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  1. Rustic, After cutting leather for as many years as I have plus observing other folks who are true artists. That is how I know your no expert. Maybe I should change that to, "You think You are". I don't mean to be agitating you. You just have your less than well done product showing it's less than great face and trying to convince everyone your work is top notch. That simply isn't true. Soooooo, prove to me and others that you can really do good work. You haven't shown it yet and you are so full of yourself I don't think you know how. Ferg
  2. Looks pretty good. The human face is as difficult to portray in any medium as a Horse's body. Smooth with a smoothing spoon, they are your friend as you know from doing animals. Ferg
  3. 6 slot bi-fold

    Maybe you should use a smaller thread, adjust your tension so the knots do not show on either side. Did you by any chance glue your ending/beginning? Backstitching at least three stitches AWAY from where a wallet etc. folds. Since you like to do gun leather perhaps your sewing thread supply is most heavy duty? Your exterior leather thickness is okay if you wish to carve a design. Interior should be at least as thin as lining leather, 1.2mm to 2mm. Years ago all of the wallets and purses I made and sold were carved and fairly heavy leather. These days more variety is available in leather thickness including many of the dealers who will split to any thickness you desire. Ferg
  4. You see........ Your expertise does not even come close to Saddleback. There work is worth their price. Ferg
  5. RUSTIC, Are you really trying to get someone to tell you what you wish to hear? You are probably in the wrong place if that is true. You may or may not be producing anything you make and selling it. We really do not know. You are returning to your previous manner in asking for advice/information. You really have no intention of paying any attention to what anyone on this board has to offer. You simply wish to differ with whatever someone suggests. We do not know what your circumstances are and most really do not care. If you can make a paltry income compared to what we find fair in the States, then perhaps the quality of your products has little to do with your superior abilities. I done some research pertaining to Paraguay. A few positives, many negatives. Reading that information makes me feel some of your customers are lucky to have shoes let alone needing a Cell Phone cover. Maybe you should consider making product you can do in a very short time frame that more than likely fits your customer base. Perhaps that is what you are doing already. Frankly, if you are selling much product in the USA ........I won't even guess who is buying it. Ferg
  6. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    Well, I may as well jump in here before WIZ shuts this utterly ridiculous posting "Down". I agree you are arrogant, ignorant, less associated with reality than normal, and disgusting. Your so called movie certainly insures your ability to be all of those things. Your leather work is hopeless. You do not use glue. Edges must be tight and glue is one of the ways to obtain that. Your stitching is horrible in most instances although I have to say it is better in your last photos. With your approach to the rest of human kind I would be surprised if what you try to sell is of "better" quality. Most everyone has tried to help you. You do not accept that. Consequence is the bad mouthing you have received. You definitely deserve what you have gotten. I have been cutting leather off and on for more than sixty years. To this day I glean information from folks much more qualified than I, many who are on this forum. If you cannot bring yourself to engage in something resembling civility, get off this forum and aggravate those on ETSY. Ferg
  7. PFLeatherGlass

    That individual is an artist. Reminds me of Peter Maine's work Ferg
  8. You firearm aficionados may enjoy perusing this man's site. I am not advertising for him, he is my Son-in-law though. https://keith-brown-lprw.squarespace.com Ferg
  9. Help with a boot pattern

    I have a different suggestion. Visit as many Estate Sales as you can find in Ohio. I bet you come up with a pair of these "dogs". Open up the seams and make a pattern. Ferg
  10. recognize this skiver?

    plinkercases The machine has some design flaws that, one of these days I will get at it and fix. Otherwise it is a good machine Ed Shankman Not Florida. Ferg
  11. Well Ferg, thanks for the kind words. Ma's doing ok. I'd sure like to see that book you're writing. The friend that this little holster and sheath is for, keeps wanting me to get with him and put together a book on some of our more colorful experiences in our 60+ combined law enforcement years. all we ever get done is to start talking, laughing, remembering and that's it. I guess that I may have misled all on here. I not about to kick off -- I just can't see well enough and I can not wield an awl well enough with hands that have no strength and that cause the discomfort mine seem destined to do.

    THANKS to all for their kind word and considerations.     Mike

    1. Ferg


      Hi Mike,

      I didn't think you were on your last legs. Our generation is too dam tough to let go so easily. Glad to hear Ma is doing better. Tell her I think of her every time I think of you.

      This book is hard work. Four years of my life, you would think it had been fifty. My oldest daughter had been after me to write what I remembered from those days.

      I told her I didn't think I could remember enough to make it interesting. Finally told her in June I would try.

      After about a week my infamous memory kicked it into high gear.

      Other than some things I will probably re-write, that portion is finished. I have "proof read" several times, corrected grammar and sentence construction. I continue to catch "funky" punctuation

      I hadn't seen before. Formatting for the printing company is another story. It won't be more than 150 pages I think and I am not going to sell it. Will only get relative few printed. 

      I will certainly put you on the list. Send me your mailing address.

      Stay well and give MA an extra hug every day.


      small book cover.jpg

  12. Mike, I need to ask, how is MA KAT? Sure have missed you and your fine work in leather. I will be 85 this coming January. Most things work except for my confounded knees. Wife doesn't even bother to say anything any more when I complain. She knows I am not going to get them operated on. Name Puzzles are still being made and sold by the thousands, Maybe one or at most two more years. I am writing a book about my years in the NAVY. Now that is work!!! Take care, my Friend. Ferg
  13. Looks good! I have to say, almost anything would be better than that green. LOL Ferg
  14. I bought a binder with my Consew 206 RB-5 from who, I do not remember. It came with what I am sure is intended for use on a Cylinder Arm. I removed all but what you have left on your original. Mine curved to the left where the binding material enters, which made it impossible to use. Remodeled it and made it straight. After trying it out I can see where it needs to be curved to the right. I believe with a few "Plugs" made to the dimensions needed, the metal could be molded by hand and a hammer to any width you wish. The pieces of mine look to be silver soldered together. I tried it with Kangaroo as well as commercially made binding. Works great. Well maybe not Great but I could get by with it. Other than a couple pics I don't have time to make one. I have been writing a book about my Navy Days. It takes precedence right now since it is almost finished. Ferg