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  1. Hi My very short video on using a106 bargrounder
  2. D. Lobanov, Russia

    Hi! My last works...
  3. D. Lobanov, Russia

    Thank you. I am glad that you liked))
  4. D. Lobanov, Russia

    Hi, my name is Dmitry Here is my last leather works
  5. Antiquing process video

    Hey. I agree that it was a bit too much finish. but one thing has remained behind the scenes, and I cut it - I wiped the excess of finish with a piece of sheepskin wool. The result was good, not too glossy, not sticky. The paste in this video not thinned. Glad you liked the video
  6. Hey, I'm Dmitry! Two weeks ago, I took the video as I antiquing my leather works using antique-paste Fiebings. Maybe it will be someone interesting.