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  1. Old thread, but right topic. This all makes sense, but each hole on each side has a second hole. The needle can only go down one of these on each side. Right next to them at an angle, is another smaller hole....what is that for?
  2. Saddle Bag Just started

    oh..ok..that's painters tape, wrapped around about 10 or 15 times to increase the width of the small ones.
  3. Saddle Bag Just started

    Ha..good eye alpha... That was an old piece of walnut from a tree on my father in law property. I made a few things with it, and that was the last chunk left. I couldn't throw it it is.
  4. Thanks all...I'll try to keep up.
  5. of my friends is a real trekie..but he has a great collection of knives and tomahawks.
  6. I am in the middle of my first saddle bag. This is the cover flap to the left bag. I have all the pieces cut out and the border done on the compartment front, but that's it for now. The other picture is a set of small saddle horn bags that I refurbished. They will be for the same horse rig so I am using the maroon color for all.
  7. A Kindle book cover with zipper. (That was fun) Prayer book cover. Bible Cover with confirmation sacrament symbol holy spirit (Dove) and a small cross my wife wanted.
  8. I will try almost anything. All of these were for friends of mine so I could pass the time and practice. The leather stack handle was the most satisfying. It was a friends knife that was given to him by his dad when he was 9 or so. The leather had rotted away but he kept it for years. He trusted me to refurbish and it turned out great.
  9. I mostly use Shotguns when hunting rabbit and quail, but a got a circuit court Judge a few years ago and love it. The cover I made is permanent. It is a great wall hanger in the off season with PDX rounds. I want to modify the gun and have a smith put a full rib on top. I have a temporary oak one installed now. Also - I need to find another project using that Mexican round Braid. That really makes this look good, and it feels good against my shoulder.
  10. Thanks Yin. I "Mock up" a lot before I commit. I'm learning the impact of thickness on seams and edges calls for a "leave plenty of extra" approach.
  11. I had a few different requests. The strangest one was the ISWB , right hand, to be located in the middle of the back. Its the one with the belt in it. I thought he would be pointing the weapon at himself when he would draw, but he wanted in his backside. Not my preference.
  12. I introduced myself last week and wanted to post a few things. I'm starting with some sheaths. It is taking time to get the pics down to an acceptable size limit.
  13. Introducing myself, Chris from Tennessee. This has been a strange journey that has brought me to this forum and leather working. My passions have always been building and creating things , mostly from wood and steel. I have made furniture of all types, and from many different materials. Repairing and rebuilding things gives me a special pride and I have used all these skills in every aspect from cars to antiques. I love hunting, and have a great collection of guns and gear. I am never afraid to take apart anything, and rarely give up until its fixed , refurbished or I buy the tools needed. Its no surprise that I have the aptitude to learn leather working, but I had no idea how fun it would be. I am 53, married with two great kids (soon to graduate college) and about 18 months ago I was asked that horrible question."what do you want for Christmas". I indicated a leather working kit. I had looked at them and wanted to try my hand at a holster. We recently refreshed some carry guns, and it was time to go custom on the method of carry. I have been pumping out leather goods of all kind ever since. I have made everything from holsters, sheaths, shotgun butt covers, bible covers, kindle covers, guitar straps, key chains, and probably some other stuff I cant remember. Recently after selling my brother my George Lawrence saddle, he asked for some saddle bags. I thought No problem, except I refused to sew any of it by hand. I started looking at sewing machines, and that's why I'm here today. I have realized.....Chevy, Ford, Craftsman, Colt, or even Browning cant compare to an early model SINGER !!!! Never having even seen one before 6 months ago, Im on my second 29-4 rebuild. All my passions have come together almost like it was meant to be. I know this sounds sorta dramatic, but I also have a real appreciation for history. Not much for antiques (except my belgium A5 Auto) I have learned that these machines were truly a remarkable piece of engineering. I own something that is better than 100 years old, and it works just as designed. If it could only talk right? Anyways, I plan on making some mods to this second one and will post some pictures when I get time. I have browsed this forum during the entire journey and picked up a lot of great info. I just wanted to say hi and thanks. Im not sure if this is a phase, or if Im just passing thru, but Leather working, the tools, and the finished product all occupy my thoughts and time. signed, Glad to be part!