed the company I bought it from and no help was given from them at all so I e-mailed the manufacturer with no help at all from them either. I know I need a walking foot industrial and I have it figured out down to 2 machines the cobra class 4 and the cowboy 4500 price wise both machines are the same for the package I am looking at. I make a large variety of products mainly use veg tan, english bridle and suede for lining. I need to be able to sew from 2 oz to about 18 oz. I have chosen these 2 machines because they are cylinder base with flat table accessory when needed and have a throat length of 16 1/2 as I make anywhere from wallets, bags, holsters etc. I would like input on these machines and how well they do the job I need. What are the pros and cons and what are the experiences people have with the company they bought it from. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you in advance.
  11. I'm speechless it's that amazing
  12. I agree with everyone it's a nice lookin holster.
  13. That’s a great looking knife and sheath that I would be proud to own.