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Cobra Class 4 Or ?

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Salazar Leather


I have a small leather shop (partime) in South Texas and I'm in the market for a new sewing machine. I've been using a Ferdco Baby bull for about 12 years, there is nothing wrong with the machine or the stitch in fact it stitches really good. The only thing that I don't like is it's a pressure foot machine, hates to climb and leaves a heck of a line on the top from the pressure foot. I dont do very heavy stitching but probably will someday, the thinnest I sew would be my bifold wallets. They are 5/6 oz lined with 2/3 oz veg tanned at it's thinnest, the thickest would be my ranger belts which are 8/9 oz lined with 2/3 oz and my billets are cut from 10/11 oz. If anyone does about the same work I do and has a Cobra Class 4 or any other machine please share your thoughts. Thanks

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I wish I had a BULL for heavy stitching. I've got a CB 4500, and like it. I think you need a lighter machine, not the "4" class. Look to ADD a lighter machine to your already great machine!.


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You may call Ralph's in Denver they distribute the old Ferdco line which is the Kingmax line now. They also have used equipment. If you call them and ask for Jack he can help you. I know there phone is 1-800-525-0330 or website is www.powersew.com.

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