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  1. How to Heat a large workshop

    I did similar to what Dwight.I built a 30x56 building w/large rollup door on leftside,small 36"door on right w/one window on the front & 2-on the sides & built a 14x40 shop inside of it w/6"insulation on top & 4"sidewalls,I have a gas furnace(50,000 btu) in it,but this winter I put a small electric(look like a radiator heater) set it on low & it keeps the chill off & prevents condensation.What's nice is the storage on the top of the room.Oh,and I put a sliding door on the side 7'x8' in case I want to work on a car.
  2. Consew 206rb-5 issues

    Some leathers do this more than others & a smaller needle & thread would make it look better since it will slice through with less force.
  3. Juki 1508 leather tips

    Wiz,I hate to hijack this thread but since needles came up I been meaning to ask how you like those 135x16 S points I sent you? I think the stich would look real nice on wallets?
  4. Juki 1508 leather tips

    You can loosen the pressure on the foot & buff(sand) the feed dog,a smaller pulley will help slow it down.Here's a needle & thread chart
  5. Cobra 4 backstitch problem

    Are you sure your going around the 2nd tension on the side 1& 1/2x?
  6. Deep Cleaning a Juki 563

    Maybe I should of added to just put it in the bearing or bearings that might be gummed up as it will dissolve the old oil.
  7. Deep Cleaning a Juki 563

    Some WD40 or some other type of penetrate will or should cut through the old oil,then use regular sewing machine oil after that.
  8. Oil all the way around the groove the bobbincase sets in,then you should be able to turn it counter-clockwise to get the thread out,once in a while you can use a screwdriver & tap on the tab lightly to break it loose,(counter-clockwise only).

    Here's a manual for a Singer 29K70 which operates the same,we do stock all the needles,bobbins,parts & thread for this machine.
  10. 441 presser foot timing

    To adjust the foot timing adjust the cam on the top shaft behind the slotted adjuster.You have to loosen the 2-screws(leave one snug so it doesn't spin) rotate until it's feeding correctly with the inside foot coming down & touch the leather as the needle goes in it.
  11. People don't seem to be collecting them like they used to & I would estimate if the cabinet is real nice you MIGHT be lucky to get $150.00 usually $50-75.00 for average condition.
  12. Newb with a Singer 211-166

    The wick your talking about is for thread lube,which you probably don't need unless your sewing real fast & or heavy material. Here's a operators manual for your machine. Singer 211 Operators Guide-Small.pdf
  13. There's locknut(ring) for when you adjust the foot pressure,loosen that & see what happens.Also have you ever taken the side cover off & oil everything in there including the top & lower part of this bar?
  14. Landis 30 auction on eBay... (what's it worth)

    It should bring around $1,000.00,there's not much to go wrong other than getting broken in shipment.The blade will need to be sharpened ,oil it up & split away!
  15. CB3200 issues

    Hey Ken,I'm glad that you didn't have to make the trip too!