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The RawHide Gazette

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Thought I would let people know when the monthly RawHide Gazette is posted. So, for a start the March RawHide Gazette Issue Posted

Just a short note to say that the newest issue of the RawHide Gazette has been posted at:

..and look in the PUBLIC index.

This months issue contains:

RawHide Gazette --

o--Peter Main's Butterfly Workshop with Jeff Bement

o--Tooling Blocks

o--Chan Geer's Sheridan Style Wallet Patterns

o--New Leather DVD's Added to the PSLAC Video Library

o--Another Cheap Granite Tooling Stone

o--The Bill Churchill Children's Leather Program 7th Annual AWARD

Nomination Form for the Year 2008

o--Ferdco's Nevada Western Trade Show

o--PSLAC Meeting at MacPherson Leather

o--Desert Leathercraft Group (DLG)

o--DLG Show & Tell

o--Pacific Raceways PSLAC Demonstrations


o--Upcoming Events

o--Workshop Co-ordinator's Report

o--PSLAC Current Schedule ( Note: There is now a quick link to view

the upcoming workshops and meeting demos at: )

Since these PDF files are quite large (0.5 to 2.5 mega bytes), may we suggest that you right click on the link and save to your hard drive for viewing when off-line. This way you can continue to browse while the file downloads AND to can start your own collection of RawHide Gazette newsletters!

Bob Stelmack

Editor, RawHide Gazette

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