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  1. Covering A Ring

    Here is another way. I tried once and I couldn't finish it properly so it is not very easy but you might want to try it. It is called the substitution method. First you have to cover the ring with a round braiding. Do a 6, 8 or 12 thongs braiding over the ring. You have to tie the beginning of the thongs tightly and braid until you are starting to cover the beginning of your braid. Tie the end of the thongs and cut them. Now is when the substitution starts. Get a very long thong and start replacing the ones in the braid one by one until all the thongs in the original braiding is removed. It is not easy but a great idea. Good luck Enrique
  2. Doin A Bit Of Dying Lace.

    Brian, Long time ago I tried the formula to give a black color to the rawhide that is indicated in the Argentinean book "Trenzas Gauchas". You have to put in a can some rusty nails but also the used herbs that are left after you drink mate. Then you have to wait for several days until the water turns black and then put your laces on. Mate is an Argentinean, Paraguayan, Uruguayan and brazilean tea. I bring it from argentina but I can also buy it in some stores around here (Like Fiesta for example). They also sale "Yerba Mate" in teabags. You can use that too. I have seen the Mate teabags in the "Central Maket" and also in the Whole Food store. As the yerba mate gives a green color to the water, I guess that probably green tea might also work. What I remember is that I obtained a solid black rawhide. Cheers, Enrique
  3. Belt & Braiding

    Arno, That belt looks really nice. congratulations. That work is explained in my book too. Cheers, Enrique
  4. Edge Braided Key Fob

    Brian, Very neat. Nicely done my friend. As you mentioned there are many options to try. I just came back from Argentina and I saw one border that has some kind of a O2, U2, O1, U1, O2, U2 pattern. I bought a hobble with this border and I will try to decode it. It should be very easy. Cheers, Enrique
  5. A Belt.

    Very nice Brian. One thing is to know how to do the 1 to 7. Another is to do it nicely like you have done it. Your pastor is going to be happy. I made a similar one for my wife about 10 years ago and there is no important were on it. Cheers, Enrique
  6. Wife's Necklace

    Awesome job. Congratulations. Enrique
  7. Rawhide String Riding Up

    Awesome explanations Shelly Enrique
  8. A Special Necklace

    Very nice Brian. Enrique
  9. Givin' Santa A Hand

    Very nice work. That is a coincidence. That is what I asked Santa for Chrismas. Cheers, Enrique
  10. Basic Tools Needed For Braiding

    The first tool you are going to need, can't be bought anywhere. Actually is free. It is called "patience". You will need a lot of that and just a few extra tools like a fid (or awl) and sharp knives. I have never used paracord. Only rawhide so I can't help you with that one either. Good luck braiding and I hope your health improve. Assisting one of those classes is really good. I wish I can go to the one Leland and Nate are going to be giving but I already sign in for the one Pablo Lozano and Armando Deferrari are going to be dictating next May in Idaho. I can't take both. Cheers, Enrique
  11. Bolo Tie

    Awesome work Brian. Very nicely done. Congratulations. Enrique
  12. Pics Of Heel Knot

    Very nice work. Congratulations. Enrique
  13. 64 Plait Bull Whip

    Gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. Congrats, Enrique
  14. Second Bracelet

    Nice work. Congratulations. Enrique
  15. Goat Skin

    In Argentina we use goat rawhide a lot. It is very good for very fine and delicate works. I have made several knife handles with it. Now I use deer rawhide just because it is available to me for free. I would use goat if I can choose. Horse is also use a lot in my country. I have prepared myself some goat and lamb hides in the past with lime. We don't temper the rawhide the way you do with caw rawhide. We give it just enough humidity to make them pliable but that is all. For that reason, is not streachy for us. I want to clarify that I have never made a whip so I don't now if it will work for that application. I have never used any tanned goat either. Only rwahide. Cheers, Enrique
  16. First Bracelet

    Very nice. I have to have one of those clasps too. Your braiding is very neat. Congratulations, Enrique
  17. Bosals

    Very nice work. Congratulations. Enrique
  18. Need Help With This Knot

    Very nice. Cheers, Enrique
  19. Another Bosal

    Very nice Bosal. Congratulations. I need to get the dimension to make one. I have never try because I don't how big they should be. Cheers, Enrique
  20. Need Help With This Knot

    No that I know of. Actually I tried to do this one but I abandoned it because I didn't like how it looked behind. The when I saw the ones made by others and I turned them over, I found it was done the same way. There is a really complicated one where you actually braid also behind the cross. It doesn't have an interweave other than run a parallel thong after you are done. That one is a real crossed turks head. I tried to make and I failed. It is not easy. You have to make 4 turks head one on each arm and then you have to replace them with only one single thong. There is a tutorial in Facebook somewhere. I will let you know if I find another one. What knot you couldn't make from my book? Cheers, Enrique
  21. Hat Band

    I finished this hat band. It kept me bussy for a couple of weeks. It has a Patria braid of 12 thongs and 2 roudn braids of 12 thongs. I made it after I saw one similar so the idea is not mine. I hope you like it, Enrique
  22. Hat Band

    No. It is deer rawhide. I processed it myself. I am glad you liked it. Enrique
  23. Need Help With This Knot

    I told you I knew how to make one, but I haven't done anyone other than to show people how to do it. Probably I will hide the ends under the whole braided part on the front. I like the one you made. Congratulations. Enrique
  24. Trenza De Doce Choker

    Very nice Brian. I like it a lot. Enrique
  25. Hat Band

    Very nice Alan. I am making one right now also with a Trenza Patria. I hope I can finish it this week Cheers, Enrique