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  1. Season 4 in my saddle

    Good looking rig. Appears to be holding up very nice, well done.
  2. latest roughout

    Nice looking saddle, thanks for sharing.
  3. Will James Rough Out

    Very clean work.
  4. Congrats Darc Kabatoff!

    Way to go Darcy!!! Congrats
  5. Slick Fork Saddle

    Very nice!!!!!!!
  6. Half Breed Wade

    Excellent work you are man!!
  7. 3B Saddle For Traveller

    EXCELLENT work as always!!!!!
  8. Weatherly Tree Saddle

    Nice clean classy rig Darcy. Excellent work as usual.
  9. Saddle And Some Taps

    Great looking rig.
  10. 3B Half Breed Saddle

    Nice one Steve
  11. Fresh Off The Bench

    Nice work Brent!!!!
  12. a new saddle

    Nice Rig!!!
  13. Saddles 3 and 4

    Couple of nice looking rigs.