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  1. Al was 44 years old when he and Ann married. They were very busy and perhaps they didn't wish to have children or just possibly they simply could not. Ferg
  2. Note my two words inside Parenthesis. Ferg
  3. The Q-tips would be shot and lose cotton before you got around a wallet I'm afraid. (Just kidding) I realize many folks are trying to do leatherwork as cheaply as possible if for no other reason than the fact they are just beginning their fabulous journey with leather. When I was beginning, almost 65 years ago, I wanted to buy the best tools I could possibly afford. When learning to do edge painting, spend $20 to $25 for a tool that is made to work perfectly for this application and save yourself a million dollars worth of aggravation. Ferg
  4. Jakob, That is a "Zig-Zag" stitch. I don't know of a reason for using it other than it looks neat and different. Your machine may not be "Zig-Zag" capable. Ferg
  5. HORWEEN in Chicago Ferg
  6. Photo of your work would help. Ferg
  7. I could be mistaken but it seems when I ordered from these folks and seen how much the shipping was I questioned it. Was told their program doesn't figure the exact ship cost, they will reimburse any difference. Remember, I am not sure it was these folks. Worth it to question? Ferg
  8. Additionally: Keep an old toothbrush handy, at the sink, if you are edge painting a fairly large piece, the paint begins to gel on the roller before you are finished. Secondly: A small container of water setting close by on your workspace will come in handy if the paint is beginning to get a little sticky on the applicator. Make sure you have some clean paper towel handy also, it will be needed to dry off the water left on the applicator before you put it back into your paint. Ferg
  9. I am curious, have you used the tapered applicator from Tandy? Ferg
  10. The tapered roller tool is the best I have tried of all the tools. I have no experience with the Edge Kote. I have Fenice and Giardini. My preference is Giardini. Lekoza has some colors of the Giardini and it is not expensive since it takes very little to do edges. The tapered tool allows application without the paint running onto the surface of the leather. As usual it takes some practice. Ferg
  11. Why don't you get some white Doe Skin, laminate it to a heavier piece of veg tanned natural/or other, stitch and no paint to mess with. Ferg
  12. Ray,

    You might just like to look at some of the work Keith does. Not trying to promote him.

    He has orders backed up for 6 months to a year.



    1. raysouth


      Thanks Ferg.

      I will have to go there and take a look.

      Love to learn and see what others are doing.

      God Bless.



  13. Ray, My son-in-law makes/sells wood grips for hand guns. He has told me in the past you need a license and whatever that includes to ship fire arms. Ferg
  14. Don't let them bug you!!!! Ferg
  15. Wiz, You need to add that machine to your arsenal. I can see it now, resting in your shop. LOL Ferg