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  1. Fortuna Skiver

    if anyone needs a operators and parts manual for a Fortuna skiver let me know.
  2. Fortuna Skiver

    Thanks gigi, i do have this one in English. there is a couple of pages that came out clear on mine. that would be fine thanks.
  3. Fortuna Skiver

    Hi Brian, yes i have thought about it and will probably end up making one. i have contacted fortuna and they have given me an address for spain so i am waiting for a reply. another company here has also given me a reply on some parts but they are now on holiday. one was the left hand door but he still has not said if it is Fav or Fortuna or Gines Juan etc... did anyone ever find a user manual or parts list for one of these fortunas??
  4. Fortuna Skiver

    Anybody know where to get the straight edge guides from??
  5. Fortuna Skiver

    Yes agreed gigi The skiver works fine without it.
  6. Fortuna Skiver

    Not the knife cover gigi, the left side cover, the door with the stone dresser
  7. Fortuna Skiver

    No gigi. that does not incorporate the dresser?just took the blue pills but cant find me helmet! Thanks itch, will checkem out.
  8. Fortuna Skiver

    Ground control to major tom?
  9. Fortuna Skiver

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone had an old spare Fortuna side cover with wheel dresser lying around for sale?? part # 10620.
  10. Bobbin Loading Issues

    As dikman said.... the thread is snagged around your tension unit.
  11. Fortuna 50S

    Hi Brian, thanks for the pictures,i dont see me getting that vaccume on there as i am in a 4th floor and cant go too big here. as for now the tests i have done nothing is sticking to the roller so i will keep with this one until something goes wrong. i just touched it up with the blade and sanded it i little to even it out and seemed to have worked. although i did not take much off. today i have whipped the motor off and put it back on the pfaff so i will have to look for another motor for it. once i get it going again i will no doubt pick your brain . thanks again brian, regards jimi.
  12. Fortuna 50S

  13. Fortuna 50S

    just got the feed arm soldered and drilled out again with some new pins in and changed the belt. if anyone is wondering how its changed you just press on the clutch and loosen the screw watching out that the pin with the spring dose not shoot out. made a new plastic window and changed the guide screw as the old one was stripped. rocky? i see on your videos that your left side door has no stone cleaner?? is it not practical to have it incorporated in the door??
  14. I am sure the old singer 45k would handle that thread and some models have reverse. (45k89,45k92,45k93)