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  1. Custom made note book

    Thank you
  2. Custom made note book

    I have a client who is licensed to marry people she uses this for holding papers when she is standing up doing the ceremony. The molded pocket is made to hold a square shaped microphone. The leather is made out of W&C 3/4 oz veg tan with a suede liner, to make it stiff and hold its shape I used 1/4 thick piece of wood cut into two panels with all edges cut at a 45 degree bevel.
  3. Wow. You always have such nice things. Great work.
  4. I like them keep up the good work.
  5. Panama straw

    That is really nice work.
  6. 2 more sheaths

    Sometimes the cheap ones are the best.
  7. 2 more sheaths

    I agree the yellow thread looks great. What is the name and model airbrush you are using?. I use a airbrush also its a old Pasche, time to get a new one just haven't decided on which one.
  8. Some more dog collars

    Clean work, looks good. My I ask where you order your hardware?.
  9. Pen Pouch

    Nice work. I had a pen case similar to that years ago given to me for my calligraphy pens, but the leather was not as nice as yours.
  10. Cheyenne Holsters

    That is some beautiful work.
  11. White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    I have had the same issue also.
  12. I am really looking forward to reading the answers on this as I am just getting into selling my products. I have been working on leather for a couple of years now to learn.
  13. Tool brands

    Thank you everyone your help has been a very big help. I'm starting to save money to buy the weaver master punch set as my first big purchase. After that I will be making purchases as the need arises, can't wait to be getting Barry King stamps as I am getting into carving/stamping more and more.
  14. Tool brands

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my leather working tools stamps, punches, edge bevelers, etc. I have been doing leather work for a couple years now and have started my collection with Tandy tools and I'm just not happy at all with the quality, don't get me wrong they were good to learn with. I've heard Barry King makes nice tools and also KS blades but I am wanting to know what brands people are using and what there impressions are. I look forward to reading what you have to say. Thank you in advance for your time and advice.