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  1. I use Solidworks Expert 3D/2D software for leather pattern modeling then touch it up with Photoshop after then export the results to PDF using adobe . but the procedure i use is very complex to novice person, so i recommend something simpler even though solidworks output an extremely precise measurements. if you give it the right commands, but i don't recommend it for even intermediate users as certain features are extremely complex to achieve, and might put too much strains on you if you don't know what you doing. for example here is one design image i did in solidworks, but still need some more stitching. good luck with the image , indeed it was nice design. cheers, A.J2018
  2. some more pictures , still have to stitch the pad that is why i still have stitches on the holes. this cover has a different beautiful color finish as you see. but the color mix ratio is hard to get without having paint experience. what do you think guys, lets see what you got and lets learn from each others. cheers, A.J2018
  3. Hi Gary, here is a pic, the dye I am using is Fiebing alcohols based dye. Notice the ring marks left around the design. What is causing that ? Can it be fixed or should I cut a new piece. cheers, A.J
  4. Does anyone know why faded dye marks are left around my design ? , I knifed the design then I dyed it with alcohol based dye and when it dried out it showed the faded marks around the design, It looks like an offset marks from the design , did this happen to anyone before ? What causes it so I can fix the problem in later projects . Thanks
  5. does anyone know where can i get the best grommets setter tool for 5mm grommet, reason i am planing to use grommet over eyelets is because eyelets might leave scar on the buttstock as they don't come out clean after pressing them in, but instead i found grommets are safer to use. i am looking to get a clean fully round grommets after pressing it so it wont leave a scar on the stock when pulling the lace through. thanks for your input everyone. cheers, A.J
  6. Hi Gary, not sure if you got my last feedback about your question, because I don't see it here now, but i will repeat, the procedure to convert the computer screen sketch you see above from 3D to 2D is indeed a very long and complex procedure, but for me as a certified solideworks expert (passed the expert exam) i had to go through all the steps and come up with the 2D template. I would say drafting it from ground zero using solidworks takes alot of skills and math but i had to post the computer pic above to display the public how do i do it. its nice to see other share what they have and exchange data. cheers, A.J
  7. Design for the left side of the Savage Mark II F .22 rifle stock. come on guys, lets see what you have, its nice to share information. enjoy. cheers, AJ
  8. Second successful project for Savage mark II F .22 LR Rifle Buttstock image the I just cut using the knife. also the second image shows how I make these template using complex 3D features with Solidworks. more projects are pending, on the top is my Browning x-bolt SS Stalker that I am making a leather lace for it, will add the final picture for the Browning x-bolt soon. cheers, A.J
  9. More Beautiful Pictures of the Savage Mark II F .22 Rifle Buttstock + Neck + Pad Cover still waiting for some tools from the net to cut some straps and punch holes into the leather for some eyelets and its done. cheers, A.J
  10. just started a new project for my Savage Mark II F .22 Rifle Buttstock + Nick Cover, I still have not finished my Browning x-bolt project as I am waiting for some parts from the net. enjoy. cheers, A.J
  11. Gary I did put a lot of hours already , but this is my first leather project and once i get everything done, all its left is to make a template and copy. here is an update from today , stitching the cap on the knob but i still have to dye it very lightly so the dye wont get on the stock. hope you like the cap stitch. cheers, AJ2018
  12. Thanks Gary, I still have to stitch the cap on the knob by the baseball stitch and then stitch a cap on the rubber pad at the back of the leather piece, then finally put some eyelet and lacing. Tooling wise I could of done way better but I live in an apartment building and noise is not allowed that's why I only knife it only. Will post more pics I. The next stage. Cheers AJ2018
  13. just to keep the fox updated , here are some more photos after adding some baseball stitch. working on the cartridge loop now , if you got a good idea based on my project, please share we might benefit from your ideas. so far my plan is to add to two leather conchos at the ends of each side of the cartridge holder and probably stitch each eye of the cartridges separately, because as you notice i have no room from making a slotted cartridge loop, my leather is 5-6 oz and I am planing to split it to 2mm and try. cheers AJ
  14. some more progress, stitched it all round as in the images and wet formed it. more stitches to be done after stitching the cartridge loop holder on the leather. 0.8 mm stitch size were used. next project will use 1mm thread size. cheers AJ