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  1. Cut what you can and then sand it. Too much flesh left when they skinned it.
  2. How do I get rid of it ?
  3. How do I get rid of this column?

  4. Thanks Ken.
  5. How are you able to stitch this close to the high molded leather without the needle guide hitting the raised leather? Even with one foot the guide sticks out 1/4 of an inch.
  6. Paint it with gold flaked paint.
  7. I just finished the case I was working on.
  8. Thanks for the explanation, I'm finishing one up myself and will post a picture here when I'm done.
  9. It was formed and then stitched?
  10. I can't tell from the pictures, how is the front attached to the back? Thanks.
  11. Chris; You would normally wet the leather straps, stretch them leaving them stretched as they dry. How much stretch will be trial and error for the leather you have.
  12. You could tumble them with a couple of balls in a dryer without heat .
  13. I've tanned a few using supplies from Van Dyke, might be cabela's now. Get the grease off, tan them green if you can and break them over a round steel disk like a shovel .
  14. I'm reluctant to think that this could be drilled out with any accuracy, specially if the pin is harder than the sleeve it's in. The problem I have is, these are already being made and are current production.
  15. It's doable but you would need a micro lathe. It looks like a pin within a sleeve but it could be turned as one piece. The good news for me is, on my last snap I used a little JB weld on the snap itself for added security because it was going to be covered with a lining and a little got on the pin. When the pin was depressed into the die it became stuck inside and appeared as if the end was broken off but I couldn't find the loose end anywhere. I took the die apart and retrieved the pin and could see small traces of the JB on the pin. I polished it with emery and now it's free to slide back and forth again. From now on I'll clean the dies with alcohol after using the JB. It would still be nice to find parts for these expensive dies for the future.