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  1. Finishing or Waterproofing Latigo

    Try searching under " nests foot oil".
  2. aging leather for reenactor

    Most of the troops landing on Normandy beach would have been seeing combat for the first time, so in my opinion, no need to age the holster.
  3. Scrap fun for my cat

    Looks like a squid.
  4. See if this works for you.
  5. What it comes down to is you had no reason or right questioning what he wants to charge for something. It is absolutely none of your business and you should have never posted anything.
  6. Grumpyold, why don't you post what you charge for your products and let us tell you they cost to much.
  7. Wont be buying from SLC again

    The ad clearly states small pieces.
  8. Wont be buying from SLC again

    Great for small projects. Take responsibility for your half of the sale, doing your research. Today's society seems to feel that if they yell loud enough they will get exactly what they want at the price they want and if not they complain long and hard claiming bad customer service. Only about 2% of the complaints I see on this message board have any merit in my opinion, and they are only marginal at best.
  9. Cosmetology tool pouch

    Are you looking for a flat tool type roll that lays flat on a counter top? Or a construction type that you wear around your waist? A google image search will find great examples of both.
  10. Wont be buying from SLC again

    Yeah, I don't suppose they take a picture of every scrap bag they sell. Just a representitve sample.
  11. Wont be buying from SLC again

    The discription says nothing of size. Shows the bad edges on the leather. And says great for small items. So what's the big deal?
  12. Oil tanned leather

    Use veg tan and oil or wax it when done.
  13. Springfield leather sells much of its leather by the foot.
  14. Can I tan and dye snakeskin myself?

    A google search on how to tan reptile hides is where I would start.