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So I'm just getting back into leather working. Been putting together a "start-up list" of sorts to try and ease myself back into it as I can afford it. My plan is to start with more affordable tools then upgrade later as time and funds allow. I also didn't want to get too deep invested until I found out if it was something I was skilled enough to do or enjoyed enough to persue as a side gig. I did all this before I found this amazing forum so I was piecing together information from different leather workers, YouTube, forums, etc. My main focus will be on holsters, belts, rifle scabbards, knife sheaths, cartridge belts, etc. Can you guys peruse over my list and tell me if there is anything important I've left out? I also thought it would be a good intro for people like me who don't know where to start or what is required. It's basically set up into stages so I could do a little at a time but still have the required minimums to do some starter projects. Second file is what I have acquired to date. Thanks for your input.

Leatherwork Start-up List.pdf

Start-Up Bought List.pdf

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