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  1. I have a PFAFF 335. I use a table like this and a detachable flat bed accessory made by Uwe. Works well. I have the open space under the arm for making bags. When I need a flat bed the Uwe one attaches in seconds. Chuck
  2. I have Uwe's flat bed attachment for my PFAFF 335. I love it. Works beautifully and he did a great job making it. Chuck
  3. Brian, these videos are very cool. Thanks for doing this. I need to look into getting a roller foot for my machine. Chuck
  4. I have an Etsy store and in the handmade section of Amazon. I make leather bracelets. I haven't sold many on Amazon. The problem is, as I see it, Amazon is so big you are competing with makers in places like China. I can't buy materials for what Chinese makers are selling finished products for. Chuck
  5. Uwe, is there any downside to removing the brake?
  6. I've been wanting something like this for a long time
  7. I've wondered the same thing. My best guess is a post machine
  8. Hi Charlie, What feed wheel do you have? Metal with milled lines or a porous stone?
  9. I hate it when that happens. Just can't get good help anymore. Thanks for trying.
  10. Thanks Rocky, I appreciate your advice. BTW, I admire your work
  11. thanks Rocky for saving me the cost of a rubber ball. Bruce, I'll look into a steel wheel and see if one is available of my machine.
  12. Thanks Rocky, That's interesting. I've seen machines with a waste bin but I didn't know that they had a suction system. I just thought scraps fell in by gravity. Mine of course just has a hole in the table so the scraps can collect in a pile on my knees. I seem to recall somewhere that there are alternatives to the stone ball feeder. Something like a rubber ball. Don't know if this Consew has such an option.
  13. I have a Consew bell skiver. Its fairly new (6 months) and I think I have it set up correctly. The problem I have is with the ball that feeds the material. Often, especially with relatively thin goat, the waste material sticks to the ball. So then that waste material comes around and under the material thats about to go through and causes irregular skived thickness. Sometimes even tearing the material. Is there anything I can do about this? Chuck
  14. thanks for the info. I'm not familiar with aacrack so I'll check them out