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  1. Pencil... it was a pencil.
  2. Jerimiah Watt quick change edging tool

    1.6mm could be a little ambitious for this tool Clive, the tool will likely foul the board before the blade engages the leather properly. Try placing the leather onto something else to raise if off the board a little and try it again. Or perhaps simpler, try a thick piece of leather. You see me use this tool on 3mm and 4.5mm thick leather in the video. To get a good bevel, the leather need to be thick enough and stiff enough to take the cut. Certain leathers that are just too thin or soft to be beveled well. Once you have tried that you will know if the tool needs replacing. Nige
  3. Jerimiah Watt quick change edging tool

    Interesting read... Garry sent me a link to this thread stating a few people have had issue with the QC Beveler from Horse Shoe Brand Tools. That is unfortunate to hear, mine is still going strong and given the price of it that is quite remarkable. However, I know Garry has been in touch with the HSBT and hopefully will receive replacement blades, I take it those of you unhappy with the tool have done the same and given Jeremiah the opportunity to rectify the issue? If he doesn't know there is an issue with the tool, he can't fix it. It is a cheeper alternative to a decent beveler, that is to be accepted, but mine is still working well and has had no maintenance. Most of my students try it and it works well for all of them. I can only imagine that a manufacturing process may have changed at some point, but i know many people have bought these and are still using them very happily. This is certainly the first occasion I have heard people complain about them. If you have an issue, let Jeremiah know and give him a chance to rectify it. Nige
  4. Nigel Armitage's log

    Morning folks, the log... a subject of many debates and probably the most popular item in my workshop. I shall begin by stating it is not a complex item or as Michelle states, a bench or bench substitute. The ethos behind it is nothing more than a large wooden anvil, a pounding block if you will. The core of the block is based solely on the premise that necessity is the mother of invention. My workshop is in my home, I have other dwellers in my home, much to my chagrin... I have tried changing the locks but that didn't work. They bitch about the banging. So the log absorbs a massive amount of the noise when I am banging. Sometime I bang really hard just to prove how important and manly I am. What you can't see is the 32 inch TV on the opposite wall... If I attach my clam cleverly to my log, I can face into the room when stitching small items and watch telly. In addition to this, I can take it outside on a nice day and work in the sun. It is not my bench. It does often appear in videos that it is my bench but this is a space issue, it is easier to have the camera in front of me and work on the log so you can see what I am doing. when I work on my bench, you cannot see so well. It is not complex, don't over think it, it is just for hitting stuff on. The loops are just to hold what tools I need at that time. If i had a bigger workshop with a concrete floor, i probably wouldn't have it. It has become quite invaluable for teaching though, as I can sit facing the student and we can work over issues together over the log. It is a good place to put coffee and biscuits. It is also the only tool in my workshop i have not yet lost under all the tat i create when i'm working. It is a fun and useful thing but by no means vital to any workshop. It's name is Dave, Dave is made of Cherry and is 11.5 inches across and 30 inches high. Dave does not have an opinion on world peace, does not want to work with children or have any political views... he also has a phobia of elephants and dogs peeing on him. Dave is cracked... as is his owner. Hope that helps Nige Dave has his own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Davethelog/
  5. Osborne Pricking Chisel?

    That Ian Ermitage is awesome... I watch him when I can't sleep! Sound like you have some good advice going here... let me know if I can help. or if you can't sleep... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu5txPOIXtG1WRnPzzpxACppYwf_inmYh Nige (AKA Ian Ermitage) :-)
  6. Beginner Looking For Help!

    Sounds like you have been given some good advice here Megan. Yes, the holes are too severe for a nice angled stitch and the thread looks a little heavy. Some things that may help you out a little. Have a look at this iron, it will give you as decent angle: https://youtu.be/4d95CoY6sZQ This should help in understanding thread and needle size a little: https://youtu.be/TGuiha5S2oE and this one will help with sharpening your awl should you wish to stitch traditionally: https://youtu.be/wvY9beqObiQ hope that helps a little Nige
  7. Need Some Help

    This should help you out Tardis, if your not sorted already.https://youtu.be/4d95CoY6sZQ And an idea of the stitching using the saddle stitch. https://youtu.be/TGuiha5S2oE Hope it helps a littleNige
  8. Morning folks, I am looking for the plastic fittings used in many shoulder holsters today. In particular, the 4 way piece that sits at the back where the straps cross over. The straps will be leather so the one where the 4 straps all meet but appears to be hinged... much like this: http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/review/pix/miami_straps_350.jpg in addition, I'm also looking for the ladder lock which has the hole in the base, again, much like this: https://www.galcogunleather.com/uimages/3_Shuka_OL_b.jpg I have contacted all my suppliers and none of them carry this sort of stock. Any assistance on suppliers would be gratefully received. UK ideally but not essential. Nige Armitage Leather
  9. Left Handed Stitcher And Pricking Irons

    I do do it by eye James, if you're using a traditional pricking iron, it helps to have some light behind it, you can then see through the gaps and it is much clearer to see if it is in the right place. If you are using the more modern stitching irons that fully penetrate, these have points so these simply sit in the line you have scribed. At no point will you need a stitch grove for normal stitching, a gentle scribed line with a scratch awl is fine. Regards Nigel
  10. Left Handed Stitcher And Pricking Irons

    Just seen this and you have made me smile... thank you Joshua, you rock! Nige (the left handed one!) and no, being left handed with pricking irons is not an issue James. you'll be fine.
  11. Hello Ren, a video is the first thing i would do with them and the main reason I would like to take a look. I will happily put them through their paces and add the specifications to the list. The broader the list available, the better people are able to make the right decision on the right tool. Drop me an email to nigel@armitageleather.com and we will discus it further. Regards Nigel
  12. I'd be interested in looking at those irons, can you tell me what they made of and if there is any hardening in the process? Regards Nigel Armitage Leather www.armitageleather.com
  13. Hello folks, some of you may have heard about the tool I have made in collaboration with Justwood over here in the UK. It is a burnisher designed to fit a standard bench grinder that has a 1/2 inch shaft (12.7mm) This is a burnisher with a difference as it is designed not to crush the corners of the leather but more to offer an even pressure to the whole edge giving a stronger and more natural profile. you can get the burnisher directly from Just Wood, just follow the link: http://www.justwood.com/buy/nigel-armitage-just-wood-leather-burnisher_30.htm and you can see it at work here: https://youtu.be/g9aC1BSMOpQ Regards Nigel Armitage Leather www.armitageleather.com
  14. European Stitching Chisel From Goodsjapan

    Unfortunately YinTx the text on the back of the packet and the leaflet inside is in Japanese and it just has Kyoshin Elle at the top of the packet and Kyoshin Elle & Co Ltd. on the top of the leaflet. From the appearance they look like they are made by Kyoshin Elle and Simon from Goods Japan has said no different. Nigel
  15. What Kind Of Splitter Is This?

    Folks, it's a CS Osborne No 84 8 inch and works a dream. I needed to sharpen the blade but once that was done it was amazing. You can still get them today. Nige