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  1. Need stitching advice

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll take a look.
  2. Need stitching advice

    I am currently stitching all my wallets by hand because I like the way the thicker thread looks. I have a Consew 207rb5 that I use for any hidden stitches but it will not handle a large enough thread to replace hand sewing the visable areas. Being I am sewing wallets with 3-4oz Harness Leather it’s also crucial to have a feed dog that will not chew up the finished side of the leather. Any suggestions on alternatives to hand sewing that will give the same look with the larger thread?
  3. FOR SALE: Tippmann Boss

    Did this ever sell?
  4. Feed dog making dimple marks on leather

    Are most Medium/Heavy duty needle plates and feed dog bolt patterns the same? Can I simply change the plate and feed dog to a design that would work better for leather?
  5. Feed dog making dimple marks on leather

    I have ground the feed dogs down a bit and the track marks have all but disappeared. The problem I continue to have is the dimple around each place the needle exits through the bottom piece of leather. Being I am sewing a wallet with finished sides out this ruins the back surface. Can I choose another needle plate with a smaller hole in it with a different configuration feed dog or am I stuck with the stock feed dog?
  6. Feed dog making dimple marks on leather

    I am using a 206rb-5. inhave backed the foot pressure adjustment out all the way until the last few threads. I have also lowered the feed dog a bit.
  7. Need a little assistance here. I am sewing leather wallets that have finished side out on front and back. When sewing the final pieces together I am getting dimples from the feed dog on the back side. Any ideas? 138 bonded nylon 135x17x22 sharp point needles