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  1. 1/3 scale ranch saddle Roughout leather with carlos border and inlaid padded seat. Cheyenne roll, horn and stirrups rawhide covered. Mulehide horn wrapped, wooden metal bounded stirrups. Come with rope, mohair cinch and flank cinch.
  2. Hi everybody, My new one, a Pleasure saddle
  3. Hi Compound, your tree looks very nice too. I just finished a reining saddle
  4. Hi, I use regular leather, 1.5 mm thickness. Hi Aurelie, you're right, it's impossible to find hardware for that scale....So it's fully homemade
  5. [/url]'>
  6. Cutting saddle....Yes i know, the horn is too much heigh but I like it that way!! [
  7. Hi everybody, Barrel saddle done, cutting saddle coming soon.....
  8. Hello, I using a basket stamp from tandy, but i think it is not small enough according the scale. the size of this stamp is about 1/4" by 3/16". Do you know a place or an adress where i can find a smaller one? Thanks
  9. Hi Duke, Thank you for your comment. As I explain on my post, I working on a serie of 5 "prototype" saddles, they are currently in process and not finished yet (as shown on pics). I hope they will be done before end of year, then i'll be ready to take orders. The price will probably be around 1750 USD each (has to be confirmed according fees of material and time spent....)
  10. Yes, But we don't have the small guys to ride them...LOL
  11. Hi everybody, Gullets, horns and groundseats are completed