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  1. Round knife offer

    Hi Yin Tx Sorry can't help with how good that Round knife would perform I have a Knip knife Texas Rosebud, fantastic tool the reason I did not buy a Dixon or George Barnsley knife because I prefer a flat handled knife. I had a older Osborne before but it got damaged they kindly sent me a new one free but could not get it to hold an edge - hence ordering the the Texas Rosebud. But Sheffield steel in held in the highest esteem this side of the pond, many moons ago I worked in an old traditional ironmongers selling Sheffield made scissors and various kinds of knives - often customers would come in to get knives and scissors sharpened purchased elsewhere (not Sheffield Steel). Therefore all of us who worked there knew how good Sheffield Steel was. I would be Interested to know what other stuff you got from them, I clicked on the link earlier they had one Round knife in stock just tried again it has gone. Had the the Rosebud nearly a year now never had to sharpen it just stropped it performs as well as the day I got it. hope this helps JCUK
  2. Have a look at this site. http://www.arrowstaples.co.uk/arrow-staples/arrow-plier-type-staple-gun/arrow-p22-plier-type-stapler.html Tandy UK also carry that type of stapler but would cost you a lot more. There are other ways you can do this using zip bottom stops just get a narrow piece of steel and use that as a anvil tap down with a tack hammer or cheap pair of jeweller pliers so you won't damage the zip bottom stop. You will have to pierce the leather first with your awl to make hole for the zip bottom stop Tandy carry zip bottom stops. hope this helps JCUK
  3. Here are a couple of links you can watch - not exactly want you want but method pretty much the same you probably will know just remember to add the size of the clip/snap to the made up piece of work. Hope this helps JCUK
  4. Tippmann boss

    I brought a Tippmann Boss from a site called Pre loved about 5 years ago always wanted one but at the time hard to get in UK . Tandy used to have them then stopped selling them now sell ing again have to say would not pay that sort of money for one . Got mine for less than half that they sell them for do not use it much just like to hand stitch most of my work is horse riding tack but recovering rubber rein grips can be time consuming so helpful for that. Yes they can be a little funny at times but a good machine to learn on also have a singer 46K in storage space also tight in my workshop when first got that machine scared the hell out of me but since using Boss and learning on it not so daunting now. In other words yes expensive but good at what can do and easy to use once you work it out yes can be pain at times but learn as you go. hope this helps JCUK
  5. Head knife- lady's hand

    I will second Bikermutt 07 on Knipsknives have a Texas Rosebud model handle not over big at all. Fantastic tool i have lots of old Dixon tools,Osborne tools including a newer Osborne round knife replacement of a old damage Osborne Knife which they replaced free of charge fantastic costumer service but sorry to say new Knife not as good as old knife could not hold a sharpe edge. Which is why i which i charmed my wife to get me a Knipknife the difference was night and day. Terry was really busy at the time but was super to deal with. Hope this helps JCUK
  6. Thread color with burgandy latigo help...

    Yellow Hope this helps jcuk
  7. Patent Leather Stuck togther

    Earlier today i was thinking about making a black bridle with the noseband brow band and headpiece padded with white patent leather i new i had a bit lying around somewhere so found it had a lot more than i thought, it had be stored away for years it was was stuck together so bit the bullet just pulled it apart can't see any real damage, looks like i can use it. Not saying this will work for you but maybe worth a try. hope this helps JCUK
  8. Dixon Tools, who are the players?

    I have some Dixon tools got around 20 years ago they will out last me for sure maybe that whats did for them there tools were to well made they would last more than a life time. No need to keep buying replacements maybe there quality went down towards the end trying to compete with cheaply made imports hope this is not happening to one of your old tool makers across the pond would be a real shame only say this because i have read and heard there quality is not what it was. I had a Round knife made buy them loved it,got damage asked someone to fix they made it worse. Contacted the place i got it from about 18 years before they told me to send it back they would replace it with a new one fantastic costumer service. But have to say no where near as good as the old one, gave it a year or so chance could not get it to hold its edge enough still a great gesture by the company. I will leave you to guess who said company is. Maybe we are to blame as well we have all looked for a cheaper tools once in a while even though you know better. Anyone new to leatherwork would be better off buying good tools first time around they will always sell for good money, if they find out leatherwork is not for them. Much more to say on this but enough for now. all the best JCUK
  9. How to hand stitch sheepskin to saddle skirting

    Hi i would use this stitch i don't know if you know this stitch but it looks harder than it really is it is good stitch to use for sewing leather to any kind of fabric. hope this helps jcuk
  10. Looks like a good set of tools especially if you are left handed like me though it is collection only. Have most those tools already so don't need anymore myself. all the best JCUK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saddlery-Leatherworks-Full-Tool-Set-/132101485614?hash=item1ec1dcb42e:g:d6MAAOSwax5Yqe24
  11. Husky844 from sunny Scotland

    Hello Here is a link to a sale on eBay which appears to be a good deal. May or may not be of use to you.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Saddlery-Leatherworks-Full-Tool-Set-/132101485614?hash=item1ec1dcb42e:g:d6MAAOSwax5Yqe24 Regards JCUK
  12. Looks good if i were you i would match up all the holes to the size on the centre hole. Yes you can tap the stitches down. I use a clear plastic bag wrapped around my work when tapping stitches down or blocking loops it helps protect your work and being clear you can see where your hammer is hitting Hope this helps jcuk
  13. Dressage Bridle Lining

    Hi there i use patent leather but you could use any good white utility leather. hope this helps jcuk
  14. Thanks again have looked at there site 9 to 10 oz so that would be heavy enough for what i would need it for but as i said very pricey over here i can get a pair of sedgwick bridle butts from Abbey for around the same price so keeping waiting for it to come on offer hopefully . all the best jcuk
  15. Thanks for the info have to wait 2 weeks before i can get there and have a look for myself if its seems ok i will get 2 hides if not see what is on offer in store. Have you ever used Tandys Latigo i really like the burgundy colour i have never used Latigo before so just thought i would ask if you have although its very expensive over here at Tandys not seen it anywhere else this side of the pond. all the best jcuk