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  1. Half SizeTarge from a pattern by Tandy

    Hi, Very very nice! Great work! Thanks for this picture. Cheers.
  2. Sacoche_celtique_01

    Thanks you very much!
  3. image001.jpg

    Hi, really a very great job. Awesome!, Fantastic! Nice to see so talentuous people. Congratulations! Friendly, french beginer
  4. 1st-front.jpg

    Hi, very very nice!! Great job!!
  5. DSC00241.JPG

    Very nice! Thanks you for a so beautifull work!
  6. IMG_0980.JPG

    Hi, nice bracers! I lokked your gallery and i have found a lot of good creations. Good job!
  7. Stools

    Here some stools i made for me or friends.
  8. Purse

  9. Bracer_B_01

    Hi, thanks you very much. I will give you the french name of this oil and i will try to translate it word to word so don' be affraid. ^^ It is "huile de pied de boeuf" , "beef feet oil". It smells a little. I use a brush to apply this oil on the back side of the leather, and a smooth piece of tshirt to apply it on the carved side. Like this it penetrates slowly on the leather and you can adjust the hardness of your work and avoid the second effect that make your leather brown to dark brown. The oil is just used to make the leather more smooth. Then i apply a common finish cream to make it shine. Cheers.
  10. Bracers_A_05

    Hi, Thanks you. It is natural vegetal tanned, 2.2mm thick (5 to 6 oz).
  11. Belts