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  1. New skiver user question

    Possibly? you would have to try it out. It would probably not stick to it like the stone feed but you might have less grip? I am mainly using calf and horse leather so i find it better with the stone feed wheel. I did get the 801 type Wheel feed but it sticks a lot and does not turn very well.
  2. Which patcher?

    Yes Folker, that would be good, thanks.
  3. New skiver user question

    Your welcome, Here are some more pictures in case you need them Brian. The body is made from aluminium and the scraper blade steel. Bennettm, you can make a chute from cardboard, The one that came with my machine was to big for the small table i made so i had to make another one, and form cardboard it was...
  4. New skiver user question

    First of all do you have the ejector inside the bell knife?? That is the brass domed plate that goes inside the knife??It should be aprox 15mm from the edge? Also, There is a small accessory that fits onto some skivers. I don´t know if your machine has this option but i would image so because it looks like the 801 type clones and they sell parts for them cheap from china. i got a few parts to see what they were like and looks like the hole for the small scraper is there. Have a look to see if they have this part as an option for sale, if not you could always try to make one up. I botched together the spring as the original one was missing, and the rest does not look to difficult to do, but this scraper does a great job of getting you scrap off the feed wheel.It is not 100% because sometimes with very very soft leather it might stick on the wheel and get passed but not very often. I think it is a good alternative to a noisy vacuum. You can use it on the rubber and the stone wheels but not on the steel ones. Also you can take the 2 screws out and change the small scraper blade when it wears down too much, which just looks like a normal piece of steel. here are some pictures, the spring pressure is very light on it.. This is the part from china which has the hole for the arm for the scraper i would imagine??
  5. I also smoothed the toe a little on the foot which was broken and hand wheeled over a few times to see how everything went..This is a 12 x 3.5 binder. Seems to go good, so i think we might have saved the Original bobbin case from it.
  6. So i took the pliers and carefully bent the ends out again. Sorry for the small letters here, just says can you see the difference in the gap each side? the outer side on the right is what is stopping the spool from fitting.(just click on the image a couple of times to zoom) After the ends were bent out, and old bobbin from the old 335 dropped in. And now the generic ones also fit. This was the one they put in. quite a gap there eh?
  7. Just a quick update, I went back to the bobbin case to see what was going on with it as i found that both new and old spools from the old 335 would not fit?? so i took out the springs (tension one also) and gave them a clean and looked up the number and lo and behold it is the correct one for this machine??? On the old 335 the case just says 9075 which is referring to just the case, the number here 91 009 076 91 is for the case,latch,springs and screws. So what was the problem here? if you look at the case you can see that it has been hit a good few times each side with the needle and those two have no support under them? looks like they put in a smaller spool to overcome this problem. Tried the spool again and saw the two ends were where it was touching.
  8. Thanks for that Alex, and hope your 194 reaches you in good condition this time. Happy new year. Jimi.
  9. Great grand fathers tools

  10. Hi Glenn, yes i did check that up after i got it, i don´t use the binder a lot at the moment but will try to leave one of the 335´s dedicated to that purpose. when you change the feed dog and needle plate to normal sewing, as i have it at the moment, i find it best with the plate off because i rest my hand or fingers sometimes on the arm and the plate will move your hand. For sure the synchronized binding feature is a plus to have underneath there when needed. Regards, Jimi.
  11. No i never put anything on there yet Glenn, i did not feel the need as the belt holds it down well enough. I could easily make one up from some steel plate but never got there, also i have seen them on Aliexpress i think??, it was cheap also. i did get feet and a couple of bobbin cases with bobbins there also but one has already popped the latch so they are not the best but okey to get you going until something better comes along. the feet are real tight also, not a good fit. I don´t know if college would have good fitting ones either?? they look like the same ones on Aliexpress?? I always try to find cheap original used parts if i can as they should work first time and no problems. As long as they are not to worn and that is where sometimes you take the gamble. Thanks for the info glenn. Regards, jimi.
  12. No problem scoutman and thanks. Hi Dikman, yes not a lot to do to this one, and the plate as usual came with no screws, but i tried the singer thumbscrews and seemed to work in a couple of them so it must be ??? oh cant remember the thread ??? 11/64 ???
  13. That looks like a good modern 69/335 looking machine there Glenn. I am sure that costs an arm and a leg and maybe another leg.. but if it is well made then it will last for ages, that we know. Seems like in the photos of it, it has two tension units?? is that correct??, Jimi. Hi Mike, thanks, your patcher will be a different ball game to this. there are a few posts on the patcher machines on this forum. here is one but it is not as extensive as this post. All the best and good luck, Jimi.
  14. Hey Al, how ya doing. Thanks, but that was nothing compared with yer overhauling of those 45ks