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  1. The crank strap cutter is on it's way to a new home. That crank cutter, 12", is still available (swaps?) as is the Tippmann Clicker (with compressor). Pop me an email if needed: Thx, Andy
  2. I have sold a bit of this, but have a 24" by 24" by 24" box FILLED, 86 pounds worth. UPS for this box is $85 (to the northeast). Andy
  3. I have PILES of scraps here at the shop. I could fill a 4-5 24' by 24" boxes easily. Need it? Pay for a box and shipping. (or I can stuff flat rate boxes). Not shown is a pile of strings, (leather, 1/8" and larger), I could easily fill a large flat rate box with them. Same deal, pay for shipping and they are YOURS... Pop me an email at: if you need any of this.
  4. I am under a verbal contract to sell the biz. However, check the WTS/WTT ads I have here. I have some spare equipment that I need to turn into MORE and different tools/machines. Thx! Andy
  5. I do a bit more than that every week. Pop me an email at: if you want to chat about machinery and such.
  6. Splitter is gone. Hand crank cutter still for sale as is hand crank strap cutter. See my ad here for a Clicker too. Regards, Andy
  7. Looking to upgrade from your manual clicker to a TIppmann? Let's talk! The sale of the holster biz will be settled shortly and I have a spare clicker, it's used but taken care of as much as an air powered device needs care! What I need is a manual clicker, sorta like the ones that Weaver has. I have a few smaller projects that would be IDEAL for that sort of thing. Let's talk if you want to wheel and deal. (and I could use other items too, try me). Fastest response is at : Thx, Andy
  8. Adler found. Thanks for the tips! (ye all ROCK!). A spare Pfaff is still needed. 335 or similar. THANKS!
  9. Link to pics and auction: (email me here or at the business if you want any of this)
  10. This my spare, spare, spare cutter. Why, because I am a total tool/equipment whore... It needs a home. Let me snap a photo and upload shortly. Nice and sharp, cuts nicely, longer throat for those deep cuts (I used it for holsters and such). $700? Located in NC, pickup would be awesome or I can drop it off at a UPS store if you want to deal with the shipping aspect of it. Regards, Andy ( inbox me at: for detailed pics).
  11. I have some oddball blades in one of my cutters, does any one have a source? Thanks in advance. Andy
  12. Filter everything. Give your guns a good clean up and needle the ports, orifices and such. See if they spray paint thinner/reducer. This'll be thinner than a water based product. Adjust out from there for water and try it. The local hardware store sells cheapo paint strainers, get a pile of them and use them every time you go to fill the cup/feed bottle. Andy
  13. Good morning, I am just back from spending a week in Ireland with Conor Holder from (click the course link) . It was superb. I learned so much, used some nice machines and learned tips and tricks that I never would have learned otherwise. Note: I've been in the leather biz for 25+ years and at the top of my game for what I do. This class humbled me (which I needed). I went in to learn and did so. Holden put up some photos on his site, good stuff. I'll rummage through my camera and notes and post some action shots. Regards, Andy
  14. All, Seeking a decent 69 or newer 669 for the shop. Have anything? Let's talk! Pfaff 335 considered as well. Please email me direct: Thx, Andy