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  1. I might be blowing smoke, I think your needle is too small. The thread will often slide through a too small needle but gets caught up every once in awhile and skips. Ferg
  2. Skiving Machine

    You should understand right away, Skiving machines are finicky. I don't care how new they are you are going to need to do some "fiddling" to get what you want. Most of that is not the machine but the operator. There is a steep learning curve along with a lot of frustration. That said, they will do a great job when the bell knife is kept extremely sharp and everything is adjusted to handle the material. I have a Cowboy, it is a clone of the Fortuna as are most all the remainder of them. I will consider selling mine for $1400. It is like new, not even a scratch on it plus it is both top and bottom feed. I will not pay shipping. Ferg
  3. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    All my sewing and leather related equipment etc. is on the second floor of our home. I bought what would normally be a 2 wheel cart used in businesses, with 3 wheels on each side. I tried it with a 27" computer. Won't be trying to lift any 100 pound machines anymore. Ferg
  4. You got stiffed. Get your money back and go somewhere else to get a machine. What you gave for it is not a new price. Think $1495.00 That said: You will have trouble skiving 2oz. leather, especially without an Ultra Sharp Bell Knife. The knife on your machine has been through the mill plus some other things I noticed. This machine has had a troubled life. I wouldn't touch that with a twenty foot pole. Ferg
  5. Glossary

    I am going to assume that you do not have any of the old "How To" books from Tandy. Al Stohlman done carving and stamping when there weren't any tools available commercially. His books are "Encyclopedias " of Leather crafting as far as I am concerned. Visit a Tandy store or go On-Line to their site, you will find many of the books I speak of. Ferg
  6. Some of my work. First started in November 2017.

    That is a self healing cutting pad. JoAnn Fabrics for one. Most any fabric store would have them. Ferg
  7. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    Only the dense. I don't think I have ever done more than three applications. Ferg
  8. Just a little curious...

    Now I like that one! I do leather, Sublimation, write some computer programs, bake home made bread, stained glass, grow our flowers in my greenhouse, love my wife and kids( and grandkids), and wife and I still have our home business making and selling an average of 15,000 pieces of wood. My wife of 41 years is 20 years younger than I and she still loves me. LOL Ferg
  9. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    This is one of those applications that folks determine what and how they like. I don't like messing with the heat and I don't burnish. I even use it on dog harness. These are 250ml bottles. My kit is quite extensive actually. I think maybe it was a promotion for the product. I put small amounts of the paint into small glass containers with a tight cap. Large containers aren't opened nearly as often. There are two sets of mixing apparatus in the kit as well as two of the roller applicators. I try to keep things very clean. Ferg
  10. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    garypl I bought my kit from the company directly. Probably been a year and a half. There are eighteen standard colors with formulae for one hundred more. It is great stuff. BTW: I think it cost about $350 US. Their shipping time was only a few days. Ferg
  11. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    I have tried three or four of the edge paints, Giardini is definitely my fav. I use a clear primer, let it dry for several hours or over night, sand with 600 grit, no bevel, apply 2 coats of the paint with tapered, grooved, metal roller. No bubbles, dirt, etc. Smooth as a newborn babies.......... hands. lol BTW: I have a kit of theirs in the colors. Even have one that is GOLD flecks. Ferg
  12. Just a little curious...

    Maybe you don't really want to hear mine. LOL Celebrated my eighty fourth Jan. 21 with family and my fabulous wife providing everything for a meal. Fried chicken, Ham, Baked corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, Green beans cooked with Ham and potatoes, slaw, cream pie, brownies, chocolate cake, ice cream, and I made two loaves of home made bread. Wife decided she wanted to cook a meal similar to what my mom would have fixed in the forties. Don't know which the family members enjoyed more, the food or the "Idea". Ferg
  13. Skiving machine - how to pick one?

    MISHKIN, There has been a lot of discussion about, "Should I buy a top and bottom feed, can I connect a separate motor to the knife, etc. I have a Cowboy top and bottom feed, wouldn't bother ever buying one with only bottom feed after using this one. I have a Servo on mine so I can run it as fast or slow as I wish. Ninety nine percent of the problems folks have with these machines is the fact they don't sharpen the bell knife good enough. The other problem is frustration. These machines will drive you to drink if you don't get your "Head"on straight, meaning your human head. LOL OH YES! Proper adjustment. Five to six ounce leather is close to their thickest although I have done two passes on belt leather. Don't get fooled into being able to skiver wide pieces of leather, it ain't gonna happen without one heck of a mess of fiddling . I am not hot on selling my machine but I would sell it to the right person for $1400 plus shipping or you pick it up. The head alone will weigh in excess of 90 pounds. I made a chute for the garbage to drop into a bucket or box, I don't have much dust but that could differ with various leathers. Ferg .
  14. This Is My Singer 29-4 Cobbler Machine

    My 29-4. I bought the head then built the table etc. and put a servo on it. Ferg
  15. Uwe,

    Have you had time to make any flat tables for the CB3200 as yet?


    1. Uwe


      Sorry, not yet.