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  1. Experienced leatherworker needed

    I;m looking for an experienced leather worker that is willing to learn the skills required to repair shoes. Management skills a plus. North Dallas, Frisco, Plano area. must have transportation. Any interested parties contact Kris at 972-334-9777, or Alla at 972-943-9887
  2. Klr650 Recovery Seat Where To Start?

    pull the original cover off. take a seam ripper and undo the stitching. tape the parts and tape them as flat as posible on cardboard or poster board, and trace them.cut them out and mark where they go. next, get some chap hide and trace the patterns on it. sew along seams and, bob's your uncle.
  3. Coming Back Soon

    Take your time and heal up, this place will be here when your well.
  4. First Leather Hat

    I wore it out at Reno's on Saturday, and it was a hit. thank for the feedback everyone.
  5. First Leather Hat

    Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Start of my next seat

    That basket weave is tits! Your tooling is also great, good job man!
  7. Distressed Rigid Side Bag

    Is that vegi tan, or a utility hide?
  8. Seat For 74 Ironhead

    Thanks, bro.
  9. Seat For 74 Ironhead

    New seat i made for my 74 ironhead chopper project. Feed back is welcome.
  10. seats

  11. Just wanted to share and ask for feed back. Thanks folks. Meant to say first leather cowboy hat.
  12. hat

    leather hats
  13. Paper Saddlebags Anyone?

    What gauge of aluminium do you guys sugest?
  14. Seat Pans...not A Bobber

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I didn't get any pics, but the pan is 1/8" thermoplastic of some sort.
  15. Seat Pans...not A Bobber

    I'll get a look, and maybe some pics, tomorrow before I head out to work.