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  1. Hello,

    Do you still have these tools?

    If so I'm interested in buying them.

  2. Make me an offer, or trade me something that I can use for Saddle and Harness work.
  3. Oh come on guys, we have more than Sturgis and Fishing. There are Pheasants,corn on the cob, really good Beef, Forestburg watermelons, and don't forget Mt Rushmore !! Anyway, thanks for the info, I didn't mean to sound demanding, Sorry if I did. Anybody need some boot repair tools ?
  4. Exactly! If I knew how to use them, maybe they would be useful for general leather work. Is there a tutorial or something on this web site that would show me how they are used ? Or would someone like to drive to So. Dak. and show me ? Art called that one tool a float. What the heck does it do ?----------Thanks
  5. So, sounds like they are for shoe/boot work ??
  6. I have these tools I bought at an auction a while back. I need help identifying what their use is. I do mainly saddle and harness work, so if they are for shoe/boot work, they are for sale or trade. I haven't found a use for them yet but Maybe if I knew what they were for, who knows ??? That awl haft is solid iron. Why would you need a haft made of iron ?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I have never seen one with an adjustable seat like that. Cool ! I would clean it up, tighten it up, Put on a new weathered strap, and use it. But that's just me.-----------Bill
  8. Anyone have an opinion on an Adler 467 machine ??? Good or bad, just looking for an opinion. We would use it for Chaps, Chinks, tack and repair work. Thanks
  9. Bottle openers (church keys). It was an accident. We found a couple in an old chair we were upholstering for a customer, hung them on a nail in the shop. People saw them and decided we needed more and started bringing them to us. I just counted 55 different ones so far...??? weird.---------Bill
  10. I may have a sole press you could use. Is this what you are looking for ? Make me a good offer you pay the shipping. ---------------Bill
  11. I am trying to put together a complete set of C.S. Osborne single tube spring punches. I need OO, O, 1, 2, 9, 10. I have two # 6 punches for trade, one has a missing spring The other works perfect with a new tube. I also have other brands if anyone is interested. (P. Lowentraut, S & E)
  12. I use the stuff the butcher shop uses. I think it is Poly...??? They usually have scraps of smaller pieces left over when they replace their cutting tops. Or their old cutting tops are good too. They have to replace them ever so often to pass inspection.------------Bill
  13. The Landis #3 is SOLD. I still have the Landis #1 if anyone is interested.------------Bill
  14. I tell everyone who buys any of my tack, it comes with a "99 Year Limited Warranty". It usually gets a good laugh but I really mean it. I can't control abuse or stupidity after it leaves my shop. I did repair a broken breast collar one time that a D-ring had pulled out. I don't know what really happened but I did not charge for the repair. -----------------Bill
  15. Sorry, the Singer is Sold. But thanks for looking !---------------Bill