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  1. Leather Embossing Machine

    Thank you for your replies! I actually have no idea what type of leather the luggage tags are. I also believe they will be delivered to us pre cut. So our needs are only for embossing. The numbers we do will vary because it would just be fulfilling orders as they come in. So it could just be 1 or 15+ or whatever someone orders. And they would all be different considering what initials they require. I'm going to look into the clicker press and foil press etc. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Hope someone can lead me in the right direction... I work for a company and they would like to start personalizing leather luggage tags. We also carry leather wine bags, journals and a few other products that could also work. Maybe a leather tray down the road.. but overall not super huge items. To begin with we would offer single letters or monograms. I've done a little research. I found one company that is located in the UK that looks like it could do the job. The machine they sell is also a hot foil stamper. It would be nice to find a supplier in the states just in case we needed a part or further support.. What are our options? Any suppliers that someone can recommend? Anyone familiar with costs? Thanks in advance!