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  1. I don't know what the big deal is where it's made?I think that unless your using it 24/7 in production you will never notice a difference.We sold some new 206's to NASA over a year ago & they ordered 2 more this year.We also have canvas & upholstery shops that run them pretty hard & they hold up great.It has more to do with how they are oiled than anything else.
  2. I don't know much about this machine but have one like it that sews.I thought it might have been made to sew harness since it has such a high foot lift.I don't have any manuals for it.
  3. Hello Mr. Cowboy Bob!

    I'm looking for needles for two machines of mine and one machine I'm haggling for:

    Mine are: 35-1 Carpet Stitcher and a 111W102

    The one I'm hoping to purchase shortly is a 110W125.

    Would you happen to have any needles for these in stock? Or know where I can look for them?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Billy

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    2. warrigol


      Thanks, and can I assume you have the same size range for the 110W needles too?



    3. warrigol


      Do you accept paypal?



    4. CowboyBob


      the 110 in sizes #10-21,yes,we take paypal.

  4. Yes,this adjustment is made to close if your sewing slow & open it if your sewing faster.Is it closed now?
  5. It's behind the back cover.
  6. Back in the day they can get away with alittle advertising hipe.It does 3 things cuts,bevels & skives, so yes you have what Landis called a 3 in 1.
  7. Hey Colt we'll keep one ready for ya! We had a customer that makes holsters & belts tell that the machine paid for itself in less than 3-months & he's had it now for over 3 yrs.
  8. Here's another one.
  9. Hi Bob.  I have a Cowboy 4500 that I can just barely turn the flywheel.  This is since I got it.  Any ideas?


    1. CowboyBob


      There is a built-in brake in the motor.It works when you take or don't have your foot on the pedal,if you push the pedal down 1/4" or so it will release it & let the machine turn easier.


      Let me know if you have anymore questions.


  10. Maybe this will help?
  11. Take the feed dog off,wash it w/alcohol & fill in the valleys w/JB Weld or smooth the points off w/a Dremel. It won't feed good w/o it.
  12. It skipped a stitch & cut a strand of thread.You need to make sure you have enough foot pressure,#2 could be needle or hook timing.
  13. Hey Colt, I should of mentioned I'll be getting some towards the end of the week.
  14. You Sir are correct but even leather shortens up in reverse w/o the feed dogs so if leather doesn't reverse properly,"stickier" beta sure won't.What is strange about ALL 441's even Juki is the top of the needlebar rock frame is offset.It's offset towards the back so it makes the feed harder to be more consistant in reverse.A machine like a Juki 563 the pivot @ the top is centered & should feed more evenly in reverse w/o a feed dog.
  15. The problem is the feed dogs are out & he's sewing Beta which is real sticky,it is real hard to get the stitches to line up in reverse in leather w/o the feed dog,but beta is impossible w/o the feed dogs.they lift the material off the slide plate & help with the feed.So use Wiz's idea & turn it around if you need to backstitch w/o the feed dogs.We always test the machines with the feed dogs in.Now if there was a Teflon slotted needle plate made it would help the reverse stitch line up.