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  1. What is the difference between a narrow French edger versus a wide, flat-bottomed edge shave?
  2. I'm interested in a used benchtop leather cutter for shoemaking (such as the Landis 5 in 1, Rodi 6 in 1, etc) in good working order. I understand that cutting blades may need replacing, of course. Shipping would be to San Diego. Thanks! PJM
  3. Landis 5 in 1

    Hello All! I'm looking for a used Landis 5 in 1 or Rodi 6 in 1 benchtop leather cutter in good working condition. I understand that I may need to replace cutting blades, of course. Shipping would be to San Diego, CA. Here's hoping!
  4. Landis 5 in 1 model 25

    Is the 5 in 1 still available?