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  1. Photos as promised
  2. Yes - on so many levels. Nailed it. Can anyone tell me about Tasman USA? I've been working with Horween (Tannery Row) and Wickett & Craig, but am looking for other options. How are they on pricing and lead time compared to Horween and W&C?
  3. YKK carries some that are just slightly larger than 1/8" - measuring in at 0.18". Chart is attached. It may be close to working on 10oz leather. I get my set in next week and test it out on 8-10oz and let you know what I find out.
  4. I am selling a Tippmann 1500 Die Cutting Press. It comes with the air accumulator which cuts your cycle time in half. I have built a custom table with castors for easy mobility. I will upload photos Monday when I get into the shop. It is in perfect running condition. I am asking for $2,500 plus shipping. Shipping can be organized through pretty easily. Attached is an image of the shipping setup (dimensions, weight, class, etc.) I would be shipping from Tacoma, Washington (98409) - local pickup also available.
  5. I'm very curious about this veterans funding group. I'm a veteran myself. Do you have any details you can share with me?
  6. Buckle guy is a great source, especially if you are wanting to buy hardware from them as well. Saves on shipping costs.
  7. Amazing response. I'd also check maverick leather. Great prices on Horween. I'd stay at or under 4oz.
  8. Texas custom dies is a good place to start
  9. You can buy direct from YKK with a $200 minimum order.
  10. I emailed him and the machine is sold.
  11. Are you applying cement to both sides, letting the cement dry for 5-15 minutes, and then applying the pieces to each other? If not, give that a shot. My team has been flying thousands of pieces of Dublin and chromexcel and that's how we do it. Which is also the correct method for the cement application. Let me know, would love to help you solve this problem!
  12. For a cheaper setup I would recommend finding a used drill press on Craigslist, purchasing a burnishing wheel from, and use an oil dye. It's really simple and gives a very clean, glassy finish. I find that the more compounds you throw at it the less amusing of a process it is. My newest setup is a VSB burnished from Campbell-Randall, and all I have to do is put a colored wax on the wheel and apply it to the edges. If you have a budget of $100, you can definitely make my first suggestion work for you. I wish I could recommend the Dremel attachment, but I have not used it. It seams like it would be harder to control because you would have to hold both the piece being burnished and the Dremel at the same time. Best of luck!
  13. Can I come take a look? I'm located in Tacoma. Send me a DM with your phone number and we can set something up?
  14. Very interested. Can you DM me with the zip code you're in? I'd have to setup shipping to Tacoma, WA.
  15. BigMatt, My neck hurts too. Wish there was a rotate function on this forum. MarioHanel, Beautiful machine. Someday!!