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  1. 111w155 hinges

    It's easiest to use what table is setup for.
  2. 111w155 hinges

    Yes,those will work.The one hinge behind the needle on a double needle is in a different place so you'll have to router out a new hole OR you could drill a different hole in the machine.Most double needles have a bed that's 1&1/2" longer than a single needle so you'll need to fill the gap in too.
  3. Stitch length regulator singer 241-12

    When you push the button down while turning the handwheel,keep turning it until it goes into the slot,keep pushing it down & turn the wheel towards you for a longer stitch.Never push the button when the machine is in motion.
  4. Shout Out to Toledo Sewing and part needed

    I double checked & I found a supplier that has it in stock.
  5. Consew 227

    Some 227's have reverse,if you can see a pic it'll have a lever on the front rightside for reverse.
  6. SInger 29-4 Grease vs Oil?

    DFH is right,oil is the best,clear mineral sewing machine oil.The grease can dry up & cause the roller to stop turning & make a flat spot on it.
  7. Singer 51W54 needle system

    We only have some size #16LR in stock,the other sizes are all diamond points.We can get any size you want.
  8. Singer 51W54 needle system

    They are the same length but the 128x6 is a leather point & the 16x231 is a round point.
  9. Help! Ruined my project during stitching!

    It's a good idea to make a sample of the thickness you want to sew & test it first.It would also help to use #277 in the bobbin,346 is real hard to pull up in stiffer leathers.
  10. Which patcher?

    Glenn,It's a 30-5 isn't that a low lift large bobbin? Bob
  11. The planets are in alignment

    That is some really nice looking work you've done there.
  12. Nice try but I checked & they don't have it.It probably could be brazed if he has all the parts.
  13. Edge Guide for Consew 225 (and clones)

    Comes with it on from the factory with a Juki.
  14. Help with singer machine

    The thick thread isn't being pulled up through the leather because it's a lot stiffer than the canvas.This is why people use a size smaller thread in the bobbin then on the top because it will pull up in the leather easier.
  15. If you have a small punch or even an all metal old screwdriver lay it down @ an angle & hit the outer part of the screw in the slot the direction to unloosen it works everytime for me.