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  1. And that is why I do this! to "Let my freak flag fly!" Wonderful work!
  2. Use a 2 ply technique But join the pieces at different places. (Like 2 ply toilet paper, the 2 pieces facing away from each other. Join them @ different places and sew the all four pieces together like a regular sewn belt. Let me know how it comes out.
  3. Yeah. when you put it like THAT ..... I guess it is..... LOL
  4. Really good job. Are those premade shoulder straps or did you make them? If the latter HOW?
  5. Set her up with her own account on here I need her advice on stamping letters.........
  6. Hope if you don't mind if I jump in here. There a few things that didn't get mentioned here that I fine I cant live with out. 1) 2 good rulers. 24 inches and another for finer measurements at 1 foot. I use a cork backed non slip ruler for finer measurements. And they are great for straight edges. 2) Wing dividers I found I use 2 but 1 is enough to get started. You can find a really cheep set on line to start. 3) A weight. I have a little anvil When you have a piece of leather that moves and you need another hand to hold it ... pulse I can hammer on it in a tight spot 4) Roofing square a straight 90 degree angle is a must for some projects. and when you need it straight 1 degree can kill a project. 5) Poster board. A sketch is a great place to start, a measured out drawing is a step in the right direction and finally a mock up will get out those little bugs that don't pop up till your in the real world and not just in your head. And you can use it as a template a few times. ( on my very first project I spent almost a month on a bag that didn't have the right measurements to start with jiggering and regiggering it almost drove me nuts! And all the while the craftsman that got me started would walk behind me and LAUGH out loud AT me. "Whats so funny?" I would ask. "Tell you later" he would say. When I finished the project and showed it to him. He asked me how I did it. Smiling as I explained my woes and solutions. then he said. "Wouldn't it have been easier if you had done a mock up in cardboard?" ... Then he sharpened my knives and helped me make one for him.) 6) Scrap. Experiment, play, have FUN, 7) A computer. This place has HUNDREDS of years of knowledge if not thousands of experience. And as mentioned youtube is your friend! 8) A good sorse of light. Its hard to follow a line when it's hidden in the shadow of your hand as you cut. If any of this is silly or remedial, sorry for wasting anyone's time. These are the problems I have run into that I WISH someone had told me after I figured it out for myself.
  7. Looks like to me that the ends meet in the middle so you can loop the strap on the watch end and the buckle end and have no visible seam. Hope that helps.
  8. Looks like all signs point to me needing that book. Thanks Bikermutt. "The E myth Revisited" on it
  9. How about a simple strap and go with a fancy attachment to the bag? Done right it would enhance the work you've done and not distract from your work so far. (Which is impressive) Took my advice before I gave it. Nothing to see here ..... Move along.
  10. Thanks Big Sioux for not giving me hell for listening close, taking it all in and going my own way. The mark of a good teacher is letting a student screw up, taking pride and trusting your teaching. Sonydaze, Solarm that is something I have to pay attention to, Not chasing a nickel with a dollar. Your right somethings aren't worth my time nor the aggravation to the customer. Thanks for pointing that out. I never thought of it like that. To Tony and Bob, when I get with in a few years of where I need to pull out a calculator to let me know I how I'm doing I'll remember your tutelage. Thank you all!
  11. Thanks for the grist for the mill and time you all put into thinking and answering. To me my time is free cuz I'm still learning and practicing. Exploring and refining my style. Heck so far my time is mostly spent on simple stock, mystery bracelets, key loops, and the occasional dog collar. When I sell enough that I can pay the rent and buy a cheep double shoulder or half a hide Then I make a bag. Right now I'm trying not to loose money and keep the wife from screaming about the time I spend staring @ the walls and not the TV with her. So getting a few bucks for playing is pretty goon right now. I want to be where your ideas lead me but I have years, dues, blood and sweat to pay first as I see it. I need to get to where I'm paid for my skill and knowledge and NOT my time. I'm in this for the long haul. I'll have a conversation with the costumer and ask if the piece is worth me doing it. And maybe do it for 40 or 50 bucks just for the experience. THANK YOU ALL for your help.
  12. I have a customer that wants me to replace the decorative stitching on a bag. Now how much should I charge. At the present time I'm just charging for materials and a few bucks for maybe 10 t0 50 dollars depending. (Not being as good as some here I can't in good conscience charge per hour. And I'm still getting off the ground.) at most 5 dollars in thread, maybe a needle or 2, 2 hours in removing stitches and 4 to 6 in replacing them. HELP!
  13. GREAT idea on the strap. MORE!
  14. I use these when I'm hand stitching often and when I glue down things I have a set that is covered in leather that I made. not sure how it will work for a sewing machine though.
  15. Have you tried drilling holes in it where the clamp is? Then using another piece of metal as a catch plate?