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  1. Eric, When I got out of the Navy I worked for a remanufacturing company for electronic radio equipment for the government. We ran out of little "disc" capacitors one time. I checked the specs and went to my electronics supplier. The non-government capacitor was .0001 mfd. different than government issue which wouldn't be available to us for possibly several months due to manufacturing difficulties. The government would not allow us to use what was available locally in the thousands, simply because it wasn't exactly the same. Capacitors used in electronic equipment in those days could be within 100%. Oh Yeah, I could buy them for a tenth what this company was paying for them. BTW: Semi Trucks hauled radio gear into the Airplane Hangar we occupied, 50,000 pieces at a time. Most had a single power resistor burned out. They would only allow us to repair a certain number of them each day. Ferg
  2. I might be missing something here, your response to danielw88 was way off base. Ferg
  3. Keep in mind, if anyone says they want the machine before July, it will be sold. Thanks for your interest. Ferg
  4. Mark842 Looks as though I would have to have $200 - $225 to ship to you. That doesn't include Insurance. I gave $1500 for the machine, you would still be getting deal. lol
  5. Mark842, This machine weighs about 90 pounds without the table and servo. It would need to be "Crated" and packed with impact resistant foam board. That also means I would need to break the legs/table down and pack them separately. Since I have no idea what your area code is I can't give you a figure on the shipping. I will help you all I can, shipping these things is expensive. Ferg
  6. I have used the skiver for 1.5mm to 2mm plus much heavier veg tan. The thicker leathers may need to be run through more than once. The Cowboy and several others are identical except for the name on them. LOL No one should tell you that learning to use a power skiver is easy. Not for the faint of heart. Your eventual results will make a believer out of you. If you do not have a good supply of scrap leather to practice with, go to a Tandy store and buy a bag of same. Chrome tanned as well as veg tan. Ferg
  7. Yes it is.
  8. I placed the problem with PayPal. Day or two after, the owner e-mailed me the address to return the hide to. Done that, had the tracking number of course so I checked delivery which was made this past Monday. He verified it yesterday, I got my refund on PayPal this morning. He sent me another e-mail telling me how nasty I am etc. and that he wouldn't sell anything else to me. Do you suppose he may have even thought I would buy anything else from him? Anyway, another lesson learned, I have my money back and he has his piece of crap leather. Ferg
  9. I seldom bite on anything from this particular type of seller. He is close enough to me to save on shipping so I thought I would take a chance. MY BAD! I use quite a lot of Kangaroo. Love the leather. I have bought some from reputable dealers I wouldn't give my dogs to chew on. I have been buying leather etc. for enough years to know most of the time, if a deal is a deal. I appreciate everyone's comments. I sent a note to him through PayPal a couple days ago. I received an e-mail from Michael this morning with his shipping address. Will let everyone know if I get a refund. Ferg
  10. We have owned a business that sells many thousands of product to folks all over the world. In forty years we haven't had to refund on a product more than half a dozen times. If someone has a problem, we refund or send a new item free of charge and do not ask for the item to be returned. Ferg
  11. Well, I am afraid this is going to be another of my very few bad encounters with suppliers. I ordered a Latigo side priced at $125. Now I have been around long enough to know that I should not and do not expect this to be a top of the line hide, this one is a piece of junk. It has stain blotches all over it plus for Burgundy it is more just ugly brown. My wife tried to call him today and no one answered the phone. I sent him another e-mail saying: "Anyway, are you going to honor the refund? I have no problem with paying the shipping for the hide to be returned to you." I got an e-mail this evening saying he felt my e-mail was "Nasty" and he wasn't going to answer me. I have no recourse but to take it up with PayPal, I paid with them. Ferg
  12. Has anyone bought leather from http://kentuckyleatherandhides.com/ I ordered and received a hide from him I wish to return and be refunded to me but I cannot make contact with him. Sent him a couple e-mails and tried phoning to no avail. I know he has limited hours but do not know what they are. Any enlightenment appreciated. Ferg
  13. This is on e-Bay
  14. I bought a couple small plastic boxes at JoAnn Fabrics, about 5" x 10 3/4" x 1 3/4". They have plastic latches on the lids. I used a Forstner drill bit slightly greater in diameter than the bobbin diameter, to drill a row of holes through a piece of pine 1 1/2" x 7/16". I then used my table saw to rip the pine in half directly through the middle of the holes. Spacers between the rows of bobbins is 1/2". I used small pieces of pine as fillers in the ends. I know everyone doesn't have a wood shop, I bet a lot of you have a friend with some woodworking tools that would help you out. I tie the ends of the thread on the bobbin through one of the holes in the bobbin side. You can see in the photo which ones are the first I done. Ferg
  15. Patria, I have a Seiko CW 8B. I think mine has been through considerably less than yours. I have promised myself that if I ever come across a MotherLoad as you have, I may have to trade my wife of 40 years for another outbuilding to put them in. LOL Fixing those machines isn't work, it is FUN! Ferg