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  1. Bob at Toledo Sewing Machines Rocks!

    Steve,I'm so glad to know you like the servo.They sure make sewing a lot easier when you can control the speed & have the power you need too. Thanks for the kind words!! Bob
  2. Hand Crank Mechanism for Singer 29-4

    They have a 29-4 so 29K the hub & shaft won't fit,since it only has 2-holes & the 29K hub has 3.
  3. My First Holster

    Looks great,esp for the first one.
  4. Hello and Goodbye

    Mjolnir,As my Mother used to say if you can't say something nice...don't say nothing at all,BUT nowadays a lot of people do not have the upbringing like they did years ago & they probably feel bad about theirselves or jealous of others so they feel the need to attack others.Just ignore them & hope they stop their nonsense that makes them look immature! This is a great board with a lot of great people on it so don't let the actions of a few(or one whatever the case may be) ruin your good time here!
  5. Is this a left singer 45k?

    Just so you know the shipping weight,the 29K standard arm weighs 60Lb or 27Kg,the 18 class weighs 38Lbs or 17Kg.
  6. Is this a left singer 45k?

    I'll 2nd that it's a 18class.
  7. NYLON versus POLYESTER who

    That's strange that the poly is breaking,I've never really noticed any difference between the 2 types.
  8. Hey Bob!

    my name is Mason Premo, i own and operate Premo leather based here in Jamestown Ny. I’ve done leather work for years and up until now I’ve done only hand stitching. I’m not able to keep up with demand anymore unless i have some help from a sewing machine. I didn’t want to go all in on a crazy expensive machine up front so i ended up with a used Consew 205rb. It seems like a really solid machine but i am at a loss with a couple issues. I wish i had an expert in town to personally show me the ropes but i don’t have that luxury. Anyway, here’s the issues.

    Note: I’m using this machine for wallets mainly. I use 4/5 oz natural veg  for my products and generally are never thicker than three layers. 95% of the Time it’s two layers. I’m aware this machine is primarily used for cloth and fabric leathers but i feel it can do the job. I’ve replaced the feed from those crazy sharp teeth to a rubber one so it’s not marking up the back.

    1. I love 138 thread because it’s bigger. I’ve gotten a size 24 needle for it as well. Is this proper? 

    2. The tension is off somewhere and the top thread continues to pop through the bottom. What am i doing wrong!? 

    3. The reverse stitch length is not the same as the forward no matter how i adjust it. I’ve tried removing the back plate and adjusting the screw but it still seems to be off. 

    4. Lastly: the presser foot seems to really leave a bad gouge in the front face of whatever I’m sewing. I’ve tried adjusting the pressure by unscrewing the pressure bolt up top nearly all the way. Still seems to leave a mark. 

    Hopefully you can give me some advice. Maybe I’ve just screwed up and gotten the wrong machine for the job. Although i do know a leather worker who uses the same machine and seems to do well on it.. thank you for your time!! 

    Mason Premo

  9. NYLON versus POLYESTER who

    Is there a difference between nylon and polyester? While nylon has a lower denier thickness than polyester does, it is inherently stronger than polyester on a weight-for-weight basis. ... This also means that nylon takes longer to dry than polyester does. The durability, mold resistance and ease of cleaning is so close between these two fabrics.
  10. Cobra 26 bobbin help

    Looping underneath is almost one of 2-things,either miss-threaded needle thread or upper tension too loose. Try tightening your upper tension 1/2 a turn @ a time until it clears up.
  11. Singer model 6-19

    Hey Mike in the pic Yetibelle posted you can see there's parts missing,like the blower & drill.Years ago we used to buy a pulley that that had a tapered split bushing on it w/4 bolts that tightened on the shat when you tightened fits on the collar on the rightside of the wheel.
  12. Skiving Machine Oil! Assistance Needed.

    We always have used the Lilly white oil.
  13. Seeking info on Champion machine

    It's the earlier model that doesn't have the end cover,we call it an open face,yours is a deep throat harness stitcher it has the thread lock on it.There is no way to date them that I have found.It is in great looking condition.
  14. Cowboy machine dealer in Canada?, Ontario?

    It's my understanding there is no import duties on items made in China.You just have to pay the GST or so I've been told.We have had quite a few people come down & buy & they never called back about having any problems.
  15. Wife's Christmas Present

    Wow,that is some fantastic tooling there,I can't even imagine how many hrs you spent doing that.Looks perfect !!