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  1. Ok Thanks Al, iam sure they will go quick as people dont see too many around. regards jimi.
  2. Hi Al, was wondering what that screw was on the arm of the roller foot??? the one that looks like it is holding the roller on? does your singer one have numbers stamped on it?? and no number inside the lid of the oil box?? it really looks like singer to me?
  3. Singer 45B. http://www.industrialsewmachine.com/webdoc1/singer/45b.htm
  4. Hi there Oldtimer,The ring where it fits into is probably worn too? and it has a roller up the stem of it, if that sticks and gets a flat spot it could also shorten the length. and a worn foot also?
  5. Yeah Al, its gonna be hard to find one on its own, surely that treadle was for a flat bed 45 thats why there is no support. iam sure you could rustle up a support seeing how good the missing parts came out for your machine. i cant seem to find any illustrations of these big treadles?? no parts diagrams, nothing?? maybe if someone near you had one you could copy it by taking it in to a welder and seeing what he could do?? if i find anything over this end i will let you know Al. if you need the angles or what ever i can try and measure them for you. all the best, jimi.
  6. Ok johan, thanks.
  7. Johan, does the presser foot have a number on it?
  8. Hello, very nice looking machine johan. looks like september 29th 1948. could you post some more close up pictures?? it is looking like the SV99 just maybe had reverse?? then it turned into a normal 45K92?? http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/serial-numbers/singer-ee-series-serial-numbers.html
  9. Thanks eric. great info.
  10. Looks like some kind of extra foot?? or for a trimmer?? that is maybe why the needle plate is broken also?? are these needle plates the same size as the 45s??
  11. Thats a very neat looking restoration there, well done. would love to get hold of a small lathe too! even smaller!. best regards jimi.
  12. Hi chayse, i was guessing it would be one of these two classes as they use the long plate on the left of the needle plate. one is rounded on the corners and the other not. you can find them in the parts manual. the 17-15 was for portfolios, pocket books etc... and leather stuff and came with a roller foot so it might be that one. iam not sure but i think there are only some parts for the class that has the curved needle plate, not the flat one. i have a 18-2 and there are still plates,hooks and feed dogs available. but for my 17-10.... maybe just a hook, the rest would have to be made as i never see this model around. regards jimi.
  13. 17-17?? or 17-15??