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  1. singer machines

    Photos???? Ferg
  2. Leather Squadron/Group patches made .......

    Your art work is great. Reminds me of the 40's. Ferg
  3. Edge paint

    It really doesn't matter to me what folks decide to use for edge painting. I do know from experience, the grooved roller coaters are the best for small shop use. If I was doing belts like some folks do, I might try some other method. I am not bragging, simply saying how simple this can be, I can do the edge on a round coaster in less than 60 seconds. Lightly sand edges keeping them as square as you can, one coat sealer, sand, one coat finish, sand, second coat of finish, DONE! Ferg
  4. Skiving machine - how to pick one?

    Yes I am. Where are you located? Just generally, don't give me an address. Ferg
  5. Edge paint

    I don't slick the edges, I do sand the edges. I apply a coat of clear sealer, let it dry overnight, sand with 600 grit, apply the first coat of finish, sand it until I see no shiny areas, then apply a second coat of finish. No hot tools or anything. I have three or four applicators. The cone shaped one is by far the easiest and best to use IMHO. Ferg
  6. Bobbin freewheels on winder.

    Put the blade of a screwdriver in the slot at the end, twist slightly until you feel resistance when placing the bobbin on the shaft. Ferg
  7. My first floral design

    Other than a blueprint shop catering to builders, you can find the French Curve in Michael's some times or Amazon. Lol Ferg
  8. My first floral design

    IMHO You done a nice job. With the design style you decided on, I don't think you have too much background. How you finish that background will be the determining factor. My hands are not steady enough to do much hand drawing anymore. When I do a new pattern etc. it is usually with the computer. I appreciate anyone who can draw. My wife and youngest daughter are excellent artists. Ferg
  9. No, I haven't tried the Heat-n-Bond. You have to be very careful the heat in the oven isn't too hot and you don't leave it very long. It definitely will dry the leather and burn it some times. I am working on the pattern for a Tote. I want to make the lining just as the outside of the Tote only a tad smaller and only connect it around the top edge under the rolled edge. I have always attached the lining completely with glue. Ferg
  10. Of course I cannot find the piece of white Deer Skin I transferred a laser image to. I cheat a little. I have a 16" x 20" pressure plus heated platen press. I can take a piece of good quality copy paper intended for laser printing, print the copy of whatever I wish, normally a Black Line drawing, lay it on the piece of leather. I set the temperature on my press and lay the copy over leather in the press. Lower the top for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then transfer the piece of leather to a small oven set at 300 degrees. Leave for 30 to 45 seconds. When I remove from the oven the image is permanent on the leather. I have transferred black line images to brass then framed them. BTW: Unless you have extra Laser Printers you can use for a replacement, don't try to print a piece of leather on the pass through. Ferg
  11. Italian Shoes Antique Effect

    I am in no way criticizing folks who make the "Funky" looking shoes, whatever floats your boat. If I ever decide to make a pair of good hand made shoes I want them to look like my well worn "Rockford" Loafers. I figure the best way to get to that point is, very carefully take an old comfortable pair I have apart. Take many photos with a lot of commentary and markings. Find a pair of wooden lasts that will come close to my feet, I can alter them, and dive in. I don't wish to buy machinery I don't have, I may decide this is a pipe dream that I don't wish to encounter. I have an idea this is going to be something I will pursue in the future. I think it would be a blast!!! Ferg
  12. I wrote the previous version of this on the 17th pf April. On the 20th I discovered Godaddy had deleted my entire web site for the Leather. I had discovered the day before, they had charged me $450+ for Top Tier SSL for the two sites. When they deleted that coverage, they also deleted the entire site as I said. Told them I wanted a refund of that $450, they wouldn't give it to me, would give Company Credit towards other product from them. Decided to use the credit to extend some of the coverage for more years. Evidently ticked them off! Imagine that. I sent an e-mail to my previous "agent", didn't answer me. I waited 24 hours and made contact again. Still didn't have my site back. Actually, they wanted to charge me $150 to restore it. Won't say what I replied to that. No site. I wrote again saying that I would make them a deal. Get my activations back on line with the correct settings etc. and I would rewrite the site myself. No answer. I got on the Chat again. (I am essentially deaf so I cannot communicate on the phone even with my hearing aids) Asked for my previous agent, mysteriously he wasn't in the office. My account was all screwed up. Wrong settings etc on the wrong site. One and half hours later, I had the sites reactivated. Monday or Tuesday of this week I finally finished the leather site enough to get it back on line. Search engines I had connected to weren't active now because the site had been de-activated. That will start all over again. Some of the items I had written are gone from my brain, may never get them back. Lol Changed some things I hadn't liked before. Discovered a number of things you cannot change from their offerings. The Info Bar at the top of the page can only be changed to either a very small Logo or the name of the site. Everything else is controlled by what you do in other areas of the site which makes sense if you don't know enough to do that yourself. They actually asked me for a recommendation. Ferg "fergsleatheronline.com"
  13. Well, I wish you were closer to Ohio. I use a wide belt sander in our woodshop. If you want to load them in a pickup or trailer and get them here. You and I could do them pretty quick. Cost would be $20 per hour. Ferg
  14. Keep your finger nails cut very short. Ferg
  15. 1776 CARVING

    Obviously I done this for the 1776 celebration. I was prepared several years ago to put it in the trash bin. Kept thinking about it and decided to keep it around although we don't have it displayed anymore. Thought folks might like to view it. Ferg