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  1. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    Ok just got word from Jim. He has priced the machine at $2000.00. His phone lines have been down.
  2. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    Just got back from Jim’s house it’s all dark. Neighbors haven’t seen him since Monday evening so he must have found another house listing to go and appreciate. As far as price he has not said what he wants but if you really want it he should be back Friday sometime. He is rarely gone more than three days. Call him up and dicker see how it goes - he loves to dicker. Bruce
  3. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    Florence Alabama
  4. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    My apologies it was in the original and somehow got out. The number is Jim Marsell at 256-768-0914. His phone has been busy all afternoon, I will visit him on Wednesday see what is up. His wife has been sick lately.
  5. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    You need to talk to him. He has been wanting me to buy it for awhile but it is not something I want. At different times I get different massages (non verbal) he wants someone to get it he knows will take care of it and other times it has become something that is in the way. Jim has been in leather all his life and knows a whole lot of the oldies. I mention that I was studying Lenny’s work and he can tell me about him and how he learned. Call the supplied number and talk he can tell ya what’s going on with stuff. Bruce
  6. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    It is peddle driven
  7. Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    This sale is for Jim Marsell. He is non electronic and wants to sell this machine. He is planing on moving and doesn't want to move this machine as it is not used for the type work he does. there are several stitching feet, needles and 3 bobbins. No bobbin winder with the machine. It has been setting in the corner of his shop for a period but was fully tuned before doing so. It worked perfect when last used. More pictures to follow