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  1. With #69 thread it's 48 yds,#92 is 35 yds.
  2. New belts will shred sometimes until they get the coating worn off. Yes,hold on to the threads(esp.the needle thread) to first 3-4 stitches,towards the back or rightside. On the bobbin thread you will probably end up knowing afterwhile how much you can sew before it runs out,but for now you'll just have to pull it out & look @ it once in a while.
  3. Yes ,a #26 is the correct size & when you thread it make sure you go around the 2nd tension 1 & 1/2x,Also you will probably need to tighten the upper tension for this 346 also.Also did you hold the needle thread for the first 3-4 stitches?
  4. I'm glad to hear you got it out.
  5. No, no hole all the way through,best thing to do is take the needle set screw out & blow air the screw hole.
  6. Have you taken the end cover off(needlebar end) & oiled everything lately?
  7. There's some 281 parts manuals here
  8. I set a needlefeed 111W up once for an Amish guy that wanted to sew belts & worked but was pretty hard to treadle ,we stuck a walking foot 111w in the stand & it really took alot more foot power than the needlefeed.The walking foot 111w has alot of resistance going on when it walks it makes it hard to treadle.The older mchine like 29 & 42-3 have large wheels & the walking foot works different & they will spin & go around -3 x when you do it if they are oiled good.It might help a 111 treadle easier if you could find a heavier handwheel w/a small pulley.One like what's on the 42-5.
  9. Thank you for your suggestions earlier. I found another ad source in my area (OfferUp) and found a Juki DNU 241h for $800 with servo. From what I have found it is a walking foot machine?  Would this be a good machine for what I mentioned in my post about the 555?  Better than the others available in my area and price range?

    Thank you for your time and patience!


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    2. TeriYool


      Ok - so after much research, and SO many industrial machines hitting the local market, this is what I've gleaned. 

      Juki 555-5 $200 with table, an hour away. 

      Consew 226 $500 with table, 5 hours away.  Hs walking foot.

      Juki DDL 227 $185 with table, 15 minutes away. Old saddle maker w neuropathy in his feet. Very clean machine. Guy says walking foot can be installed (??)

      Juki dnu 241hs $600 with table, an hour away. Talked him down from $800, he's the one who hasn't a clue about the machine. Has walking foot.

      Mitsubishi LS2-180 $320 with table, 1.5 hours away. No WF

      There are 15 total available in the area right now for $1500 or less. 

      I'm inclined to grab the 227 15 minutes away assuming the old guy will help out a newby to leather and possibly building a relationship. He knows where in town to have it serviced when needed as well. Once I have some $$ saved up, I can buy a walking foot machine and sell this one or keep it if I've fought the 'bug' I keep reading about :wub:

      I am a little rushed because I want to make several collars and leashes in advance of a show in September which should be pretty profitable. 

      What is your opinion of the 227 and my plan to get it and replace soon?  Your opinion of the other machines?  Any suggestions?  Would the resale on the 227 be decent?  Seems really low asking price but I kind of think it's the guy and not the machine. The pictures look clean and quite pristine. Of course, I will take some leather scraps with and try any machine I look at. 

      Thank you for your time and opinion!


    3. CowboyBob


      No,you can't put a walking foot on the Juki 227 it is a garment machine (light duty) get the 241


    4. TeriYool


      Thank you. 


  10. No,it won't you need a Juki 562,563,Consew206, 225,226,Singer 111w155,154,153 will all do it much better than a garment machine.
  11. Do both of the machines have the same amount of tension on the check spring?(The one that moves while your sewing)
  12. Which bobbins are you using,I've had people w/the same problem that bought cheap bobbin off flea-bay,they were out of round.Try pulling on the bobbin thread n& see if there's any tight spots.
  13. If you want to nice looking straight stitch use a D point,if you want a hand stitch (zig-zag) look use the LR point.
  14. Singer had an oil can that would set there.
  15. Loose threads on the bottom like that is one of 2-things #1 threaded incorrectly,make sure you go around the 2nd tension on the side 1&1/2x when threading. #2 too loose top tension,you also need to be sure & hold on to the needle thread for the first 3-4 stitches when you start sewing.So if it's threaded correctly tighten you top tension 1/2 turn @ a time.