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  1. Try sending a picture to Seick, i am sure they will know. i would think some kind of edge beater?? or maybe ask this guy?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/FRANKFURT-M-Katalog-1960-USM-Schuhmaschinen-DVSG-GmbH-Nah-Umbug-Maschinen-/311961326590
  2. Hi Jakob, just saw this post? dont know if you fixed the problem or not?? this also happened to me on my 335 and the solution was to put a little bit of tape under the needle plate to bring it up to the feed dogs level. that stopped marking lines underneath the leather for me. hope this helps. regards jimi.
  3. Don´t know if this helps but i maybe you could use a check valve to keep the bags air tight while you move on to another bag?? https://www.veneersupplies.com/categories/Vacuum__Press__Items/Vacuum__Press__Parts/
  4. cheap skiving foot for folding

    Ok, cheers Brian.
  5. cheap skiving foot for folding

    Will keep that in mind Brian, thanks. i got the idea that the angle was too steep and would not grip the leather, also that pin being in the front was the only part giving pressure and at the same time acted as a stop?? but lowering the angle helped grip the leather further back before it got to the pin haha!. when the machine came the previous owner had some slippery tape on the feet which i took off, dont know if it is teflon but it sure as hell seemed slippery! and later found there was a small roll left in the drawer so i might try that before spraying the oil on?
  6. cheap skiving foot for folding

    Yes gigi, it is the same idea as the foot in the video. But i think that folder only bends to 90º??
  7. cheap skiving foot for folding

    Anybody using this kind of foot at the moment? any pros and cons you see??
  8. Hi All, just thought i would share this modification of a skiver foot. it cost €7.50 (from you know where?) but did not feed so you might have to sand a little the bottom if you are going to try this. the angle seemed too steep and would not feed the leather?? or i was doing something wrong?? anyway i sanded down a little the angle on the foot and it worked fine after. then i measured 5mm from the edge and made a groove with a very fine disk in the angle grinder (one for stainless steel) and then cut out a small piece of steel from an old jigsaw blade, rounded the corners, drilled and tapped the foot with a 3mm thread and that was it really? here is one of the things you can do with it. as i am limited for space and do not want more junk in here i thought this could be an alternative for me when folding edges instead of making up a folding table??. this i hope will help fold the edges on some wallets i intend on making.
  9. I have some Osborne punches and personally think they are very good.
  10. Can Singer 45k25 use for binding work

    Treadle power tony, and the slower the better (at least for me).
  11. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    "special R".Tony if you mean the R with the long swash then the measurement was posted in my last pictures? the 29k one? they are the same size. the length of the Singer MFCº is 6 1/4" or 160mm long. Folker, did that 132k trim leather or just material? if it trimmed leather that could be a good way of getting rid of the teeth marks left behind?? you know, right side toe and feed dog (looking to the machine), then trim off the right side with the teeth marks?? the 45k63 had a trimmer attachment also.
  12. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    RESIST Folker! don´t spray that nice looking 132k silver!!
  13. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    45k21 29k, same size to me? sorry for the picture quality today but they both measure the same, 97MM
  14. Singer 45k1 Restoration Decals

    Thank you mike for that information on the decals. interesting stuff. i would love to try some of these gold leaf type decals one day but i just don´t have it too clear on what those layers are made up of and how you get them together in the right place? and then all of those fine lines... are you sure she is not using a magic rolling pin of some kind?