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  1. Where to find more of this leather?

    Thanks. That looks like it. I just looked on the site but it didnt seem to be working. I'll try it later
  2. I picked up a double shoulder with a lot I bought. Its dyed thru black but the grain side is purple. I'd never seen stuff like that before, but honestly I never looked, if any one can point me in a direction thatd be great. If i can get in in brown or anything but purple itd be great for holsters and sheaths.
  3. Cowboy 3200 wont run

    JLSLeather, KISS principle is my usual go to. In this I'm certain I know next to nothing on the workings of the machine. Rather go on YouTube and really screw things up I'll ask ya'll.
  4. Cowboy 3200 wont run

    Sorry, I tired and frustrated last night. The machine was running fine then on the down stroke it stopped and the motor whined trying to get it to move. I checked to see if the needle was bent and it seems ok. I'm away from the shop but I'll get pix if they'll help.
  5. Cowboy 3200 wont run

    I have a Cowboy 3200 that wont stitch. I can move the hand wheel backwards but it just stops forward. No amount of force I want to try will make it go forward. I removed the boffin and retreaded the machine. I'm stumped... What needle and thread combination?
  6. I upgraded a machine I just bought from clutch to servo motor. Has anyone repurposed an old clutch motor and added a wood burnishing wheel?
  7. Sewing Kydex?

    Wizcrafts, In your experience is 1/8 kydex the standard for saddlebags? Also I stink at forum searches. Do you know a link with info on a Singer 112w140? I wanted to get it cleaned and set up before putting it to upholstery/garment work. No one in my area works on industrial machines. It runs good now but was used to make collegiate swag, webbing belts keyfobs and such.
  8. Sewing Kydex?

    Can I sew 1/8 kydex to 8/9oz leather with a Cowboy 3200? What needle and thread combination?
  9. Needles And Threads

    Tagging for later
  10. Singer 112w140

    I have a speed reducer on my Cowboy 3200 but for this machine I was looking for simple. The larger pulley sounds like a good idea. I'll ask when I have it serviced. It came from a shop that made collegiate swag like nylon belts with leather ends, keyfobs and such. I know it works double needle with cloth thread, it was set up for nylon keyfobs at the time, through 2 thicknesses of 4oz firm utility leather and single needle through 1 thickness of 9/10oz latigo with the clutch motor. As of now i only have $300, with servo motor, into the Singer. Probably have another $100 for the service. Sounds like a good deal to me, thoughts on that?
  11. Singer 112w140

    I have a Singer 112w140 I bought for light garment and upholstery work. I am going to have the machine gone thru by a professional to make sure everything is good to go. I bought a Consew servo motor to replace the clutch motor. The motor and head both have about 2" pulleys. What else can I do to slow down the machine? What other tips and tricks are there with these machines? Any link and 1st hand experience would be great
  12. Backpack/Rucksack patterns

    I'm not ashamed to admit I've bought patterns as a shortcut. I've wasted so much material on failed patterns because posterboard and cardboard is great it just works...differently, especially with heavier leather. But as others have said the 2nd thing I do after looking at it and going P2F that's so easy why didnt i see that is how can I improve the pattern and make it my own.
  13. Gold dye

    I've used Testors acrylic model paint for metallics. Just dont go too heavy.
  14. Probably a couple of dumb questions...

    I'm a machine rookie looking to expand my product line and save my hand from handstitching
  15. Well here goes... I just got a Singer 112w140 for upholstery and garment work. I'm changing it over to a servo motor. Can I add a switch to reverse the motor for a backstitch or rotate the hand wheel backwards for a backstitch? My gut tells me either way might be a problem How well suited is a Singer 66 for upholstery leather? Add a roller foot?