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  1. 96K51 bottom stitch issues with 207

    Just because the manual states a #23 needle as largest doesn't mean that you can use a thread for that size needle in this machine.The 96 is a light duty high speed tailor machine for thin threads like #69 & if your real lucky size #92 might work.The old Singer 31-15 with the oscillating hook can barely take a 138,a 16 class Singer can use a #138 real easy because of the bobbincase design.
  2. Thread bunching up in shuttle

    If it bunches underneath it can be either threaded wrong,not enough tension or I've also noticed that the #138 usually only works on large bobbin 29 machines I always recommend #92 as max on a small bobbin.Also if your gears are worn giving the shuttle driver some play it doesn't allow the shuttles to spin all the way forward to release the thread of it.
  3. Timing got off with reducer pulley!

    You say your having issues with the bottom thread ? What do you mean & state size of thread & needle your using.
  4. Class 11-24

    Yes,they are big ,old & usually sew great.A few parts interchange with Singer 7 class,but be careful with the bobbincase tension spring they are real hard to find.Here's a pic of a 11-36 that sews up the arm(from left to right) they had quite a few variations of this model.
  5. They go though the leather & Kydex real easy.It just takes a little minor tension adjustment for the Cowboy CB3200 to sew Kydex.Here's a pic of 10mm or 13/32" of plywood ,slightly under 7/16" thick that one sewed.
  6. Ahoj Meznik, Yes the small 29 bobbin case can be made to work BUT it takes a lot of grinding to get it small enough to fit.
  7. Yes,we have some ,I'll need to know the inside & outside dimensions.
  8. Singer 132k6 head

    I'll have agree with all of the above good advice too,only buy one them if you find a complete machine w/a broken casting,otherwise only buy a complete machine.The hook & bobbincase alone for these is around $300.00
  9. Not yet,it is almost identical to the Tippman except it is made of cast-iron,has a longer arm & a nitrate coated hook & race.
  10. You can make a table top real easy out of a 4x8 plywood,cut it in half,glue it & put some wood screws underneath,cut out of the machine & then you can finish the top w/stain & some polyurethane .
  11. Replacing clutch pad on old Singer

    Yes,it would be easy to make one out of leather make sure it's flat when you mount it & glue it in,cork would work tooo might be easier to cut.There used be a couple sizes of these pads available but it's alittle cheaper just to make it if you can.
  12. Polishing Machine Parts

    You would think they would know better than to polish the threads !! That's as bad as people that get an old machine & want to (re-store) it so they strip all apart,break & or lose a few things & then call us to help bail them out,I sure wished these parts were available but most have been dis-continued yrs ago.When it would of been better just to clean it up the best you can & use it with the dirt inside it. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"
  13. Stiching problem

    Yes both the needles & leather can affect the look,see the samples we just made.