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  1. Campbell Bosworth Stitcher for sale

    Thanks gl2t1a, Is that a 45k56?? 1910-20??
  2. 45K Service Manual

    Sorry, the take up lever arm is threaded after the check spring, my mistake. You need to go around the pulley 1 and 1/2 times. in the manual it tells you to go around the tension wheel (3).
  3. Goodyear Needles

    Thanks Chris. Nice info there.
  4. Goodyear Needles

    Maybe i am calling them by the wrong name?? The curved needles used on the Goodyear Rapid E Type sole stitchers?? Not sure if Landis use the same needle?? seems hard to find prices for them on the net.
  5. Hi there, was wondering if anyone knew the price of the Goodyear RapidE Needles??
  6. 45K Service Manual

    Your welcome Mike. Here is a link to some videos a guy put up about a 45k89 which is the cylinder arm version of your machine. There are 5 videos i think?
  7. 45K Service Manual

    Hi Mike, Well done on your purchase. I think your machine will last another 100yrs. First thing i would do would be to get the parts manual and look and see what the parts are called and what they do. http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS2/45K58.pdf And here is the link to the manual that will show you how to thread it properly. It also has more stuff on the 45k class machines. If it gets out of timing then it is set by moving your needle bar up or down. You can take the Shuttle Race Spring and Screw, Shuttle Race cap and Shuttle out to clean no worries. They call this a kick foot in the UK and the spring part on top is called the presser Bar Gripping Bracket. That will most likely have to do with the action of your foot when Climbing (Singer called it Vibrating And Climbing Presser). The pressure for you foot is done with the flat bar at the back, Similar to that of the 29k. When you change the stitch length there is a small screw and nut with a small arm behind the foot assembly which i think regulates the foot stitch length to equal your feed dog. Someone has added a bracket on your face plate for the thread going through ?? After the Take Up Lever Arm, And your thread is going through your spring instead of going around the Tension Pulley? ( 1 and 1/2 times around) Hope this helps, Jimi.
  8. Hi, I would talk with the seller before you cut up the table and get a refund?? It looks like it could be for another type of machine and not yours.
  9. Singer 132K SV 11 -> a 132K6 variant?

    Great job Folker, That turned out really well, I think we all have machine envy now! When are you opening up the Singer Museum??
  10. Skiving machine spare parts

    Hi, Did you find the parts you were looking for?? Who is the maker of the skiver machine??
  11. The Kwokhing swing down guide came with a small extended piece probably for this situation. Like Folker said, if you get a longer piece of steel same as the one you have the guide fixed to then you can fix your guide further out to the right. http://www.kwokhing.com/pfaff/
  12. What Adler is this??

    Hi Mark, here is a link where you can download a manual for the singer 45k. your machine looks like a Adler 5-6 which are copy´s of the singer 45k so threading is the same. you should oil your machine before using but if it is moving ok the you wont do any harm to it. in the manual you can see where to oil and on the bottom arm look for all moving parts and holes. looks like your thread is a little too thin, 3 cord, T210 or Tkt15 bonded nylon and a nº 23 needle should get you sewing if there is no problems with the machine? did the previous owner have it sewing??
  13. Barn find

    Nice find, now you have some spares if the good one breaks down. Like Folker said, did you get any pictures?
  14. Thanks for sharing Tom. jimi.