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  1. WTT: Tippmann 1500 for a manual press

    Post-Black Friday Bump. $2500? I can put this on a pallet if you can arrange a pickup. (or stop in to the shop and pick it up! Located in lovely downtown Nebo NC!). Andy
  2. Scraps, mostly free!

    I've a pile more of scraps, 2-3 rubbermaid buckets filled with various sizes of leather, strap-scrap, ends etc. Pop me an email. It's free, just pay shipping.
  3. Tippmann 1500 in Western NC

    I'm bumping this to the top. I have some new machines on the way and this now gathering dust, need a Clicker? Let's talk! (I could toss in the compressor too if needed) Andy
  4. Tippmann 1500 in Western NC

    Used, but it's nice. My old "spare" clicker. I'll get some pics up shortly. Inbox me for fast response: $2500 . I could get this on a pallet if you wanted it shipped. Regards, Andy
  5. Scraps, mostly free!

    Production has been ramped up here at the shop with a ton of new accounts, a new lineup of products and some rebranding. Strap ends and such: Piles of them. Mostly bridle leather, could be chahin, any of the domestic makers or some hide that I am testing from someone else. Here's the deal. I'll fill a flat rate box with them, you pay shipping. It's that simple. Fine print: No cherry picking, don't ask "I need some horween in 1 foot squares only, for free" or " 10-12oz only, belt straps, 38"," Oh, you laugh. This happens. Now, if you DO need some 1 foot or larger pieces, I have them. Same deal as above, you pay flat rate shipping, but toss me a few bucks for the leather. (I often trim full hides/sides and have larger 1-3 sq. foot sections.). Pop me an email direct: put "scraps," in the subject line so I can get you sorted. Look for some sweeeeet Italian leather scraps coming up soon. 1-2 foot squares, a few colours, prob 12-18 a square foot. Thx! Andy
  6. Weaver Hand Crank Strap Cutter

    Jake, Email sent. Inbox me I need that. Andy
  7. Ben, I'm late in commenting, sorry. +1 on sponsors here or name brand/local vendors who can do follow up service in person or via the phone. Now, I hate to say this, as you have a budget for your machine, but "Buy once, Cry once". Get the best you can possible afford, even if you have to get a loan or use a CC. I made-do with shite machines forever when I started my biz's and waited until they made me some $ and bought nicer, newer machines. I'm an Adler whore now and just picked up a new 669. Worth the extra $ and I know I can call Adler and get advice quickly if things go awry. Hints: Service your machine yourself, get to know how and when to lube and adjust things. Keep ahead of the curve on this so your machine is not down for bushings/bearings prematurely. Inbox me if needed. Regards, Andy
  8. Campbell-Randall VSB - $450

    I'm interested!
  9. One of my lesser used cutters. $500 or best reasonable offer/swap/etc. I can drop this off to the UPS store for shipping and you can deal directly with them for the costs ( approx #36 weight).
  10. WTT: Tippmann 1500 for a manual press

    Bump to the top. Need a clicker? Let's talk. This sits gathering dust. ALSO: If you have a manual clicker (like the weaver 4 or 8 ton) for sale, we need to chat! Thanks Andy
  11. Congrats to the new owners, and the holster business is a superb addition to a wonderful and capable family business! (mods: feel free to delete this post/thread if needed). Regards, Andy PS I have a couple of extra machines to swap/sell in the classifieds.
  12. Last call before I click this stuff into watch bands, keepers, coasters and such....
  13. WTT: Tippmann 1500 for a manual press

    This offer is still valid. I would sell it outright if needed as well. Pop me an email!
  14. Hand crank cutter

    The crank strap cutter is on it's way to a new home. That crank cutter, 12", is still available (swaps?) as is the Tippmann Clicker (with compressor). Pop me an email if needed: Thx, Andy
  15. I have sold a bit of this, but have a 24" by 24" by 24" box FILLED, 86 pounds worth. UPS for this box is $85 (to the northeast). Andy