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  1. Yes,it is a nice looking machine BUT the price is about 2x what it should be & the biggest problem for this machine like a lot of the older ones is getting parts,we do stock needles & awls but that's all you can buy for it.
  2. What's the difference between the Yamata GC 5318 and the FY 5318?  I tried Google and got nothing but FY. 

    thank you for your time!


    1. CowboyBob


      IDK,I'm almost certain they are the same machine.

  3. Probably knocked the clutch out,push the button the the rightside of the bed down & turn the handwheel backwards should get it sewing again.
  4. If you want to sew over a 1" you better get a 97-10.The Singer 7 head needs to be cut under where the needle comes out & a longer than standard needle is used.For the reverse we took all the stitch length parts out & had a special bracket made that goes out the back & also had to heat & bend the feed back to make it go back in the same holes,which was hit or miss because the feed dogs might not get a good grip causing the length to vary.That is the advantage of a walking foot needlefeed.
  5. How thick is the leather?Sometimes to large a thread gives you problems on thinner leather because it isn't thick enough to hide the knot.
  6. Ok, now my $0.02. It appears to me that the needle is in backwards,you want to long groove on the left & the notch above the eye on the right.
  7. Back when we sold them all you could buy was the Adler 205-370 f/$5,000.00 & we sold these f/$1,850.00,it might be a good way to get started.It's priced cheap enough too that you'll never get hurt.
  8. Yes,it's a workhorse BUT it's more suited for webbing & canvas since it has feed dogs in it & the feet are awful large too.Years ago we used to rebuild a lot of these & even modify them to sew over 3/4" & also used to put reverse on them.I think this might be one we worked on since it has a thread lock the same handwheel on it & we used to paint them gray.Some of the parts are getting hard to find.Since the 441 style sew with better looking results we stopped selling the Singer 7's years ago.
  9. You would need to buy extra ones if you want to use them because you can't buy parts anymore.
  10. You have to get the notch & finger back in place & then rock the handwheel back & forth & it should unjam . Put some oil in the area where your finger is pointing,that will help it unjam easier. Also be sure to hold on to your needle thread when you start to sew(first 3 stitches) esp w/the larger thread your using.
  11. Yes,they called BUT it's very heavy to ship(costs $145.00 by UPS) & cost a lot too.We used to gave the lower priced ones like in the pic & probably should get some on the next order.
  12. NO,it won't work,the gears for the 29K51 are real fine teeth & haven't been available for over 40 yrs.
  13. Yes,that is a real nice stand!
  14. No,that's a portable Consew,it has feed dogs & feet w/teeth that will mark + it isn't the type of machine you would want to use for eceryday sewing.