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  1. Councilman24 is there something wrong with the link? I get 'MSCdirect.com is currently not available for your use.' That's the commersial name of the material? MDS nylon? I also found a material from shoes industry. I get a sample, polytex its name. Shoemaker use it to harden the heel of the shoes. It's some kind of thermoplastic because you have to use an iron to attach it to leather. Haven't use it yet.
  2. You are right about the photos. I took 4 but i posted only 2 .No1 and No4! That's why i said No4! i like the suggestion of RockyAussie! it's easy to find! I will also make a search for the other materials.
  3. Hello! Recently a friend asked me to make a bag! The bag is the one in the photos. This is a model i made from plastic not leather. My concern is about how to reinforce the leather so that it stays hard after a couple of year. I'll explain myself. On photo 4 you can see an extra piece of plastic (not so shiny). Under this piece i want to add something thin and strong to keep the leather in position (in the photo, you can see i have already test a piece of pvc but i don't like it). I am thinking of something like a thin piece of aluminium. Cardboard is something I do not want to use. The same problem on the handle!For the little strap for the handle i want something flexible and able to maintain the U shape. I hope i made clear what i want! Merry christmas to everybody
  4. adler spare parts?

    Michiel i found it!Not exactly what i am looking for! It's in German and not my machine's class. But thank you anyway!
  5. adler spare parts?

    Thanks Michiel but I can't see any link on your first post! The second link ( http://sew24.blogspot.nl/p/downloads.html ) it's spare part's list and user's manual! I need the service manual.
  6. Old post but very interesting! I have a some idea to make and old PFAFF 138-6BS portable! I have made a small wooden box to fit the head. Now i stuck on the motor! I want to make it a really portable machine so I looked for a 12v motor. So far I found nothing!!! I am thinking to try with a Cordless Drill!
  7. adler spare parts?

    Back again! Does anyone have the service manual available on pdf?
  8. adler spare parts?

    You are right! I guess i only have to get used to this orientation. Anyway i will make the question just for the knowledge!
  9. adler spare parts?

    Yes indeed it's longer than normal. I guess that's why the L on the id tag. It's made especially for bags, big bags! The germans send me to the greek distributor. The cost is a little less than 100€. I will send the machine's head to service center so i will pay i few more € for the technician! I will ask them also if it's possible to make the modification.
  10. adler spare parts?

    Thanks for the photos Uwe! The germans replied. The part is available and the cost is affordable! so i will go for a new one. This is my machine The flexible led light is from IKEA and with some modifications i managed to fit it I am also wondering if it is possible to change the position of the hook from left standing to right ?
  11. adler spare parts?

    I wiil speak tomorrow with a guy i know to check if he can weld it. But in any case i want to get a new one! Depending on the price of course
  12. adler spare parts?

    The machine is a 68-4563L.the part code from the manual is 037 00 054 3. and the description is indeed curbel
  13. Hello! Any suggestion on European sites where i can find spare parts for Adler machines. Not just presser foot and bobbins! i am looking for this one!
  14. Adler Post Bed 68 25

    this is my machine!
  15. Adler Post Bed 68 25

    Hi everyone! Recently i bought an old used adler post bed machine like this one i will post more infos later about the model. What i was wondering is if it's possible to change the position from left standing to right? Thanks!