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  1. Great stuff Brian, that certainly speeds things up! that is a neat gadget and love that folder. looks like you could rustle up a wallet in 30 min?? cant wait to see your other videos and thanks for sharing.
  2. Hi Matt, on a 45k21 about 3mm.
  3. i think we should fill up a container of 31k´s and send it to the USA to sell mike
  4. If you were here in Europe they pop up all the time and go for €30-50 with table.
  5. Well done mechanic, it looks like you just bought it new from the factory! i always wondered about the decals they put on?? in the birth of a sewing machine it looked like gold leaf (well it was in black and white) they used for the decals. but with use,not age they end up silver? so that makes me think they were applied silver then the shellack gave them that gold colour??
  6. Thank you Brian, and you are welcome. yes i agree, they are nice machines. i was hoping to get the rafflenbeul MS200 instead but couldn´t get anybody to arrange the shipping as they are all mainly found in Germany. the only thing i found worn on this one when it came was the tooth of the inside cog that lifts the head up i think it is?? but luckily they thought that one out and i only needed to turn it around 180º as it had the same on the other end, symmetrical! wow that is expensive for the head!! this only cost €120 plus 45 shipping from Germany! never looked but couldn´t one be made up?? oh yes i did wet the leather but not enough, it was really dry that piece and needed more soaking in. they do hide it really good in the leather, the last one i tried with the knife was just great. it sunk it all bellow great. i think it might be a good idea to get a small mill/lathe and make up some good parts for the machines that have problems like this one for parts?? regards jimi.
  7. Check this one out??
  8. i should have wet the leather a bit more but you can see how it makes the channel.
  9. Iam sure you have seen one of these before? thread tensed on spool. thread 1 1/2 times around the solid wheel and the same type shuttle but with a large rebate to let the curved needle pass. here are the two types of feed like rocky said, teeth for rubber and knife for leather. and threads held same as the 45k. and in here would be the small spirit box to heat up the shuttles waxed thread.
  10. You are welcome David. and no the scored 45k68 singer is not my machine, i own a 45k1,21,99 and 92. the measurements in the parts book seem to be pretty close so if you needed to make parts you could get a rough idea of its size. just looked and the bar is half size on this page and measures 143mm long 8mm widest at the back and 5mm at the front where it fits into the square hole, so double that and you should be pretty close. i would try one in cardboard first then grind down your bar to fit. here is the user manual for the 45k flat bed type which might come in handy. if you come across the flat top feed dogs for the 45k89 nº 91576 i think it is, that might give you max feed for your flat plate setup. luckily you are in the UK and 99% of the 45k89´s turn up in the UK so there should be parts flying around there somewhere?? if you need the parts list and numbers let me know david, i can take some shots and upload them also as i saw the copy uploaded before was hard to see in some pages. i am sure when you get the felt or thin leather on the tension assembly and the thread wound on, you will get the tension desired. i will upload a couple of pictures for curiosity´s sake of the frobana setup rockyaussie was talking about, you will see the similitude.
  11. if you look at the first picture above of the rusty one on the table with motor, you can see where it says singer there is a large score. well funny enough this is the same machine, sold on ebay then cleaned up. you can still see the same score where it says singer. the first tension assembly on the wax pot was taken away! then where the roller one was, a new disk type one installed. the flywheel put on back to front!! anyway just for references. that was the other plate which you can see in the parts book. the wax pot looks a bit shallower in the illustration but more or less the same. so i dont know why he took it off, having both tension units present?? as you can see this foot was slanted to match the slant of the needle plate and had one edge as a guide. (the right side) there is no knife here on this one so he either didnt bother making one or didnt know it used one. you can see in the picture that the foot was not used this way, that is why there is a dark line near the stitches. that is from the side guide on the foot, this was designed to be used on the edge of the sole. there is also a small flat type finger? for holding the thread leaving the both hands free. part nº91794 page 1001. you have in it`s place the normal guide plate base used on the 45k21s and so on. if you ever wanted to get hold of a treadle to use this with i would recommend holding on to the flywheel which came with it as these machines have three pullys on them instead of the normal two. so i doubt you would find another one of them around.
  12. Here are some pictures of another 45k68 with a different setup. (sorry,the picture above referring to the flat bar was not a 45K69, it is the same one here)
  13. Maybe you could clamp some weights on the side of the flywheel??