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  1. pull the original cover off. take a seam ripper and undo the stitching. tape the parts and tape them as flat as posible on cardboard or poster board, and trace them.cut them out and mark where they go. next, get some chap hide and trace the patterns on it. sew along seams and, bob's your uncle.
  2. Take your time and heal up, this place will be here when your well.
  3. I wore it out at Reno's on Saturday, and it was a hit. thank for the feedback everyone.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. That basket weave is tits! Your tooling is also great, good job man!
  6. Is that vegi tan, or a utility hide?
  7. Thanks, bro.
  8. New seat i made for my 74 ironhead chopper project. Feed back is welcome.
  9. Just wanted to share and ask for feed back. Thanks folks. Meant to say first leather cowboy hat.
  10. What gauge of aluminium do you guys sugest?
  11. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I didn't get any pics, but the pan is 1/8" thermoplastic of some sort.
  12. I'll get a look, and maybe some pics, tomorrow before I head out to work.
  13. I've been riding, and working in bike shops my whole life, and I've never seen the seat of a cruiser get as hot as your suggesting. Some sport bikes that run the exhaust under the seat are the only excepion that i can think of. That beeing said, I have a hand made solo seat that was given me by a friend that has Kidex as a seat pan. Not trying to be argumetative, just stating what i know from experiance.
  14. I hate to be the one to point out the obviouse, but couldn't you use Kidex to make a custom seat pan?
  15. Hammer in hand cycles has a pretty good kit.