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  1. Campbell Lockstitch Machine For Sale

  2. Campbell Lockstitch Machine For Sale

    CAMPBELL LOCKSTITCH SEWING MACHINE FOR SALE Machine is located in High River, Alberta, Canada -Asking $4200 in Canadian funds (at today’s Canadian/ US exchange rate $2814 in US funds) -This Campbell lockstitch came from the GS Garcia shop in Salinas, California. The machine is on the original stand with a clutch motor. It sews a nice, tight stitch. See photos and link to You-tube video of the machine stitching. Here is a detailed list of the parts and accessories that are included: - two (2) rear arch covers: SR-89 and SR-7 - one (1) Adjustable work gauge and stand: SR-254 - one (1) Bobbin winder: SR-258 - one (1) Wax pot for Bobbin winder: SR-259 - two (2) bobbins - one (1) spare shuttle: SR-99 - one (1) shuttle: S514 - thirteen (13) assorted throat plates for the S-7 rear arch cover - eleven (11) assorted throat plates for the S-89 rear arch cover (including one plate S-956A for box work and one channel throat plate SR-206A) - one (1) presser foot with knife: SR-718 - two (2) presser feet: SR-629 - two (2) presser feet: SR-630 - eleven (11) presser feet to define stitches: SR-633. Includes; one 5-SPI, two 6-SPI, one 7-SPI, four 8-SPI, two 9-SPI, one 10-SPI. -seven (7) holders for presser feet: SR-637 -one (1) coil spring for bobbin: CHS-708 *NEW* -two (2) thread tube tension springs: CHS-979 *NEW* -four (4) thread strippers for wax pot: CHS-795 *NEW* -one (1) wrench: SR-750 *NEW* -one (1) wire hook: SR-745 *NEW* -one (1) bobbin screw driver: SR-1057 -one (1) Campbell lockstitch manual - Awls & needles *NEW*. Includes; eight (8) #2 ½ awls, ten (10) #2 awls, ten (10)#2 needles, nine (9) #1 ½ needles. - OLD STOCK Awls: Includes; nine (9) assorted 00 & 0 awls, five (5) #1 awls, nineteen (19) #1 ½ awls, twenty-four (24) #2 awls, four (4) #2 ½ awls, twenty-one (21) #3 awls, sixteen (16) #5 awls.. - OLD STOCK Needles: Includes; twenty-seven (27) #1 needles, thirty-two (32) #1 ½ needles, forty-two (42) #2 needles, two (2) #2 ½ needles, four (4) # 3 ½ needles -one(1) quart of Campbell’s thread lubricator -one (1)quart of Sellari’s stitching wax -includes a large assortment of spare springs, screws, wrenches and other parts. (See photo) -Note: New awl bar and needle bar nut have been installed.
  3. Rant About Blevins Buckles

    brent;if you don't mind when you get the new buckles in could you send me a photo of them. thanks much, Steve
  4. Mcmillen Hamley Daisy Stamps Wanted

    I think the stamp you are looking for is the hamley "prairie rose" which is a 5 petel flower, the hamley "daisy" has more petels on it, I would have to check my old catalogs to confirm how many. For some reason this is a common mistake, most folks call the prairie rose the daisy, even though in the hamley catalogs they are two different saddles.
  5. The "finsih" For A Saddle

    In my opinion use 100% neatsfoot oil, then tan cote. Olive oil is for salads.
  6. Slick Fork Saddle

    nice work my friend!! I hope you get it sold at the show. is that a 3B? nice looking wood.
  7. Cobra 4 Problems

    I do not have a cobra so take my advise with a grain of salt. from looking at your video at the 1.51 second mark, your take up spring looks like it is set to high, try lower the the spring and see what happens. Steve
  8. Northern Lights Leather Tools

    Here are some of Elton's tools in action. The following tools were made by Elton: flower center, wiggler on the leafs, leaf liner, veiner used on the stickers, and I used a maul by Elton for the stamping. Give him a try, he is building some real nice tools. Steve
  9. Canadian Suppliers

    I will second the recommendation for caledon leather, they have a great assortment of leather from lightwieght lining leather, to skirting leather, from d grade to #1 grade, chap leather, latigo, shearling etc. A good assortment of hardware and fiebings product. barry king and watt tools. give them a call.
  10. Rigging Types - Pictures And Information Please

    Denise, here is a good article by Chuck Stormes from the eclectic horseman website.
  11. Saddle Skirt Lacing

    the saddle in the photo is a saddle that I made, the lace I used there is gigantic austrailian field mouse. I do not buy kangaroo lace, I cut and bevel the string myself. you can also use latigo lace, I split it down for this purpose. Steve
  12. Half-Breed Saddle

    Real nice rig Darc. very clean nice lines, and great job on the carving. I like the tree, it sure looks like a Swade.
  13. Attn: Chap Makers

    Chinks are the most used chap in this part of the world, then shotguns and few old timers still using batwings, (I'm talking about working cowboys here) then you have the cutters and rodeo chaps etc. If you have a batwing only there would be no chance that I would enter cause it would take me a long time to sell a pair of batwings. I would like to see an open chap catagory, nice work is nice work IMO, if a judge is properly qualified and not bias, he or she should leave the style preferance out of their judging and only judge on the quality of craftmanship, design and artistic abillity etc. the style of the chap should have no bearing on the outcome of the winners. In the saddle catagory they do not have to make only a wade with square skirts etc, so don't hold everyone back on their chap design. My two cents Steve
  14. Are there two different catagories? 101-110 and 111-115? when I try to vote only once as asked to I get an error telling me to vote on each question. ps; are you going to post the saddle photos also?
  15. Adams Plough Gauge

    Howdy; I just picked up a plough gauge this weekend and I do not know of the maker, just wondering if anyone here knows any history on the maker and his tools. the gauge is marked "Thomas Adams" see attached photo. thanks much for the info. Steve