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  1. One of my lesser used cutters. $500 or best reasonable offer/swap/etc. I can drop this off to the UPS store for shipping and you can deal directly with them for the costs ( approx #36 weight).
  2. Bump to the top. Need a clicker? Let's talk. This sits gathering dust. ALSO: If you have a manual clicker (like the weaver 4 or 8 ton) for sale, we need to chat! Thanks Andy
  3. Congrats to the new owners, and the holster business is a superb addition to a wonderful and capable family business! (mods: feel free to delete this post/thread if needed). Regards, Andy PS I have a couple of extra machines to swap/sell in the classifieds.
  4. Last call before I click this stuff into watch bands, keepers, coasters and such....
  5. This offer is still valid. I would sell it outright if needed as well. Pop me an email!
  6. The crank strap cutter is on it's way to a new home. That crank cutter, 12", is still available (swaps?) as is the Tippmann Clicker (with compressor). Pop me an email if needed: Thx, Andy
  7. I have sold a bit of this, but have a 24" by 24" by 24" box FILLED, 86 pounds worth. UPS for this box is $85 (to the northeast). Andy
  8. I have PILES of scraps here at the shop. I could fill a 4-5 24' by 24" boxes easily. Need it? Pay for a box and shipping. (or I can stuff flat rate boxes). Not shown is a pile of strings, (leather, 1/8" and larger), I could easily fill a large flat rate box with them. Same deal, pay for shipping and they are YOURS... Pop me an email at: if you need any of this.
  9. I am under a verbal contract to sell the biz. However, check the WTS/WTT ads I have here. I have some spare equipment that I need to turn into MORE and different tools/machines. Thx! Andy
  10. I do a bit more than that every week. Pop me an email at: if you want to chat about machinery and such.
  11. Splitter is gone. Hand crank cutter still for sale as is hand crank strap cutter. See my ad here for a Clicker too. Regards, Andy
  12. Looking to upgrade from your manual clicker to a TIppmann? Let's talk! The sale of the holster biz will be settled shortly and I have a spare clicker, it's used but taken care of as much as an air powered device needs care! What I need is a manual clicker, sorta like the ones that Weaver has. I have a few smaller projects that would be IDEAL for that sort of thing. Let's talk if you want to wheel and deal. (and I could use other items too, try me). Fastest response is at : Thx, Andy
  13. Adler found. Thanks for the tips! (ye all ROCK!). A spare Pfaff is still needed. 335 or similar. THANKS!
  14. Link to pics and auction: (email me here or at the business if you want any of this)