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  1. Skiver bell Knife

    You could maybe ask Constabulary on this forum, i think he has the same machine and could possibly help with the belt size if he has one on his machine.
  2. I am with Big Sioux here. i am no expert nor do i make a living from leather work but i would save up your money for another machine if you want to do wallets and belts etc.. i got my first one from the scrapyard for 1,000 pesetas over 20 odd years ago which back then you could get parts for them. so i ended up having to buy a new piñon and bobbin and a couple of other parts to get it going. the old man who sold me the parts had a leather shop who supplied to shoe menders so he had a room next door with 6 or 7 of these patchers for selling to the cobblers (40,000 pesetas each machine). then i bought one with stand from a retired shoe mender a couple of years later for 2,000 pesetas which was back then peanuts. this one was a 29k15, a lot newer looking and had three piñons instead of two if i remember correctly. so as this was in better condition i went to get some new piñons as the ones on this machine were also worn, but for this model there were no spares. so i ended up chucking the bottom arm and using the one from the 29k4 (i think it was) as there was piñons available. so a few years later the old guy packed up and retired and no piñons around anywhere to this day!! i had to get a friend make a couple up at his work on the fly. and racks, forget it. they use a long rack,short rack and two piñons "which are not the ones you see advertised on ebay" these ones are for the newer 29ks which have the gear box that comes off apart. if you really wanted a 29k then i would look for the newer ones which still have parts available. We thought it would sew all we were doing by hand back then (bags,belts,purses etc..) but in the end a patcher is a patcher and that is what it is best for. you will mark your leather wallets with this. they are best for mending bags, shoes and getting into places other machines will not reach due to it having a thin arm and a 360º feed direction. i would think a must for making wallets is a triple feed machine which is not going to mark your leather wallet and if by gun leather you mean belts and holsters then possibly you might need another machine for doing that. but as i say i am no expert. hope this helps Sanch.
  3. 9.5 !! that is very long? are you sure you did not put some parts on back to front? jjjj so with the Pfennig inside you will maybe get 15mm long.
  4. HI Alex, you can find the parts manual here for this Singer UFA. http://www.sil.si.edu/DigitalCollections/Trade-Literature/Sewing-Machines/NMAHTEX/1773/index.htm
  5. Sorry jeannie this is a picture i found on the net. i do not have this machine.
  6. Hi, i think your machine is a small cylinder arm machine. here is a picture of a 227r.
  7. Nice work Folker, keep up the good work maybe you should put the Pfennig back in the machine again because it might not work afterwards and good to see the original finish, well done.
  8. Fortuna Skiver w. TOP and BOTTOM feed

    Yes there are a few of these around Folker. this is a newer one but still old. they do not use feet i think, just rollers? maybe there was an option for a normal type foot? they are for heavy materials like rubber and thick leather:
  9. Please Help FAV AV2 Skiver

    Hiya sonya, sorry to hear your deja vu i am also a bit green with the machine. not a lot of hours under me belt. do you have any other feed rollers with the machine? if so maybe you could try a rubber one?? have you tried a roller foot, that might help. i do not know how that lamb is for working with, sorry. if you don´t have any other parts to change and experiment then possibly dan is the man for you? could you send a picture of the material? regards jimi.
  10. Hi Folker, if you have a race kicking around that would be cool. i might check out that needle bar?? thanks. the other part that was broken on this old machine was the spring in the roller tension unit, these were different to the later ones so i could not fit the newer check springs on the post as it has a different diameter but the whole assembly from the newer type fits so that is what i done. but some day would like to put the old one on with the old type spring.
  11. Hi Wiz, no this is a 45k92 and gets i think max 6-7 mm stitch length. i changed the shuttle race over to the old 45k1 on the floor from 1895 and it was really beat up and is very worn, but it still sews . the needle bar even wobbles a bit i don´t think they make them like that anymore!
  12. Hi Miquel, i am from Scotland but can speak to you in Spanish if you like. i have an old iron machine like folker was saying that can sew guitar straps no problem. it is the same type of machine as folkers but made in Scotland (C 1967). it is not a walking foot machine and will mark the bottom side of the leather so you will have to remember this. i think somebody will like this colour . you can send me a P.M. if you are interested. regards jimi.
  13. Column Stands

    There you go Al....
  14. Singer 111W155 Rehab

    i found for taking the pins out, go in from the back of them, bend them straight again (they are usually bent from the inside) with a long screwdriver then tap them out a little with the flat side of the screwdriver, hitting the stem of the screwdriver that is protruding from the hole of the body (that is why i said long screwdriver). then you can grip them easier instead of prying.