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  1. Round Knife for sale

    Payment sent
  2. Round Knife for sale

    Pm sent
  3. Snaps

    Have you thought about removing the remaining snaps and replacing with all new ones of your own choosing and size?
  4. Bag for leatherworking tools?

    Right now I’m working on a steamer trunk to keep all my tools dyes, finishes, paints and some of my hides in. Though I’m a long way from even starting really the thought has been in my head for a few months. Maybe you can do all the design work for me?
  5. Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    I think S and T leather is Great.
  6. I need source to making backpack

    Looks great to me what don't you like about it?
  7. Hand sew elastic to leather

    I glued the elastic to a piece of thick poster board with paper over it. Held strong enough to keep a 10 inch tablet secure. That may help.
  8. Try a system of interlocking rings the first attached to the bag the second to a removable or reusable plastic bag.
  9. Off topic. But I have a few punches I could part with if you want them.
  10. Gussets On Bag

    I've picked up a few craft aids. As far as other templates I've made my own. (I have the dubble curse of being cheep and broke!) It may seem hard at first. But over the years I've developed a system. Start with a sketch ( I'm no artist but at least I know what I'm going for.)then a mechanical drawing with some quick ideas of the measurements. Then a drawing on some graft paper. With the tolerances included. (Space for stitch lines ext. I use 1/4 inch for 2 stitch line 1/8 inch for 1.) Then a mock up in paper. Taped together for the final form. Make adjustments as needed. When I'm ready to start I cut it out in stiffer paper and start the work. Now a days the thick paper I work with is looking ragged and soon I will make them in something less easily damaged like thin plastic or even wood. I know it dose not answer your question out right but this may help. Try it on paper and see if it fits your needs.
  11. Carving surface question

    If it is the expense for counter top stuff. Give a counter place a call and ask then about picking up some castoffs 9.80% of the time they will give it to you for free. Keeps them from having to move it 12 times before they throw it out.
  12. Do you consider yourself an artist?

    I think of myself as a craftsman. What I do with leather is a skill. And skills can be taught and learned by anyone (To a greater and or lesser degree). Ah but art. The mind and talent of an artist is a thing that has been hashed and rehashed form the start of language itself. But i see it as a form of magic, alchemy the ability bring forth something that previously was not into being through the force of will. My uncle was a painter and he was good. But Klempt was an artist. That special ... something that one in a million have. If I could bring into being what is in my head I would be an artist. And one day may be. But for now I'm a craftsman. And that's no small thing. That is not to say there not artist in leather work. There indeed are but I am not one. Are you? If you think you are then you are. At least as far as I figure it.
  13. Dog collar construction advice?

    I make what I call a training collar ( because Martingale is trademarked) it is adjustable. And has the features of both a choke chain and a regular collar. I use 2 triglides and a buckle, with a d-ring to attach the leash to. With very little training work the dog pulls a lot less. If you'd like a more detailed description of how it's done, let me know.
  14. Paint lettering

    I use a "color wash" after I seal the item I thin some acrylic paint and Paige the letter and let it dry a bit and wipe off the excess.