Alphabet stamping on a Firefighter Shield

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8 minutes ago, chriscraft said:

  This was a side job I did for another company. They charged the customer $1,350 for 9 shields. Ouch!!!

Not only did I provided the design layout and the build specs to be made out of quality HO leather but I also built the first sample shield at no charge. This ended up landing me this small order but it was a gamble on my part. 

  If you're building one shield for a close friend, then pricing gets difficult. Im not sure if charging for your time is possible but you will gain knowledge out of the build experience.  

Billing friends for just materials will at least pay for the hobby. As always, try to use the best materials your friends can afford. This makes life easier on you. 

Thanks for the help. This is a hobby for me, but I would like to make money at it one day 

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Joseph, I Defiantly would love to make a living doing this myself. It all takes time, materials,  equipment and of course... Skill. 

       I've decided to keep this craft in the hobby stage for a long while. Will slowly aquire more tools and equipment as I tinker around honing my craft. 

 Good luck and keep us posted if you decide to build one..

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We decided to actually start fire leather as a business about a year ago. We started cheap to get our name out there. Since we started a year ago we have yet to get caught up so the business is there but as we all know this stuff takes time. We have been improving our time and have purchased the equipment and setting up to cut our time to make a profit. We only charge 70$ for a standard shield, 75$ shield with flag behind number and 80$ for custom logo behind number. I feel once we move up to the 100$ Mark we will be making a decent profit. Right now we work quick enough to make a profit but not as much as we would like. The toughest thing is charging friends. You can check out some of our stuff on gettin it custom leather on fb and if you would like to get some ideas. This place is great to find new tricks from seasoned leather workers. I' always trying to find a better way to do thing. Lol

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