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  1. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
  2. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    I was trying to get a wood stock for the picture but you know how thinks go. Lipstick on a pig. Rohn I agree. Any you can suggest I’m all ears I’m still buying tools a few at a time, and still pretty new to this started in March of this year and I try to learn something from each project so I can make the next one better
  3. Butt stock sleeve/cover

    Recently finished up this butt stock cover for a guy up north of Seattle. 8oz veg custom inlay suede lined cheek riser. All fiebings dye. Really like the way it turned out. Let me know what y’all think.
  4. Tooled m&p40 holster

    Chris I’ll give that a try in the future thanks
  5. Tooled m&p40 holster

    Yes he wanted something with a bit more angle so he could wear on his hip but also behind his hip at the 4:00 position. So that’s what he got. I took my time on the edges since I had already put so much work on everything else. And thank for all the compliments. I’ve only started doing leather in March so every project I learn something new and it nice to have the positive reinforcement from this great community. I’ve learned so much from just reading through all the content on this site. I can only imagine the struggles craftsman had before the internet and YouTube.
  6. Recent project I finished up lined and tooled holster for a buddy up in Washington state. I was worried how it was going to turn out being molded and tooled but all is well. Back side
  7. Rhino 60ds

    Customer wants a shoulder holster. But I could modify any pattern if I could get my hands on one.
  8. When you amaze yourself

    The back panel is box stitched to the rest of the box and it was glued first. no glue where the Lacing is. But the picture showing the back of the box is not the same one from above. For some reason I don’t have a picture of the back of the one I did for myself. But still the same process
  9. When you amaze yourself

    Now look what you’ve done guess I better get started.
  10. When you amaze yourself

    This is the back of one I did for a customer last week. You can see how the belt loops are attached.
  11. When you amaze yourself

    This is how the strap moves out of the way. There just attached with some 1/4 “ Chicago screws. Then the belt loop has snaps at the bottom for easy on off.
  12. I’m looking for a pattern or a mold gun for a Chiappa rhino 60ds if anyone has any leads I would greatly appreciate it so would my potential customer.
  13. Very nicely done. Love your carving. just started doing some of these recently they are fun projects.
  14. When you amaze yourself

    Thanks it’s definitely at the top of my list for favorite completed projects.
  15. When you amaze yourself

    So this is another shotgun cartridge pouch/case I just finished made this one for myself. 6oz veg and 8oz oil tanned for the back panel made my own lace from goat veg. Inlay with some embossed croc from a Brahmin brand purse I picked up at goodwill for $3. Has a fold down strap to keep your shells from falling out as well.