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  1. If the motor is attached to a bracket on the back and connected by a belt, it is a 15-90. If the machine has a pod motor built into it, it is a 15-91
  2. Hi Wizcrafts, After 25 years or so of contract making stuff for all sorts, we (my wife and I) have made up a web page to go online and with any luck hope to obtain some better profit margin. I know you are way, way, waaaay more up on the computer side of things than I am and would like your opinion on our new site. I am thinking of putting it on my profile as I see some others do on here as well. Whenever we do new croc products we often make quite a few beforehand in leather to get the techniques sorted out. As we don't have a shop as such and are tucked away in the bush out of town this web think may be the best way to recoup some costs. Any advise as to how to get things rolling would be most appreciated. If you would prefer not to, That's OK I won't be offended. Note - I have sent the same question to Mikesc as well and If you think anyone else would be good for advise please let me know. Here is the link I hope. Regards Brian https://wildharry.com.au/

    1. Wizcrafts


      Am I correct in assuming that the website in your link belongs to you? Or is it a competitor being used as an example? If it is your website, it looks good and has Lazy Loading of the image blocks, plus it is responsive to different screen sizes. Further, the site is on https and has a working SSL connection, which is imperative for an eCommerce website.

      There is an unfortunate second vertical scrollbar on the right side of the viewport, in my Firefox 49.0.2 browser. It appears at 1023px and under and disappears at 1024px and above. It is probably caused by a poor choice of a height declaration in the CSS file. This is undoubtedly a breakpoint declaration that uses an @media rule. You should hunt down that rule and fix whatever is causing the unnecessary vertical scrollbar.

      Again, working on the assumption that it is your domain, you can advertise it via a Google Adwords campaign and might further monetize it by becoming an AdSense Publisher, displaying ads for other related websites.

      Other than that, what would you like to know specifically?

    2. RockyAussie


      Thanks for such a quick and no doubt helpful answer. Yes it is my new site, and I will get my computer guy to look at and hopefully fix the points you have mentioned on Monday. The Lazy Loading thing has me worried - Is that bad? I unfortunately have no idea as yet what the Google Adwords campaign and the other stuff is but I now know what to look into and thanks very much for your help. Regards Brian

