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  1. Ray,

    You might just like to look at some of the work Keith does. Not trying to promote him.

    He has orders backed up for 6 months to a year.



    1. raysouth


      Thanks Ferg.

      I will have to go there and take a look.

      Love to learn and see what others are doing.

      God Bless.



  2. Ray, My son-in-law makes/sells wood grips for hand guns. He has told me in the past you need a license and whatever that includes to ship fire arms. Ferg
  3. Don't let them bug you!!!! Ferg
  4. Wiz, You need to add that machine to your arsenal. I can see it now, resting in your shop. LOL Ferg
  5. First note: You can get a spray at Jo Ann Fabrics or Walmart for instance that will retard the fraying when you punch holes. If you have an edge/exposed, you can do a "Lap Over Seam with the fabric held inside the leather. Glue the fabric first then do the seam. You can create the same if you are making a pocket for a purse or similar article. Glue the edge of the fabric to the leather after using the "Fray Spray". Ferg
  6. You must have a bad day about every other at least. LOL Not Sandy! I have done/made thousands of things while I was a building contractor for so many years and then as a manufacturer of wood products. Half the equipment in our commercial shop was either made by myself or modified by me. I have an insane desire to learn how to do everything there is to know about everything. No exceptions. I don't worry about what someone happens to make for a living if I can learn to do it I will learn a better way, that is just the way it is. Ferg
  7. From the info I could find it is not a Clone but an original. HERMAN KOHLER. Ferg
  8. I have an idea the folks doing the writing for Weaver's wouldn't know the difference. Quality checking?????? Ferg
  9. WIZ, I hope your rented shop is bigger than the trailer. Otherwise you wouldn't have room for all those Domestics. LOL Ferg
  10. Lets see if I can give you a thumbnail idea to get you going. Since you have already visited Tandy, return and get a bottle of theEDGE PAINT GLOSS EDGE AGENT. It is most likely a Fenice product and may be labeled something entirely different but this is one thing you need. Also get a bottle of edge paint color you would like to use to begin. Tandy also has a "Craftool Pro Edge Dye Roller Pen", get it also. Do not sand the edge of your fuzzy leather before applying the Agent. This is assuming all layers of leather are nearly exactly lined up, if not you will need to clean up that edge, with careful sanding or cutting. Before using the Agent shake the bottle pretty hard for about 30 seconds, it will have bubbles inside the container. Tap the sides of the container with a small screwdriver or anything similar, that will make the bubbles burst. Now, dip the edge roller into the Agent, not quite over the large end of same. Tap it lightly on the edge of the bottle to get any glob off the tip. From the finish side begin rolling the edge roller over the edge until you see it completely wet. Don't get carried away, too much will run onto the face of the leather. I hold the leather piece in one hand while turning it to get the edge completely covered. If you don't get globs on the roller and also on the edge it will not "run" where you don't want it. Allow this application to dry for at least an hour if in air conditioned/heated space. Again, don't sand first application. Apply another coat of Agent, allow to dry for 24 hours. You can then sand with 600 grit sand paper/cloth until you feel it is smooth. Do not press down hard on the sanding paper, light pressure is definitely desirable. You need to get all sanding dust off the edge and any that may be on the remainder of the leather piece. Now, you are ready to apply your finish color of edge paint. Shake the bottle and tap it as I illustrated above. I like to use at least two coats. I am using Giardini now, it is thicker consistency than the Fenice. TANDY's edge paint may require more than two finish coats. Allow at least 12 hours between applications and do not incorporate the product into use for 24 to 48 hours. This is not for everything you make but it will make some very nice edges on most. Ferg
  11. Glue with gel contact cement not barge or similar. Coat with a thin layer on each piece and let lay for at least an hour before you place the two together. Roll to make them adhere fully. I agree you may have a problem if the thick piece isn't almost exactly the same thickness throughout. Ferg
  12. Ray, I will take this set. Let me know e-mail to send the PayPal to. Ferg
  13. You need to know what you are delving into but I think you are beginning leather work at the wrong end. lol Do some research on types of leather to be used for different things. Get a copy of one of Al Stohlman's books on beginning leather craft (available at all Tandy Stores and on-line.) Work on tooling etc. on some scrap. If you don't have any Veg Tanned scrap, that is available most anywhere also. Ask many questions and read all you can find, then understand what you read. Ferg
  14. My wife had her last radiation treatment last Wednesday. She is one tough lady. She done everything and more the Doctors told her to do. She came to me the other night to show me the new skin that is appearing already. Oncologist says she has a 9% chance of reoccurrence of the cancer within ten years. We are so blessed. At my age there are way too many old friends and family no longer with us. We grieve for all of them and try to remember all of the great things we done together over the years. Ferg
  15. I don't sell steel rule dies and have no intention of doing so. That said: I decided about a year ago I would like to learn how to make steel rule dies, not the heavy clicker dies. I found a company with a lady that knows her business that helped me along the path of equipment and dies to use in making same. I bought a manual die making machine on e-bay for $300 and have accumulated a few dies. A very high learning curve on what dies you need and what type/hardness of rule you need. After making several I am learning a small bit about making them. Made parts for a purse I made my wife with some I made. Yes, you need a welder but it can be a small unit that runs on 120v. 20Amp ckt. (I use a 30 amp circuit) with a 10 gauge cable I made up. I can do Flux Core wire or gas with solid wire. Beautiful little machine. You need to understand I am supposed to be retired so am also supposed to have more free time and fun. I do have fun but have little to no free time. LOL Ferg