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  1. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    This was made by Gabriel Beyroux and probably would have been used for sailmaking. This is another of his machines. https://www.letelegramme.fr/finistere/concarneau/tresors-du-musee-2-de-la-couture-avec-la-comtesse-21-12-2014-10470249.php.
  2. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    That was an accessory
  3. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    Hi, This might clarify Chris..... and by the way, that is not in a 1000 quids worth of condition! If you click a couple of times on the picture you can see it closer up.
  4. Nice one Kaiser. Yes, well spotted Folker. It has a shorter arm than the 335. You can see where the spring is on the arm?
  5. Pfaff 335: Advice Appreciated

    That is what my machine gets, about 7mm max under the foot for working, if you go thicker than that then the tension spring starts to open. just as if you were lifting your foot up to release the tension, same idea. I think your machine lift had something similar Dikman?? it was raised higher??
  6. Horsey repair stuff

    I do not know anything about horse gear either i am afraid but i have Heard horse blankets stink and dirty up yer machine mate so i would get an old 45k (or equivalent) which usually go cheap and go from there?? just a thought. I dont think your patcher will hold up well for that work?? You see, way back in 1907 they were just 10 quid new! (arm and a leg! back then) and you could have picked it up from Glasgow yourself! jejeje.
  7. Thanks for that Amuckart. I am sure the Pearson Nº6 fans will be delighted.
  8. Hi Scoutmom, these guides are in the parts book for the singer 45k´s. The first one is Simanco and the other two from the Adler 4 or 5. The slot where the screw drops in on the Adler type is wider, so you can use the Adler on the Singer but you can´t use the Singer on the Adler. you can find them on Ebay from time to time, jimi.
  9. And very practical and no fuss for mounting. Just one screw and it stays solid for working. If you have the swing guide on then you use the same screw, and it leaves you room to put the standard guide back on again if needed.There were rectangular ones available also.
  10. Fortuna Skiver Identification

    FORTUNA 3SE-RZ is your model number, here is a video unfortunately it is not in english but you can look up the net and find more sites that have the FORTUNA 3SE-RZ advertised. I think the type of machine is on the other badge. hope this helps.
  11. Fortuna Skiver Identification

    http://www.fortuna-gmbh.de/filme/fortuna-schaerfen.mp4 Hi there, they usually have a number/letter code the normal type being 50S. if you look at the video you can see three additional settings apart from the first one, i am not 100% sure but it looks like they are doing toe puffs or similar for shoes which would probably need different types of skives so being able to jump from one to another saves time setting up manually. as long as you can adjust to make at least one type of skive then your ok. if i were you i would contact Fortuna GmbH and ask them for some info. if you tell them your S/N they can tell you the type of machine and year it was built etc.. if you send me your email i can send a copy of the manual in pdf. i think most parts on the bottom are the same. jimi.
  12. Bell Skiver Feed Roller Replacement

    Sorry for the late response chuck, we are a few hours of time difference. i imagined you had the assembly out ( i should have said the roller bracket arm). glad to hear you got it fixed. i reckon you were lucky you did not mess up your knife! looking at your picture it looks like you have the ejector inside the knife at the bottom?? according to the fortuna manual it should be approx 15mm from the edge. so if you move it forward remember its position when you take off the inside burr. I am not sure about your model but there is a small scraper option in the fortuna types that help scrape away any leather stuck to the wheel. i have found this very helpful not having any suction fitted.
  13. Bell Skiver Feed Roller Replacement

    wow chuck that looks like that metal is pretty weak?? when you install the new one i imagine you have the whole assembly out. tighten up the shaft for the new stone then make sure it turns freely but does not wobble or move front to back on the shaft, then position the feed shaft and hand turn your main shaft until the two pins fit in the end of the stone. hope that makes sense, if not i can send a picture. jimi.