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  1. Yes,Joe is still servicing machines,I meant blow air in the needle screw hole.The soldering gun might help too.
  2. Blow some air in the top hole sometimes gets them out.
  3. I just sold a CB4500 yesterday to a customer that bought a 3200 a year or so ago & he got into heavier sewing than what the CB3200 could handle & he wants to sell it,He's in VA by DC.If your interested give me a call or message me for his ph#,I don't want to post it here.
  4. Ok,I just got back from Weavers & bought 32 machines!But I'll be in tomorrow.
  5. Nice looking machine you have there,you have something to be proud of.
  6. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the kind words,glad you got it so quick. We do as hard as we try not to make a mistake once in a while like anyone can BUT we work on them & TRY not to do it again. Thanks, for your order. Bob
  7. Oh,one thing about the 1000h is they only come in a round point,the 331LR only comes in a twisted leather point.
  8. I'm not @ the shop & can back to you tomorrow w/a measurement since we have them in stock.If I remember correctly they are 3&1/4" long.
  9. That's what happens when you make something you noticed all the little mistakes.I had to go back & look @ it again to notice it.LOL!
  10. Hey Gary,Great looking job there.
  11. It's a Rex 26-188 a copy of the Singer 16-188 on the Rex has reverse.Yes it's good for upholstery,canvas & thin leather.Most parts & feet are still available for it.I guess the price $3-450.00 BUT you'll probably have to buy a servo motor so you can control the speed approx $135.00
  12. Your Welcome.Glad to know you got it fixed.
  13. Look for this screw behind the back cover & tighten it just alittle.