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  1. Tippmann aerostitch for sale

    PM sent JCUK
  2. Don't know if this will help but might work it does take a little practise but once you get it you get it and once you get it you might find you can't help your self any scrap leather you have you will have a little practise hope this helps JCUK
  3. Sorry to bring bad news

    Hope they can pull it off, don't know it any of you have ever used leather from Samuel Sharpe, I did many moons ago really liked it, would go as far to say its the nicest leather i have used. I went to the Tannery and chose the leather myself this was when they were still at Stony Stratford near Milton Keynes. Sadly they probably will not be saved i still have the odd bit of scrap lying around so i still cut and stitch just because it was so good to work with also i have a bridle i made for myself must be 20 years old it was stored for 15 years don't know where i was on some travels still in great condition.
  4. Lined leather dress belts

    You could try these people good to work with to they offered to split down a hole bridle butt for me because they did not have the weight i wanted at the time i said no because the finish on the flesh would not be as good. http://www.metropolitanleather.com hope this helps JCUK
  5. Hi Sorry to bring bad news but, I did hear the rumour a few weeks ago https://leatherbiz.com/fullitem.aspx?id=149446 I have heard they are trying to resolve this but I fear the worst. Sorry JCUK
  6. Lined leather dress belts

    Do you have pull through leather splitter if so split your leathers straps down to half and line them that way no need to purchase anymore leather that how i do mine and prefer that way. Others here may have a have a different method for you. hope this helps JCUK
  7. Hi everybody i have watched it several times as this my is main work. Matt the reins stitched onto the bit is a horse racing thing as its a lot safer, hook studs are not allowed to be used they are not strong enough and have been known to break and sometimes have been known to be pulled right out of the billet platform - we do use buckle billet ends in racing mainly on race exercise bridles. Fredk not a fan of hunting with hounds myself is it still legal south of the border some people i know use to go there to hunt a few years ago when it got banned in the UK. Maybe one of these are the same saddlers or not sure really hope so. https://www.berneys.ie http://www.berneysaddlery.com Hope this helps JCUK
  8. Hi Below is an interesting video which is quite old now. It is interesting that the techniques and materials have not greatly changed! Hope you enjoy! JCUK
  9. Tools in Scotland, Inverness and Edinburgh?

    Hi I don't know anywhere in Edinburgh but I do know of a place in Newcastle ( not that far away a couple of hours I think), http://www.leprevo.co.uk/index.htm the website is a bit old fashioned, but i have ordered received from them, and they are really good to deal with. If I was a close as you, I would certainly pay them a visit. (You won't need your passport even though you are entering another country!!!) Hope this helps JCUK
  10. Any Sussex leatherworkers here?

    Posted Thursday at 12:13 PM Nup, I'm from Haverhill, Suffolk .....originally , much further north , not far from Newmarket,... horse racing country . Now I'm in 'upside down land', ....Australia, ( or ' Austraya ' as we call it . ) HS Newmarket here yes horse racing country originally Colchester Essex much better much better Cricket team than Sussex. Welcome CUT THUMB this site can be your friend with anything about leather. Hope this helps JCUK
  11. Tandy swivel knives

    You might want take a look at these people seem to be a Tandy reseller but sometimes there prices are better not always though. Can not help you with how good the swivel knife is, i do not do any carving. https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/embossing-carving.html Hope this helps JCUK
  12. First Stitching Irons Advice

    Hello I think you are talking about my round knife. I have replied to Daniel at Osborne on Sunday evening. I also posted a reply on another thread on this forum concerning the round knife please see here. The knife is now working fine and cutting well. Hope this helps JCUK
  13. Tandy uk

    Just got in from work and got the same email i am with you on that i will not be take the long drive up to Manchester either, Northampton is 2 hours for me. I only buy a few things from them and prefer to go there in person than shop online to see what i am buying sometimes when you are in the shop you come out with more than you intended to get because sometimes there in store sales have somethings are to good to let go. As i say i don't get much from them but it will be a lot less now. Most products are over priced anyway and quality not that great. all the best jcuk
  14. Tandy Round Knife Verses Le Prevo T162

    Hi Just revisiting this post, I had some spare time and so tried again to sharpen the Osborne round knife and I found it wasn't so much the sharpening I needed to strop more and get a nice polished edge. Which i have now achieved. The knife is now working fine. I have learnt the lesson of getting a nice polished edge to the tool you are sharpening which takes more time than you imagine. Hope this helps JCUK
  15. Good youtube videos for beginners?

    Hi I have not seen any links to this ladies Youtube channel on this forum. There are some good and useful stuff on there. Hope this helps, JCUK