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  1. This is the drawing of the table, all you need to do is compare the measurements with the drawing. it is out one side of about 5mm. sorry i could not find the old rabone ruler with inches Al. the top as you can see is laminated both sides and pine in the middle. the top looks like beech to me. i will measure the wood that goes underneath the machine and where the support goes, also the drawer if you need that also. and the holes for the belt. regards jimi. P.S. the machine sits on the 395mm long side.
  2. Hi Al, sorry i did not see your other question... yes on the 45k21. that looks like a nice treadle there? well done, that will last for another 100 years for sure! i will go and do some pictures Al.
  3. it is for sewing carpets together
  4. Hi There, they look the same size as the singer 45k machines??
  5. i will see if i can work out some of these angles if i find a protractor or something lying around. let me know if you need more pics Al, no problem.
  6. Hey Al, here are some Photos to get your brain churning.. haha. i will have to find a protractor or something to see these angles?? it is a difficult one to copy exact?..
  7. sorry lad´s i only have that picture i found on the net.. no book and this one... As for that plate and feed dog folker, singer used one similar to that ( 1 set of teeth) for the 45k69 and 71. it was for sewing boots. and "did you know that it had the side wheel option like the 29k??". you can see the thread was tensed on the post similar to the rafflenbeul,frobana sole stitchers. in the picture of the plate and feed dog you can see the part next to it is for sliding on the post to hold the thread down on the spring that goes underneath? it can be seen in the illustration also.. 91794 was attached to the right of the needle plate in one of the two holes ( on a 45k21 the holes are used to attach the guide plate) and is also similar to the sole stitchers in the way that you held your threads under it to be able to start with both hands free....
  8. Hi Al, have not been hear for a while! just got my PC back again "was a goner" i can measure that one for you no problem! happy to hear you found a treadle for your machine, well done and great find! yetibelle- the bar is to support the weight of the machine as the table has a cutaway to the front which in turn weakens the middle. the class 18 also had this and i suppose all tables that had a cutaways alike.. 17... etc?? i will have a look for a parts list but i think there is none floating around??? not 100% sure though...
  9. Hello Folker, just got back my PC again. "spot the needle plate game? haha"
  10. Hello Boris, can you upload some pictures of the shuttle and needle area.
  11. This part was worn on top and bottom and was tig welded to see if it would work out??? well after a LOT of filing it is put back (needs a little more adjustment) and just slightly helping the material through it gets 5 to the inch. but very slightly, i still dont know if it is worth all the trouble to weld and file and fit this part??? maybe just better getting a new one?? and the lifting lever came and is in very good nick. you can see how worn the old one was on the left?? (another $30 to the list).....oh... and the shuttle carrier also? should have got both of them together and saved postage