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  1. Spur Straps and Breast Collar

    I'm looking at your photos thinking "Wow, that is some really nice tooling, I wonder how that bay in the background is bred, Patty looks content- probably bragging to the other horses about her nice new breast collar, her mane is on the right (correct) side, looks like a nice set up with the fencing, where are the cattle?"
  2. Lots of the folks mentioned above and Mr Wayne Ringham- local guy who let me visit and ask questions and took the time because he loves what he does. Right after I saw him last I got a promotion at my paying job and haven't made it back to see him. I need to, I've learned a lot since then. Thank you to all of you here as well.
  3. Chaps for my Dad

    Wow! Well done.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Looks amazing!! Someday it might not take me hours to wrap my head around putting a simple bag together... Someday. :-)
  5. Overcoming a buzzkill?

    Think how boring the world would be without different designs. Personal preference- I like the look of yours better, but theirs look good too.
  6. Joe gives that two ears up. Nice work!!
  7. Second Holster

    You have a gift for sure.
  8. Are girls allowed? :P

    Beautiful work!
  9. Cereal box patterns

    They're grrreat! (Sorry, couldn't help myself, someone else would have said it anyway.)
  10. How did you get into leather work?

    As a kid I would read through my dad's Back to Basics book over and over- always wanted a handmade pair of moccasins. Reading the book didn't make anything happen but it did light a little fire... In my early 20's I got as far as ordering some leather supply catalogs and then I saw the prices. Being a stay at home mom in a miserable marriage I didn't even bother to ask.... 20ish or so years later (happily married to a man who encourages me to do what I want & working full time managing a turkey hatchery) I needed wanted a new belt, but not with too much bling and one that wouldn't fall apart because I wore it everyday, carrying a holster on it, riding horses, messing with calves, gardening and all the other stuff I do everyday; couldn't find that anywhere else so I made one. And so it began. I love it, I love seeing the improvements I've made. I love figuring out how things go together and I love when I have a finished product that puts a smile on someone's face.