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  1. Great thanks Glendon Sorry for delay in replying (been on vacation). Yes I think a slightly thinner leather is needed for watch straps. Since I posted I've made a cuff out of the 8-9oz and it's great! Trouble is I'm making most of my stuff with 8-9oz and have quite a bit of cut-off but I don't chuck anything away. I think I'll get some slightly thinner next time I order. Thanks
  2. Thanks Lightingale Yes I was thinking maybe 5-7 oz would be better - I think I might order some. I also have cutoffs from my 8-9oz and I guess I'll have a go with that, though I would probably not make them too wide because of the stiffness of the leather. Maybe not more than an inch wide? Thanks for your advice.
  3. Hi This is my first post and I don't seem to be able to find what I'm looking for in the forum. I'm already making belts and guitar straps using 8-9 oz leather, but I want to make trendy cuffs and watch straps and I'm not sure of what is a comfortable weight leather for these. Is it a question of preference or is there an optimum thickness that can be used succesfully for this? Grateful for any input Thanks Dave
  4. water based and oil on same job

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    Hi How do I get a wavey flag against my name? In this case the Union Jack (UK) Thanks Dave Name: Dave Walmisley UserName: RedSquirrel IP Address: Email Address:
  6. Hi There, My profile is showing that I come from Afganistan. This is not correct. I am from the United Kingdom. Thanks Name: Red Squirrel UserName: RedSquirrel IP Address: Email Address: