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  1. My First Seat And Tool Bag

    Thanks for the advise and comments here is a pic on the bike
  2. I Need A Unpartial Opinion

    Very helpful video, thanks for the advise but I am not sure how I would place the leather to do the stitching that would create the pinstripe look on my seat?
  3. Motorcycle stuff

    Things I am making to customize my chopper
  4. I Need A Unpartial Opinion

    Thanks red beard, I am currently stationed in Korea and do not have a stitching machine where would I look to get something like that and are they pretty expensive. I am mostly a do it yourself kind of guy but I enjoyed making the seat and tool bag very much and will continue when I return home to OK in a couple of weeks to attempt a solo bag to match. I do appreciate your feedback and will use it to attempt to get my old lady to let me spend some more money on tools. Lol
  5. Just tried my first project to make my own bike gear here is my seat and tool bag what do you think?
  6. I Need A Unpartial Opinion

    Please give me some feedback I can use family and friends always love it! What do you think. Here is the seat on the bike.