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  1. Juki ls 341

    I have a Juki ls 341 with no N sticker but it came with a ls 341 N paper manual. Does anyone know what the difference is between the 341 and the 341 N? I was thinking my n sticker just fell off.
  2. Pfaff 145 owners

    Thanks Gregg, You are right,that is hard to find.Just what I needed!
  3. Pfaff 145 owners

    Thanks Uwe, you are right about the Juki.
  4. Pfaff 145 owners

    Yes you did Uwe,but it was not clear to me if the needle bar and center foot should move when the machine is not in motion.On my Singer 201 and Juki ls341 nothing moves when you use the reverse lever. I understand they are different mechanisms. I followed your advice and kept finding more oil ports and now everything seems to be working smoothly. Thank you
  5. Could someone tell me if the reverse handle on my Pfaff 145 is supposed to make the Center walking foot and needle bar move back and forth when the machine is otherwise not in motion? The reverse handle was very sticky but I oiled everything and now it's smooth and goes down immediately when you let go of the handle. Seems like everything is working good otherwise.. thanks
  6. Pfaff 145 sticky reverse

    Yes, I removed the feed dogs and bobbin case and cleaned everything.
  7. I am cleaning my recently acquired pfaff 145 and the reverse lever is very sticky. I have oiled all the obvious spots and waited a couple of days for it to soak in. It seems a little better but I noticed that when I shift the lever up and down it actually moves the needle bar and feed dogs back and forth a little bit. This doesn't seem right to me but the machine is in good shape and there doesn't appear to be anything obviously wrong with it. Anyone have any ideas on that? Thank you
  8. Pfaff 145

    Thanks Wiz, I appreciate the feedback.
  9. Pfaff 145

    I need help deciding on whether to buy a Pfaff 145 for $350. It is in good shape with no rust but the owner could not get it to sew so he decided to sell it. It looks like all the parts are there and everything functions smoothly when you turn the wheel by hand. This machine is not beat up, not missing paint like a lot of the older ones you see. Any opinions? Thanks