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  1. Holster with snake skin insert

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the help. Will probably use one of the Will Ghormley 1911 patterns and modify it to use the skin. It will take some time, but I really want it to come out nice. I am planning to use it for my SIG Emperor Scorpion as a BBQ rig.
  2. Getting ready to make a 1911 holster with a snakeskin insert. This is new to me. What is the proper way to do the insert? Picture of the snake skin attached.
  3. Snake Skin tanning

    Here it is stretched on the board.
  4. Got the snake on the board today. 5'2" nice looking except for the bullet holes!
  5. Snake Skin tanning

    Have not stretched it yet. When it comes out of the liquid either today or tomorrow I will "board Stretch" it.
  6. Snake Skin tanning

    I cut all the way down the stomach with a pair of EMT shears, then just peeled it off. There was not a lot of meat, but there was a really heavy thick membrane all the way down the skin. I used a combination of a skinning knife, and a brass brush while keeping a weak flow of water running down it. Still didn't want to come off.
  7. Snake Skin tanning

    Thanks for the replies. Looked at some of the utube videos, looks easy enough. I got it skinned and in the liquid today. Hope it comes out good. Fleshing it was a pain in the butt! Here's what it looked like before going into the liquid. it was the full snake originally.
  8. Snake Skin tanning

    Don't really know if this is the right place to ask this, but I will any way. A buddy of mine just had his dog get bit by a rattlesnake, almost $1900.00 later the dog is ok. The snake was back in his yard, and actually tried to attack him, so he shot it. He knew I was into leather work and asked me if I wanted the snake. I said yeah. He brought it over, and after cutting the head off, it measures 5 ft from the front to the rattles. Currently it is in my freezer (not making my wife too happy). What is the best way to treat the skin after I get it skinned, and scrape the flesh?
  9. Beautiful job! One of my two favorite movies.
  10. That is exactly where it came from. It was easy to work with. I am still not all that great at cutting straight lines. I should have sanded it before I put it together. That was my first attempt at carving. I saw the Lee Marvin Rig that Regis D did, that may be my next attempt. I so have a thing for 1911s.
  11. I haven't posted anything in a while, and remember I do not do these for anyone but my self. Let me know how I can make it better.
  12. One of my most recent holsters

    This holster is a real beauty! I love the alligator insert. There is only one way to carry a 1911, condition 1 cocked and locked. I carried mine that way for over 10 years. By the way, I am of the opinion, that there is no such thing as an "accidental discharge" there are however Negligent Discharges.
  13. P226 (railed)

    Those look really good. What weight leather did you use?
  14. Kindle fire cover.

    Has anyone made a leather cover for a first gen Kindle fire?