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  1. Yes,I just got the news a couple days ago & it starts on 9-24 any imported machines will have 10% on them & after 1-1-19 it's going up to 25% so if you've been setting on the fence about a machine you better make your mind up soon.Or it will cost you more $$.
  2. singer 119-2 presser foot and tension issue

    138 thread normally will require more tension,you'll get a better looking stitch by going one size smaller thread #92 on the bobbin.These feet are being discontinued by my suppliers do to lack of demand.Like Const said you can grind off the teeth & then also grind or cut the front off to the front of the hole to create an open toe with a Dremel.
  3. Pfaff 335: Advice Appreciated

    That could be hand lift versus foot lift.
  4. Eagle walking foot info needed

    Search Consew 206RB-1 here on Leatherworker & you'll find answers to all your questions.
  5. Singer 7-31 dimensions

    Top of the handwheel 23",top of casting 20",you should take the wheel off to prevent the top shaft from getting bent in case it moves around during the trip, I'll agree w/ Uwe you need a sturdy wooden box to protect it.
  6. Thanks for posting this BUT it's a shame it's so far away.If I were to bid on anything I'd have to leave before I knew if I got the bid since it would take me 3-days to get there! In my big truck I can only drive 11 hrs a day & it's a 3-day trip 1,900 mi one way @ 10mpg x$3.00 a gallon =$1,200 in fuel alone!then motels & eats another $700.00.I'm sure someone closer will get some good deals.
  7. New CB3200 has landed

    Hello Fredo, I'm happy to see you got it up & sewing so quickly.The belt needs to be that tight or it'll slip.The style of motor we use has a built-in brake so when your foot is off of the pedal it will be hard to turn the machine over,so if you push the pedal down 1/4" it releases it so you can turn the machine by hand.Also,when you stop & start sewing you always want to have the takeup lever(chrome piece you thread through & goes up & down when sewing) @ the highest point. Have fun & Thanks for Buying a hard working Cowboy !!
  8. Is this upper tension spring correct?

    You have too much travel on the take up spring ,loosen the screw that holds the tension on & turn the whole tension approx. 1/4" to the left or so you have 1/2 of the travel you have now.
  9. I bought a chandler Dy-337 help! :)

    Yes,those clutchmotors can get away from you.We have a servo that is easy to operate & install here;
  10. Bobbin winding troubleshooting

    You need to loosen the screw on the tension adjustment bracket (which has a slot in it) & move it to the right alittle until it starts to track evenly side to side.
  11. Chinese knock offs

    That's a great deal almost 1/2 price!
  12. refurbished sewing machine

    It's the cyl arm version of a 78 class Singer. Great job,looks real nice !!
  13. It has an opening of 1/4" & will take up to 6 oz of binding material,25mm tape,but the thicker the binding the thinner the binding piece would need to be.
  14. Maybe you should learn what we are talking about before you accuse people of "ripping off" Here's the binder for $450.00 does it look like there's a lot more parts to it?? Of course that's why it costs more !! Let me know Amazons price on this?
  15. Service & Repair manual Singer 29

    Have you seen this manual? Back when these machines were made Singer had repair techs that would come out to repair machines.They wanted to keep them working & making $$ for them so they rarely made repair manuals for that reason.