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  1. Is this leather any good?

    This maybe a cheaper option to get you started https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/the-leather-room/leather-pieces/light-weight-cream-white-calf-pieces.html https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/the-leather-room/leather-pieces.html?limit=36&p=2 Hope this helps JCUK
  2. "Genuine" Leather

    This is a family friendly forum so i won't tell you what i think its made from, and you know what they say buy cheap buy twice. Hope this helps JCUK
  3. I agree with Big Sioux you will have to drop the front of the saddle and it may give you better access to the nail, bear in mind once you have pulled the nail you will have to replace it and looking at the photos, it has a logo on it highly unlikely you will get one with the same logo so i would replace the the other side as well but that's just me Hope this helps JCUK
  4. Leather identification help?

    Hi Yes I miss Sharp and Woollard in Stony Stratford too, I purchased some nice bridle butts from them around '97, I went to the tannery myself and chose them. I think it is the best bridle butt i have ever purchased, it was nice to work with, and to cut, and I still have a bridle made from it going strong today. I agree I hope Claytons group can be saved. JCUK
  5. Spotted on eBay UK

    Hi I am not in the market for another round knife at the moment, but if i was this looks a bargain and looks in good nick. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antique-Saddlers-Leather-RoundKnife-Tool/254029692804?hash=item3b25597f84:g:SjIAAOSwC85cF9aD:rk:3:pf:1 Hope this helps JCUK
  6. Self inflicted wounds

    No real horror stories yet touch wood, I always take care when using my tools - the one tool i take extra care with is the Skirt Shave / French Edger if in anyway its slightly dull your control is not what it should be. Even when i did my training my tutors took great length to tell to be extra cautious when using it. Also Glovers needles can be..... .....pain in the finger at times. all the best JCUK ,
  7. Pretty much the same as Sheldonesh does in his restoration, only sometimes i get a Farrier to run it under his buffing machine to put a nice polished edge on it - but not to long as to get it too hot to lose it's temper or possibly warp the blade That is the advise he gave me, it seems to work well. I find the more my tools have good polished edge the they are better to use. Here also is another video showing how to sharpen the blade. Hope this helps JCUK PS All these splitter videos are your binge viewing for tonight get the beer and popcorn in
  8. Take look at these Hope this helps JCUK
  9. Great job i had the same splitter on my bench for many years, just got a good deal on a 84 splitter so i have retired it. I was thinking of selling it but don't think i will, its given me years of great service - if my bench was bigger i would have both the splitters on there. The 86 just set up for splitting looping, anyone thinking of buying a pretty cheap and easy to use, you could do lot worse than the 86 - yes it does not do lap skives but if you are handy with a round knife you can achieve them. Here in the UK they are around £465 not so cheap- you may think, but i have had mine 20 odd years and i bet there is even more than 20 years still left in the blade. Once again great job on the restoration on it thanks for video of the process. all the best JCUK
  10. only working one day a year and all those mince pies he does put on a few extra inches every year. He should be happy with this new belt this year nice work. all the best JCUK
  11. 2 inch buckle? Help!

    Try these links i am sure sure you get something similar your side of the pond if not they will ship world wide. http://www.leprevo.co.uk/buckles.htm http://abbeyengland.com/Store/List/0/CategoryID/372/Level/a Hope this helps JCUK
  12. cross- stitch advice?

    Hi you might want to try a one needle size up for the thread you are using, it may stretch your stitching holes slightly just enough to make it easier for your thread to go through. I would have little practise first just to see how it works out. Kiwican is right to say you may have to go back and pull your stitches tight again to where you up to. Hope this helps JCUK
  13. Santa Belt?

    Hi for a belt of that length you are looking at a Bridle back or Harness back slightly heavier weight than the Bridle back, not sure of your budget, they are quite expensive this side of the pond and maybe you will be left with to much leather after you have made the belt - not sure if suppliers over there would cut you a four inch strip, would be worth asking. If it was me, I would buy two just in case i messed one up. I left you a link so you can see the length of a back, yes they are this side of the pond it is just to give you an example, you will be able to backs over there. https://www.metropolitanleather.com/Vegetable-Tanned-Leather/Coloured/finished-veg-tan-bridle-back hope this helps JCUK
  14. Tippmann aerostitch for sale

    PM sent JCUK