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  1. Well I was thinking since the feed dog doesn't go down as it goes foward & you have just the left toe foot on when the inside foot goes up the outside foot goes down & the feed dog goes foward the top left edge of the feed dog is being pushed into the leather underneath.The only fix would be to round off the whole edge or top corner of the feed dog.
  2. Is the marking worse or only on the leftside of the needle?
  3. Good choice & great price.Now the fun begins!
  4. Your welcome Steve !
  5. You might want to pull it out,it could be bent on the inside.It's been quite a few yrs since I worked on one so I'm alittle rusty on them.
  6. Juki 441
  7. The linen or cotton thread with lube(we've even used sewing machine oil) is all that will work,the nylon doesn't make a good loop & gets caught in the needle eye when sewing.You probably need to put some wax cleaner or kerosene down the shaft where the cast-off runs in, it might have some old wax in it & then oil it too.You could have a weak spring too.
  8. I'd go with the Pfaff first,then the 111w it'll sew smoother & better since it has a slightly larger & heavier handwheel than a 211 which is more for canvas & upholstery.Both are good machines BUT a few of the 211 parts are getting hard to find where 111w parts are all still available.
  9. Take some #138 thread with you & try before you buy it,I'd say it's the max size thread that it will handle.
  10. What size thread?
  11. Is it sewing ok?
  12. With the 20U & the way the bobbin goes in it's hard to make the stitch look right,the other 2 would be better UNLESS you NEED the zig-zag.
  13. Yes,we had problem with the digital readout ones blowing a chip in them.We don't sell them unless someone wants one.We sell a more simple one that has a knob on the front to set the top speed.They run as slow as 300rpm & since they have brushes in them retain a lot of torque @ low speed.
  14. It's perfect for thinner leathers because the top-feed helps to pull it through ,unlike the bottom-feed that will ruin thin leather.
  15. I hate to tell you this but you need a larger machine to sew with thicker thread.