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  1. Check to see how much lost movement you have in the vertical lifting rod on the back,you might just need to raise the pad on the knee lifter where it pushes on the rod.It is underneath real close to the motor.
  2. Small Motor Pulley with 5/8" Bore?

    You might want to double check your measurement it might be close to 5/8 which is 0.6250 & 15 mm is 0.5906 which is the diameter on most new servos.If there's a nut to hold the pulley on then it should be the 15mm.
  3. Sewing canvas with a needle made for leather

    Sure you can use the leather needle & it will sew it ok BUT it can damage(cut) the threads in the material @ the hole that the needle makes.That's why we always recommend a round point needle for canvas & vinyl.
  4. This place seems to have things we can't get here in the states.
  5. New Home 764

    Try the bobbin case from your Singer 241 in it,it should work.We stock them.
  6. We used to be able to buy them yrs ago,but they says they've been discontinued.
  7. These aren't available anywhere here in the states.The main purpose of a feed dog is to lift the material off the needle plate so it doesn't drag,so the stop the marking if you just grind off the teeth in front & back & don't touch the flat middle part it will still lift the leather w/o marking it. HTH
  8. Consew 120 Help

    Yes,it's a walking foot machine but you will have trouble finding any parts for it.The manuafacture of this machine closed years ago & Consew doesn't have any part either.
  9. Try a larger motor pulley.
  10. New to the site and the craft

    Welcome to the group,I've been through the thriving metropolis of Pierpont many times yrs ago on the way to service a Canvas shop in Conneautville,along w/some Amish leather shops in your area.Do you know of Millers Leather?He's Amish up by Bushnell he might have some scraps of leather to sell if you need any
  11. Pfaff 463

    Sometimes people think the feed dog underneath is a walking foot.A walking foot machine has 2-upper feet a narrow inside the needle goes through & a wider outside one..
  12. Pfaff 463

    The 463 Pfaff is not a walking foot machine,it is a tailor,dressmaking type of machine for lightweight materials.
  13. Singer 111W155 Rehab

    Yes,it's best to leave them on ,the larger one is almost impossible to get off w/o ruining it.I've used a wood chisel to get under them but as treasure said it is a lot easier to mask them & cut around w/a razor blade or exacto knife,then you won't be shopping for replacements,LOL!
  14. We always put the 135x17 needle in a 331k5,if it is set up for the 16x63 that is a longer needle & the 135x17 will work better since it has a scarf in it that the 16x63 doesn't.You will just need to lower the needlebar alittle to compensate.