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  1. Here is the Solidworks 3D Model of the Browning x-bolt SS Stalker 30-06 sprg partial stock image. it took me 2.5-3 hours to model it, started to get gray hair from it , very complex features were used to model it. let me know what you guys think of it and if you drawn one using solidworks expert features please share. . Cheers, A.J
  2. No problem thank you, I will try it and see how it goes p
  3. Thank you so much for your input Hildebrand can you post some pictures to show the precision and the kind of lace that lace maker makes please ? I am interested to see the precision if you can.
  4. Thank you Gary, I am still working on it slowly till its done , every stage i do , I will post it on here, I know the majority of people have hard time including the rifle knob section behind the trigger so i took the challenge and did it using solidworks expert modeling features, and Photoshop CC 2018 cheers, A.J
  5. currently in stage one of cutting the leather, so far everything is perfect, I am going to do a 3D look cartridge loop by stitching cartridge loop over the body of the leather. have a look at the current pictures, just had the leather yesterday. its 6-7 ounce veg-tan leather which is very beautiful I have not stained and tooled the main body yet, i only applied dark brown to the cartridge loop base with tooling. This project is for Browning x-bolt SS Stalker 30-06 sprg rifle. and will do more for other rifles. when the project complete its going to look fabulous i believe as the leather fitted snug on the stock, I am going to cross stitch the top middle center line of the body and and then lace the bottom part. and cross stitch or lace the knob which ever look nicer, I am going to be using Black Bonded Nylon .7mm Leather non waxed thread and for lacing the bottom not decided which thickness of lace I will be using but will keep you updated. the lace maker tool that I ordered off eBay did not arrive yet and not sure if anyone of you have used it before, its the small black plastic piece like a pen shape, it has a blade inside and you attache the leather to the hole and keep pulling to get a long lace, but how is the quality of the lace in this tool? is the thickness consistent ??? The programs i used were: Solidworks 3D/2D Expert features, Photoshop CC 2018, Adobe PDF , and obviously Printer and leather lets see what you guys think so far. cheers.
  6. Browning x-bolt Stainless Stalker 30-06 sprg Pattern Rev 3 .... Pending some more addons.. x-bolt Stainless Steel Stalker 30-06 SPRG Rev3.pdf if you like to print this and see how it matches on the actual rifle , use paper size 17" x 11" or whats called Tabloid as paper type if you using PDF printer. this case will cover the x-bolt stock up to the LOP (Length of Pull) which is the distance from the center of the trigger up to the end of the recoil pad. if you like a new version to cover only the buttstock up the the LOC (length of comb) then drop me your feedback that is very easy to do.
  7. there is a solution to the eyelet problem, what i suggest for you is to put the eyelets on a small rectangular shape of leather and then stitch that rectangular piece with an offset on the actual buttstock cover that way the buttstock cover will secure your eyelet from scratching the stock. its very easy to do but don't make the rectangular piece too big, make it so it can take the eyelet and 1/8" for stitching it to the buttstock cover and then for the final put leather loop and loop both side of the buttstock cover. second which rifle you working on now? are you extending the leather to the trigger side? like as i am doing with my browing x-bolt???
  8. Browning x-bolt Stainless Stalker 30-06 sprg Pattern Rev 2 .... Pending some more addons.. Browning x-bolt SS stalker 30-06 spr Rev 2.pdf
  9. here is an Elk-Head-Pattern modeled using Photoshop for those who are interested to use it. Elk-Head-Pattern.pdf
  10. Great work guys keep it going. Thumbs up
  11. This is my initial Progress still have to do the cartridge loop and and Oval pattern shape that connect the knob behind the trigger to the rest of the material. over all lets see what you guys think. x-bolt-leather-Buttstock_Rev1.pdf
  12. I am making a new pattern for my Browning x-bolt stainless stalker 30-06 sprg rifle buttstock leather and cartridge loop. I am very good at making the pattern however I have a question about the leather type: A) what type of leather should I use that is not expensive (medium priced)?? BB) should I put a leather antique stain first then apply leather oil, and finish it with a sheen? I will share the full pattern in PDF after it's done for whoever is interested. The pattern I am making is precise because I am using AutoCAD and Photoshop. Cheers.