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  1. Skiving machine tool

    You need a spanner wrench. The shaft has a centering hole in the end. Is that what you are referring to? Ferg
  2. Frames for change purses

    Ohio Bag Ferg
  3. Leather edge treatment, edging paint.

    PhillyRock. Not quite! Ferg
  4. Golf Scorecard Holder

    I have very little "spill" over the edges anymore, took awhile. Lol The manner you hold the tool alleviates most of that. I like my paint to be a little on the thick side and try to only make one swipe without going back over what I done previously. This stuff dries very fast so I find it best to correct any little spots on another application of the paint after it dries. I use an old toothbrush to clean the roller after use with cold water running over it. Warm or hot water sets the paint in the grooves. I have tried three different brands of the paint. Giardini is the best in my humble opinion. Ferg
  5. Leather edge treatment, edging paint.

    Of course I have a comment. If you wish to sell a product it is usually a good idea to show photos when it was used properly. Ferg
  6. It was meant as a compliment. "Cute" idea. Ferg
  7. Edge Paint Rollers

    I have never had marks left behind with my brass rollers. Perhaps you aren't putting enough paint on the roller or the paint is too thin. Like everything else worthwhile, it takes a "Little Learning". Ferg
  8. Your carving looks like a stamp. Ferg
  9. Golf Scorecard Holder

    Unless you intend to do high numbers I would get the roller first. Appears to me that you rounded your leather edge before applying the paint. Plus you didn't continue completely to the end leaving a portion square. I tried the spatula at first thinking it was okay until I got the tapered roller. I leave all my edges square/flat. I then seal with a clear sealer sanding after every application with nothing rougher than 600 grit sanding cloth. Number of applications of color depends largely on how heavy you apply and how smooth and non-absorbent your choice of leather. BTW: I think the design of the rollers gives the rounded effect to the flat edge without the actual round shaping. Ferg
  10. GENGADO, I am right here!!!!! Your staining isn't bad. Practice different ways of application. If you don't have an airbrush you can use try different materials. Stitching is something that can go "wonkie" after doing it for years. Concentrate on your stitch line which I imagine you have free handed. A makeshift tool to mark that line before stitching will do wonders. I like your idea for the pocket shapes, they just need some refinement. Don't try to be too fancy with the shapes and cuts. Simple is beautiful also. Keep at it you are doing fine. Ferg
  11. mouse pad gripper

    I ordered product from RUBBER SHEET WAREHOUSE. In Alhambra, CA 91803 Item# NSAPRAB-1-16IN-062-7. 1/16" Neoprene Sheet All purpose rubber. Believe I found it in smaller pieces from other sources. Ferg
  12. mouse pad gripper

    Definitely not. I will try to locate my order when I bought the material. Will post when I find it. Ferg
  13. Check all the paths where the thread travels for what you see on your machine in these photos. Some times you can clean them up with a jeweler's file. Best? Get the new parts from Bob Kovar. Ferg
  14. mouse pad gripper

    I buy closed cell rubber sheet 1/16" thick, it is black/charcoal in color. I use spray can glue. On both the foam and the leather. Cut the foam so it is about 1/8" shy of the mouse pad all the way around. I apply the foam to the leather immediately after spraying so if I need to adjust it I can move it slightly. Allow to dry over night. Works great. Ferg