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  1. the marks are caused by the toggles/clamps used when hanging and stretching the hides on wire frames to dry.
  2. Dorothy, also be aware the feet and dogs on this machine will mark up your leather.
  3. try a plasma cutter
  4. Hi Forester, have a look at Abbey England site, they seem to have a good range of threads for leather. Alternatively ring them and have a talk, ive been in there twice now and really friendly people to talk to and ask questions.
  5. Hi, just a note, I am out of number six needles now and only have sevens left If you are interested in any pm me.
  6. Sorry to hijack, Darren, is the marshall skiver a clone of the fortuna as well.. thanks Peter
  7. Have you tried "Abbey England".
  8. Hi , sorry if I am hijacking. Eric could you tell me if a squirrel motor would be suitable for a sewing machine. I had a sparky tell me this type of motor would work but I don't think he understood the torque/ speed aspect of sewing machines. could one of these type motors be made to work ok. thanks;
  9. Ok . thanks again mate.
  10. Thanks mate, looks like I may have to get one. I didn't notice in their add any mention of extra for the needle positioner. Was your price about A$ much difference does the smaller pulley make or is it worth while to stay with the original. I think the add said 90 mm. . Peter.
  11. Hi dikman, Have you got a link to the site for the servo. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Amuckart,where did you get your servo for $150 NZ Or Aus.
  13. Hi mate, yes I still have needles left. I will pm you. Peter.
  14. Hi Ray, If you have any old Midas tools you wish to sell I would be interested. Thanks.
  15. Holty, try looking for Singermania or Anne Bonnys Locker in the members section. Both from the east coast of Aus.