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  1. If your machine has a small handwheel under 3 1/2" go with at least a 3-1 reduction,we use a 4-1 on our box style & it works great,other people have also made reducers from the old-style belt driven grinder arbors. arbor.html
  2. Here's one we had made up with a 2"small pulley & a 8" large pulley,they work great! I've seen pulleys like this in clothes dryers that could be adaptable real easy.
  3. Yes,Max is right it's like a DU-214H also look up Nakajima 280,WMC used to sell them using that Mercury name. I just found the old price sheet from 1994 & we used to buy them for $450.00 for the head & always bought extra gears since the ones the factory put in them usually broke soon if they jammed it up.It has a large-bobbin,walking foot & reverse.
  4. If you lift the foot up & push it front to back how much play does it have?However much it has is causing it to not pull the feet front to back making the stitch shorter.It's a very common problem with these machines.Part # 82167 has a little tongue that fits in a groove of #82053 & gets worn.
  5. Yes,we have them priced @ $160.00 BUT sell them @ discount & have never sold one @ that price.Cowboys plate is stainless steel,most others are chrome plated & the chrome peels off after while.
  6. That's a great deal,your very lucky usually when the put the motor on they throw the treadle wheel in a corner & it probably ends up thrown away.We get people calling all the time for them! Nice looking machine for the $$
  7. No,trust me on this one,I would doubt if it would handle # 69 thread & it won't ever sew as thick as a 31-15.It was one of Singers 1st high-speed machines for garment factories.
  8. I worked on a lot of 45's over the years & have never seen that one.It might of been custom made.I'd say it's for sewing a narrow strap or ?? it looks like 6-8 mm from the needle hole to the rightside?
  9. Have them tilt the head back to drain the oil out of the head before you get there.Then take a funnel & a container that holds a quart to drain the oil from the pan.Then like Madmaxx said take the head out & when you lay it down in your vehicle put it on the backside because if you lay the front down you can break the take up lever & tension. Also lay the table on the backside & it'll slide right in most SUV's or pickups.
  10. No,too long & shank won't fit in needlebar,use 16x2 for leather they are shorter,use 16x257,231 for cloth & vinyl.
  11. Alot of times the cork dries out,we have always told people to smear about a teaspoon of grease on the clutch pad & run the belt as loose as you can!
  12. Yes Sir,Colt your doing a great job on them bags!
  13. Uwe is correct it will tend to give you problems with #207.We used to sell them new years ago & had a customer come in wanting one for nylon halters & using #207,I showed him what we had & he didn't want to spend $5,000.00 on a new Adler & pointed to the Juki 241,I said we can try the thread & see what happens but I didn't recommend it for a long term.He says just to get started then go to a bigger machine,I told him he pushing it & might have problems.We I sewed on it ,it worked great.He bought it & was back in less than a week,he jammed it up.I guess he didn't hold the thread.We fixed it & showed him again how to hold the threads when first start.He came back maybe 3 wks later & broke the hook on it.So now he starting to understand what I told him & bought a Singer 97-10 for the large thread & kept this for the chaps & thinner sewing. Moral of story it's best to get the right machine for the job your doing or you'll end up spending more later . The only problem with the model 241 is it doesn't have a bobbin case opener like Juki's newer model 1541S has & that helps prevent the machine from jamming up esp when your using large thread otherwise when you use #138 or thinner on this machine it should give you years of trouble-free service.
  14. Most of the questions are answered here.
  15. Yes,there are pedals that fit that style of leg.