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    shooting, hunting, camping. I am a gunsmith and I have a machine shop at home. I want to start leather working to enhance my other hoobies

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    Stamping carving and paiting leather
  1. Selling Large Equipment ?'s

    You should look at the machines on this site first to see what they sell for. If that is in the ballpark for you then take pictures and put it on here for sale. As for shipping, it will depend on wheather or not you still have orginal packing materials that came with the machine or if you will have to get pallets or other materials. Usually the freight cost goes to the buyer. Hope this helps. Paul
  2. Haven't heard of rifles but my daughters wedding a couple of years ago was all camo. Both sides of the family love to hunt and camp so the wedding was performed out in the woods and everyone was wearing camo clothes.
  3. Where Do You Buy Leather?

    Thanks for the reply. I don't mind waiting. I will just have to plan on it. Paul
  4. Where Do You Buy Leather?

    I placed an order with W&C on 4/1. I called them yesterday to check on it and they said it would ship at the end of this week. Is that a normal lead time for them? I also am haveing them split it for me and I'm sure that adds to the time. I looked at all of the leathers at the trade show in Wickenburg this year and I liked what W&C had the best and that is why I ordered from them. I guess I just didn't know how long it would take.
  5. Sorry to hear about that. I hope all goes well for you from here on. Let us know what can do to help. Paul
  6. Cowboy Cuff Patterns

    Thanks. I 'm making some for christmas.
  7. I agree with everyone else. If they had the correct machine for the job they could use the same size thread top and bottom.
  8. Adult Section Request

    I would like to have a look at this. Curiosity is getting me. Thanks Paul
  9. Trouble With Singer 29-K

    I found out something interesting with my machine yesterday that I thought I would pass along. I put in a new needle and thread size and started the same issues as Nightshade. I followed the book about centering the needle in the hole with the adjustment screw and it turned out, after about three hours of messing with it, that I had to move the needle to the back of the hole instead of in the center and then everything worked fine. Maybe this will help you to. Paul
  10. Trouble With Singer 29-K

    I just received a part for my 29k from toledo industrial machine. It seems a great company to do business with. If you have the part # just give them a call. If you don't have a # I would call anyway and ask. I think the guy I talked to knows all about these machines. It was a very plaesent expierience dealing with them. Paul
  11. Trouble With Singer 29-K

    Glad to hear you gotm it going!
  12. Trouble With Singer 29-K

    That happened on mine the other day. I had to rethread and and recheck the bobbin threading. It turned out to be operator error Try walking away for awhile and then go back through the whole thing and I'm sure it will come to you Paul