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  1. Singer Needle Bar - I Could Use Some Help

    The head weighs 123Lbs.or almost 56 Kgs. I wouldn't run it too fast,not over 600 st pr min & keep it oiled because parts will be very hard to find. Here's a pic of the one we have.
  2. Source for those LITTLE screws

    Yes,it's pretty hard to find one the exact length w/a tapered head on it.We stock a lot of them because they are so easy to drop & never be seen again!! LOL
  3. Singer 153W wick or not

    Yes,it is a good idea to make sure it has oil before you start using it.
  4. Source for those LITTLE screws

    If you still need them,give us a call we have them in stock.
  5. Singer 29-4 question

    Hey Alex,Thanks for the info I didn't know about that.
  6. Metal Foundry in Business Since 1847

    That's good to know,Thanks for sharing.
  7. Singer 153W wick or not

    They had them in the oil holes for both the upper shaft bushings,you can normally reuse them,just put oil on them or replace with a small piece of felt cut to fit.
  8. You sure seem to find some great old machines.You might put the rusty one in a vat of diesel fuel & let is soak for a few months(maybe a year,LOL) & you might save it?
  9. Singer 153W 100 Questions/Support

    1/4 turn might be enough,you have to try a sample,a piece of paper or thin cardboard can be used to check the length.
  10. Singer 153W 100 Questions/Support

    The easiest fix is to get the knob al the way in & use a screwdriver on the feed cam screws to adjust the length.You get to them through the top cover on the rightside of the timing belt turn the handwheel around & you see a big headed screw,turn it 1/2 way around & there's a smaller screw that you'll have to use a small screwdriver to get into the hole with.There should be 2 screws in there,one is a short locking screw & you take it out & turn the other one underneath to the right f/a longer stitch,left is shorter,then test sew until you get the length you want then re-install the short one to lock it in.We do have the shaft in stock BUT it's a big iob to change.
  11. Singer 29-4 question

    Yes,they are priced in the ballpark esp if the one sews like they say & maybe you could get the other one sewing & sell it.
  12. Singer 29-4 question

    Yes,it should handle that thickness max thread size is #92 on it.You should take some samples of what you want to sew with you & try it b4 you buy it.We stock some parts,needles & thread for it.You might want to do a search on them,it's on the upper right hand corner of this page.They also have an issue w/marking the top of the leather since the bottom of the feet have teeth on them to grip the leather to feed it .
  13. Cowboy 3200 vs 3500 vs 4500

    We have the plates & etc listed here;
  14. Source for type I bobbins?

    We have 2-gross boxes of #69 White in style I.
  15. 211g165 upper thread looping

    When you stop sewing have the take-up lever all the way up.This is the chrome part you thread through that goes up & down while your sewing.That will put the hook in a position where that thread is released.