  3. I started this topic to alert members of LWN that the email problems with the Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines website have been acknowledged and fixed. I then posted a little piece of potentially helpful advice to self-managed website owners using shared hosting accounts to log into their control panels and verify that the email server settings they are using are still valid. Then my friendly little post got hijacked into a rant against Microsoft and other matters. So, I am using the powers vested in me to close this topic, as it is only going to denigrate further if left open.
  4. Some folks take the lowest level hosting accounts when they start out, many of which do impose file count and size limits. These accounts are much cheaper than unlimited/unmetered accounts. I know several people that chose this path at first, then had to upgrade to a more expensive plan as the website grew in content and popularity. I have seen changes in my mail server designations from three different web hosts. This often accompanies upgrades to the Apache or Nginx software. I've personally had mail servers with no prefix, "pop." and "smtp." and "mail." prefixes. Then there's more changes when you sign up for Cloudflare or another CDN.
  5. If you've recently sent email inquiries to Bob Kovar, or used the contact form on his Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines website and got no replies, or, you called to follow up and they claim to have not received your email, it is because he probably didn't receive your email due to a website mail server problem. Bob Kovar asked me to look into an email reception problem he has been experiencing since September 23, 2016. Between that day and October 20, he was not receiving any new email sent to his domain's email account, including messages sent via the contact form. He would check for new messages but found nothing new listed after 9/23/16. I learned that the problem was caused by a misconfiguration of the website's email MX record, which was first setup in 2011 and worked fine. Sometime during the last year or so the email server prefix was changed by the hosting provider. The unchanged mail server record eventually stopped being recognized on Sept 23. It was corrected on October 20 (after over 30 minutes on the phone with tech support). Emails to tolindsewmach.com are now showing up in the inbox as expected. So, if you have sent emails, or submitted questions via the Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines contact form, and received no answer, please resubmit your inquiries. If you happen to be a website owner, or a webmaster, it may be worth your time to poke around your cpanel - or equivalent - in the email configuration section, to make sure that the mail server is set to the current values used by your web host. Prefixes and ports get changed with server upgrades, as I just found out. A wrong mail server entry may lead to missed or bounced messages if the mail server doesn't forward messages sent to the old server to the new one. Example: Old incoming mail server was: your-domain.com Server upgrade changes the MX Record to: mail.your-domain.com or pop.your-domain.com These are regarded as different mail servers. Mail will eventually bounce or go to the bitbucket until you correct the entry. Ports may have also been changed during an upgrade, so verify IMAP, POP3 and SMTP ports if you use your domain to send and receive email. Another thing I learned is that saved email messages are regarded as "Files" and count toward any max files limit imposed by the web host for your hosting account! Further, if there is such a numeric limit set on how many files can be stored and your domain's email Inbox (including junk and custom folders) reaches that number, the mail box will be listed as 100% full and will stop accepting any new messages until some old ones are deleted, or the limit is increased by the host's tech support. This is the same thing that happens to our voicemail boxes. Now you know what else I do when I'm not sewing things, or playing steel guitar in Country bands.
  6. I want that overcast looper, please, for my Pfaff 4 spool, two needle serger.
  7. Yes, as long as it is thin, soft temper leather, sewn with thin thread and no larger than a #18 leather point needle. If the top grain happens to have a grabby texture, you will need to change the presser foot to either a roller or Teflon foot.
  8. I have a servo motor on my 31-15. It has a small 50mm pulley and a shorter than standard matching v-belt. If the clutch motor you now have has a pulley larger than 2 inches, you will definitely need a figure out the length of belt you will need if you swap it out for a servo motor with a 2" or smaller pulley. You should tell the dealer you are ordering the motor from the length of belt that is on the machine now, plus the diameter of the motor pulley. This will help him choose the most likely size for a new belt, which will likely be much shorter.
  9. Yes, it is the same oil. I use his oil in all of my numerous sewing machines.
  10. I use my 31-15 to sew wallet interiors and for all cloth projects (tailoring). I usually use a walking foot machine to sew the back to the interior. My machine can handle #69 bonded nylon, because I clearanced the shuttle driver and shuttle race to do so. Otherwise, it would not clear that size of thread without a slight but noticeable binding and click sound that messed with the stitch quality and dependability.
  11. It is a standard domestic Class 15 machine. You will be limited to #69 bonded nylon thread, using a #18 leather point needle.
  12. I once owned a Singer 111w155 and it was good up to 1/4" with #138 thread. I tried sewing thicker but the needle would get stuck in the leather. Now, it will sew bridle leather a little thicker, as it is less dense than plain carving leather. I do have a long arm Singer that is based on the 111 mechanism. It is capable of sewing 5/16" maximum. I keep it threaded with #92 thread and use it for lighter projects, like wallets, zippers, phone cases, hemming, etc.
  13. I know of at least four liquid waxes/lubes. They are: Sellari's Stitching Wax (real wax); needs Sellari's Wax Thinner Sellari's Thread Lube (white slick liquid) Campbell-Randall's Lax Wax (white liquid lube/wax) Puritan's Ceroxylon clear liquid wax.
  14. For one thing, parts for the Consew are a lot cheaper than Pfaff parts. As for using #207 thread, it's dependent on the setup of the hook and deflector to the scarf of the needle and the clearances along the thread path from the feed dog on down. You should try using #207 in the machine you just bought so you have a reference to compare the Consew to. I recommend using a #24 leather point needle for this.
  15. There are new walking foot machines that do zig zag sewing. They are not cheap, but they will transport sticky and bulky materials. Plus, most can use up to #138 thread. Ask your favorite industrial sewing machine dealer (preferably, one who supports this forum) about getting one.