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  1. Adding a pocket to a messenger bag?

    Once I did a bag that I did the same thing l. But I made it removeable. I completed the pocket and added. Fancy snaps that showed on the outside of the bag. Hope this helps
  2. Making a few belts?

    I can help drop me a line @
  3. Backpack Strap Padding

    When I was licking tablet cases I used craft foam that I got from AC Moore's. It's the same stuff they use in the little spongy placemats, and spongy things kids make little shapes out of. Hope this helps
  4. What is your suggestion?

    Don't know if this would work, but the first thing that pops in my mind is Velcro.
  5. Hello and Goodbye

    I'm not sure what happened, but jerks will be jerks. Haven't had much interaction with anyone here. But it quick pm exchange with you was enough for me to get thumb nail sketch of what kind of guy you are. You gave me information and offered help. I kind of think that's what this form is for. "In the universe of countless lights extinguishing of a single star is barely noticed. But in darkness the flame of she brings light." if I get a vote ( no I don't really think I do) I would say stick around can be that candle for someone. Either way good luck.
  6. Letter Stamping Tips?

    I created a stamping jig out of heavy cardboard/pressboard the with big enough to fit my stamps. Clamp it to the piece with clip binders. Line up scribed on the jig. Use light pressure to check my alignment, press firmly and ..... whack! Just a tip, it may seem like if you hold it close to the piece and hold with a death grip it will go better. For me not so much. Firm grip near the top is all I need. Hope it helps.
  7. Leather case clasps,

    Try S & T leather in Chicago.
  8. Question on wrapping mason jars

    Wouldn't it be a bear to clean out the glass?
  9. Thanks a bunch! Any chance this can get pinned?
  10. I can't speak for anyone else but me. I make a lot of bags and for me it's to make the best use of the material at hand. Longer runs are not always possible and I sometimes can get 3 bags out of multiple pieces where I can only get one if I did the back and flap in one run. I've had a few comments about it in the past. I'm thinking about fancying it up a bit so it looks like a fashion move. Hope this helps.
  11. I had the same problem (still am really) for me it came from the finish soaking through and pooling. I had to change the way spread it on the back side of the project.
  12. Skiving Tools?

    Wish someone would have told me this a long time ago!
  13. Skiving Tools?

    Got a round knife awhile a go. And had 2 skivers sitting around as well. The skivers were KILLING me time wise, the round knife was scareing me. Long story short I will take 2 minutes hacking away with the round knife (and call it practice so I can get good one day) as apposed to 10 minutes and just being " good enough ". To me I need the practice and my costumers deserve more than "good enough". IMHO try the option that will expand your skill and gives you more than a one use tool. YouTube and a strop can work wonders. Anyway you choose to go good luck.
  14. Cutting surfaces?

    Never thought of it but I'm sure they are.