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  1. Thanks!
  2. The Patch would work. I use patches as a perfect way to do initials for costumers who seem to be a bit... flakey about paying more than a modest deposit. Also a map pocket. Or even a accessory ring. (I put them on all my bags now a days ) it's a ring that you can clip anything to. Not sure how this would work but a chain for a helmet?
  3. No Critique. Can't critique. Won't critique. Complement, YUP! "How can I be down?". Question. Why are the pockets in the back? Was it a request or a function thing?
  4. Looking good. Not clear on what the problem with the flap is. I'm far from an expert but I may be able to help. So go slow( I'm not too bright) and set the problem out step by step ( See first brackets) and I may be able to help.
  5. Can't blame a guy for trying!
  6. NICE!
  7. I can't help with the length issue but I do have a trick I have used or years and it rarely lets me down when it comes to lining up the front and the back equally. In the patterns I have drawn a line dividing the piece in half and in quarters. I transfer those marks to every piece in a discrete place. I divide the Gusset in half making a mark and I sew one side starting from the midline (Center of the piece doing only the LEFT side) I sew up one side and THEN the other. This allows me to make any lateral adjustments to the pattern (such as the placements of attachments like pockets or rings) and or the stitch line. But as far as length I have one of those flexible rulers measure add an inch and cut back what I do not use. BUT this is really useless because I end up trimming different lengths on even sides any way. So ... just estimate add 3 to 4 inches and trim it back.
  8. Have you thought about finding a sweater that fir him and adopting the pattern from that?
  9. Looking GOOD! ...... (Obligatory 70's reference for the day. ) ,,,,, If you need someone to beta test one I'm open!
  10. Seriously free range!
  11. Nice job ! could you let me know about your staining process?
  12. Is it just me or is the pattern a bit... confusing?
  13. Wisdom offered. wisdom accepted. Thank you. For me the stress and affect on my family life forced me to quit my "Good Job", Now in the salt mine part time and in my shop the rest. Wife is happy cuz I'm home wife is sad cuz I'm cuz I'm in the shop almost as much as I was gone. Now we are broke, still married, eating at home, watching TV together, the dogs know who I am, my BP is manageable and I'm happy.... Good Luck to us all.
  14. Just a noob here but try Stain sheen
  15. Driving down to Philadelphia SUCKS!