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  1. Will get you a sketch tomorrow. But I had to toss this out. Think of making 2 bags and devising a secure system to connect them? I did that with one shoulder bag that I attached my tablet to the outside so I could snap it on and snatch it off easily. I also made a system that I could attach 1 of 3 accessories pouches to the main bag. (LOL I have a snap on system that I can attach my tablet to anything from a hand held board, a stand, elastic band to strap it to my palm. And another where I can change the face of the tablet case from business to party.) Just something to think about.
  2. The beauty of simplicity is stunning. If your willing to share the pattern let me be the first to toss my hat in the ring.
  3. That is an AWSOME find!
  4. I would think that would be a bit much but done right it would look really cool! Did you think of adding a bigger D or O ring with a LAGER attachment crossing the gusset from the front of the bag to the back distributing the weight and taking it low down towards the bottom. Or adding a system attaching spanning FRONT gusset and back with straps that connect to a single ring ABOVE the bag and THEN attaching the strap. Like a triangle? Also you could have a WIDE bels (Like a weightlifters belt ) that runs under the bag and the so the weight sits in it like a cradle. Then attaching it to the bag? I was thinking about the bulk it will be pretty big have you thought about adding some buckles and belt straps so you could collapse some of the sections when not in use? I know that this is a lot of words I can draw up a sketch if you like.
  5. I have used foam pads singly and in pairs that I picked up from craft stores usually in the kids section. Used then fro Tablet and computer padding.
  6. And I love it too! (70's TV reference. Thought I can't remember where). She could be proud to own it and you to have made it.
  7. Similar sized PVC pipes cut to size and the wet mold technique. You can find info on the forum. Hope that helps
  8. um.... make your own conditioner? I just tried and in 2 iterations I found one that I LOVE! and it's about 3/4th the price of carnauba cream and 1/2 the price of neatsfoot compound. Made from 100% NFO, Bees wax, and 100% lanolin oil and I can use each ingredients on its own for other things. Heat the wax in a hot water bath, once the wax is a liquid then add the oil (Make sure the oils are mixed BEFORE you melt the wax). Allow to cool and use as needed there is a thread here that has a lot of info.
  9. And I thought I thought of it first!
  10. You will need a backgrounder as well. I have been looking for the same answers as you about dyeing and painting. From my research so far it looks like dye let DRY completely (About 24 Hrs.) Then paint in successive colors of thinned acrylic paint till desired color, then LET DRY completely. Condition and LET DRY COMPLETELY, (Round about then I started to see a pattern) and finish. And guess what before the final buff? Were I you I would get an eyelet set as well if you don't have one.
  11. I tried 40% NFO, 20% lanolin and 40% bees wax and I LOVE IT!
  12. newbie

    Not sure if you all will laugh at me for sharing this or gather with pitchforks and torches. but we share what we have that is the way a community grows. But first I have to give a caveat. The wife collected these for some of the local kids and the parents didn't want them to have them. So I took some big lego blocks turned them upside down cut a hole in the top 2 glued a stack 3 high and used them as tool holders. (Better then them ending up in the trash. They work GREAT! Just have to use a plastic glue. You can make many different configurations, levels and shapes for almost any application. Not sure what I mean? check out This link. Still not sure what I mean let me know will take a pic when I get out of the salt mines. Edit 3 Dollar Maul thread
  13. Hopefully more discreet than the collars from the 70's!
  14. 70's TV reference. Loooking GOOD!