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  1. Singer 45k92

  2. Singer 45k92

  3. Hi Harry, good to hear that you got the old machine going again i take it that it is the flat bed version of the 45k89 class? with the kick foot? there seems to be a lot of these type machines in the UK. could you send a couple of pictures of the machine for the old iron junkies here, regards jimi.
  4. shit, sorry Al, just looked back at the scans and saw that this page is not there???i must have missed that one? my apologies.
  5. That is what it is called over here Al Dissolvente Universal, maybe Acetone would be the equivalent?? not 100% sure?? maybe something like this.. https://www.caramba.eu/en/products/universal-cellulose-thinner-with-acetone-ready-to-use/
  6. I wish i did have the talent and the skill Al lol.. when i get the machine rolling again i will let you know. we were going to try a new type sole first, it has a thin sheet of foam under to help keep things soft. when i try one and it works good i will let you know Al. not sure about mineral spirits though?? the dissolvent is pretty strong? but not as strong as paint stripper. i would use this for thinning for example nitrocellulose varnish and the likes. and would work for thinning oil based paints. hope this helps?
  7. 45ksw99

    Hi Folker and Uwe, Just in case you did not see the SV post, i never noticed that in one of the 45k topics (which is on the SV topic) the old 1907 book with the different types of machines was written on by someone (possibly around that time) who put up the prices in pounds and dollars and also wrote the type of machine it was before and after. and a lot of them before hand were SV models according to who ever wrote the notes. this brings me to think more like Sample models instead of Special models because they seemed to be given their class afterwards?? they seem to have launched a certain type of machine possibly looking to see if it was accepted and then tweaked it and give it it´s new class number?? ( which also at times got superseeded by another machine) example the 45k64 was an SV 49 then 55 model before it changed to 45k64 then was superseeded i think by the 45k68,69,71 type as it shares the same plate setup as the 68 i think it was which is not repeated in any other class?? anyway...just a thought a no real proof if this??
  8. Good to see that it works fine Al. i used universal dissolvent, i am sure you have that over in the states. it is what you use to thin down varnish and the likes?? not turps.
  9. Great job on that one Folker keep that old iron going... haha. and that is a very neat looking type of patcher! they look way better than the modern ones?.
  10. Al, have you tried cranking up the tension little by little on both units??
  11. Hi Al, here are the illustrations meantime that were uploaded in another topic. if you have the dixie pdf then that copy Sup`des this one k3351. and this one Sup`des K2268. if you do have the dixie copy then you were right, that stud is not there nor the disk #17547? on the subject of the loop, i`am not sure about the thread and the paddle commented by wiz and folker?? if you look in this post for the 45k68 the thread used in the machine looks like b-nylon and it does not seem to have been threaded through that plate with the springs on the cover. and it looks like it has sewn some stitches?? then in the other picture the yellow thread is through the plate?? that is why i said in the first post to try maybe a smaller needle and thread?? like folker said if you have a nº 26 needle in and the thread passes freely up and down the groove on the needle with no friction from the leather then i would imagine you will not get any loop to form?? aren´t old machines fun when they do not cooperate! I think the stud and roller on your machine that moves with the needle bar does the same thing as the above tension assembly with the spring. try to push a threaded needle into a piece of leather by hand and then pull it backwards, you should see a loop appear? yes i think the three sizes of knife will have to do with the thread and depth of cut Al, well spotted i will get some pictures of the face plate but it is not the same as your 45k69 it is the same as your 45k25?? yes Al, thanks. i did make that two-teeth feed dog. this is a singer one...
  12. forgot to put up the picture
  13. I think the dealer in the US for FAV (Fratelli Alberti) is campbell randall ??