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  1. Introduction

    Hi Moto: Good to hear from you. and I am glad you liked the videos. You are definatly right. I am computer challenged and my wife bails me out. We are all still learning this Leather thing. I guess as long as we keep challenging ourselves we should get better. It't still fulfilling to try something new and have it turn out decently. Thats the nice thing I am seeing with this web page is we can learn from each other
  2. Introduction

    Thanks Bill. I'll keep adding to it as long as the ideas keep coming. How do you post pictures? I don't know much about this computer stuff. My wife does most of it.
  3. New

    I don't know if this will help for parts. I have gotten some things from Pilgrimshoemachine.com (800-343-2202) Also I have gotten Bobbins and a motor and control from O'Baltor & Sons in San Francisco. 650-589-8759 (also a good source for lots of other supplies glue finishes tacks and nails and such. as for why the stitch doesn't adjust I don't know unless something is just plain stuck. Hope this helps a little. Good luck Joe
  4. Introduction

    Hello everyone: My name is Joe and I have made my living for the past Twenty years building custom Western saddles. I started with working saddles and over the years it has changed to predominatly Trail saddles. I was trained by a couple of different trips to Sierra Saddle school in Bishop Calif. My tooling has been Mostly self taught with a couple of seminars and a lot of trial and error. (Probably More error than anything else). The remainder of my tooling training is looking at others work and figuring out how it is done. I am looking forward to sharing information and am glad to see that there is a site that promotes this. I am not very computer literate. I am learning slowly. Therefore pictures of my work might be slow in coming, but they will eventually get there. For right now you can go to my web sight at http://jjmaxwell.com/ once your there you can also get to our Facebook page from there if you are so inclined. We also have another web page which is powermallet.com which is a handy little machine for tooling leather. You can go there to see some videos which will get you to a few more you tube videos. Well, enough said for now hoping to share Info as time goes on. Thanks for your time