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  1. Newbie

  2. Off-roading

    I know very little about a Jeep, but I do own a Samurai. It will go places that most Jeeps only dream of...
  3. Who makes/made this stamp?

    I believe that you are correct - there was on for sale on this forum a little over a year ago...
  4. Small Ranch Saddle

    I live in Amarillo, TX and I buy a good bit of leather from Panhandle Leather. They are a great bunch of guys and I would highly recommend giving them a try. I have it good since I live less than 2 miles from them and I can just drop in and pick out what I need. They do a lot of business with saddle and boot makers in the Texas panhandle, but I think that the majority of their business now comes from the internet...
  5. Yes - I have use my kydex press to mold leather holsters with no issues. I am not sure where the 20 ton press idea comes from - that is not what is used for kydex molding. Using a kydex press for a leather holster is a good start for the molding process, but you still end up using your hands and some sort of tool to finish it... This is a kydex press ;
  6. Okay, I'm not getting it

    I live in Texas and I am confused as well. As I understand it, the term transgendered refers to an individual that does not agree with their birth gender. For example a person born with male genitalia wants to identify as being a girl and / or a person born with female genitalia wanting to identify as being a male. Texas is currently battling the issue with transgendered person’s use of public restrooms. The federal government started this issue way back when and several states have mandated the “transgendered restroom”. The problem with this is they (transgendered) feel they are being singled out in life I agree with JLS on this issue – I have a problem with a 40 year man dressed as a woman going into the lady’s room that my daughter or wife may be in, just because he claims to be transgendered. If a person has male parts, HE should have to go to the “men’s” restroom and if a person has female parts, then SHE should go to the “lady’s” restroom. It should not matter as to what gender they relate to, but with what parts they are born with… Now this is my opinion and each person is entitled to his or her opinion…
  7. Sorry - these are sold...
  8. I sent you an IM...
  9. I really like your design - I am going to borrow your idea and make one for my wife. I still carry a flip phone - so it will not work for my use...
  10. Rifle Saddle Scabbard

    Welcome to the forum... Here are a couple of Tandy's pattern packs that could be a place to start in your quest... Either could be modified to suit your needs... https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/saddle-scabbard-pattern-pack https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/rifle-case-pattern-pack
  11. I did the same thing, but went in a different direction. I made some changes to a JLS Glock 19 pattern to fit a Kahr CW45 pistol and changed his 1911 magazine pattern to fit the mag...
  12. The stiffener is centered between the front and rear stitch lines with 1/4" gap between it and the stitch lines on both sides. Perfect for the rear but needs to be just a hair closer to the front stitch line. I did not skive the stiffener - the holster is 8-9oz and the stiffener is 4-5oz piece of scrap and it worked great...