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  1. Servo motors -- UGH!

    Sounds like the new motor will turn your machine into something you'll want to use more.
  2. What model is this?

    I was thinking the same thing,looks pretty decent for the $$
  3. What model is this?

    Here it is. Consew 287.pdf Consew 287-1.pdf
  4. Can anyone recognise the model please

    No,it does not have a walking foot ,just a lower feed dog that pulls the leather.
  5. Can anyone recognise the model please

    They sew the same as a 31-15 you can search here for more info about them.I see it sold did you get it?
  6. Can anyone recognise the model please

    It's like a Singer 331K4 which is like a 31-15 only this one has reverse.
  7. Changing Gauge Set

    Hey Glenn,I hate to tell you but the Consew & Seiko feed dogs are different,Adler 220 & Juki 158 are the the same as Singer.
  8. Changing Gauge Set

    Ralph,just wanted to let you know I don't have one in stock ,you will need both feet,a feed dog,needle plate & change it.
  9. Pfaff 461-34-900 A8

    For cloth 135x5 for leather 135x8.
  10. Feed dog making dimple marks on leather

    Grind or sand off the the tips of the teeth,they really aren't needed on a walking foot needle when sewing leather BUT it will create less drag if the feed dogs lift the leather off the needle plate so you might want to put the feed dogs to the original height.
  11. Has this ever been done?

    Oh,Ok,to answer your question then,I've never seen it done on a sewing machine.
  12. Has this ever been done?

    With the way the servo & speed reducer work & how lightweight they are compared to this setup would be overkill on a sewing machine(esp with all the extra parts on it).BTW we had a variable speed like that on our old Massey Harris self-propelled combine that I used to run on our farm & it would eat a belt every couple of yrs,as long as your were moving you could slide the lever up & down pretty easy though.
  13. I've never done it they way jimi says.I've always just used a small punch or nail & hammer it out from the bottom of the post(there's a hole in the casting for this) it's a pressed in fit & then you have to tap it back in to re-insatl.
  14. Cast iron bed crack - options

    Here's a before & after,we used electric arc w/a nickle rod. welded Adler.pdf
  15. Techsew 1460

    This machine is the same as the Consew P1206 we've been selling & we haven't had issues like this with it.You have some good advice already & it sounds like it needs some oil on all the walking foot parts underneath the cover & you possibly could have the tension too loose so you might have to increase it a little to make it go down.And after you use it for a month or so you can loosen the pressure foot tension once it gets broken in.