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  1. Springfield leather sells much of its leather by the foot.
  2. A google search on how to tan reptile hides is where I would start.
  3. Look at the examples in the link. See how the legs of the stamp are touching the next one. And the overlap from inside of pattern to outside of pattern is greater than yours. Adjusting both of those should help with your blob problem.
  4. You will have to reach down inside to do the stiching if that is what you are asking.
  5. Click on the blue title above.
  6. Getting rid of the bounce in your stamping surface will help out your stamping.
  7. What kind of material are you looking for? Foam, neoprene, bubble wrap.
  8. Looks like upholstery leather to me. It should be chrome tanned.
  9. Beautiful. I like the double loops on the handle. It lets it stand out from the many made with d rings.
  10. I go by color of leather. Black leather gets aluminum, Browns and reds get brass. Just my preference.
  11. Do a search in the pattern forum for coin purse. Look for the thread titled pinwheel coin purse.
  13. I have used a shop vac and a garbage bag to form leather. It works fine. You have not, by your own words, yet you say it will not work. How would you know without actual experience? Don't pass along false, bad, or misleading information. It doesn't do anyone any good.
  14. I have exhausted my searching ability and found nothing. You might have to do a leather loop instead of the metal hanger.
  15. You haven't done it but it isn't going to work. That's almost as bad as passing along misinfirmation.