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  1. Quick Airbrush Question

    I discovered I have an external mix brush. It was part of a package where I got a compressor and 3 airbrushes. I didn't know what it was for or how to use it until I read this column and saw the suggestion to use it for resolene. Sure enough, 30 seconds after I started using it, it was clogged. Aaaarrrrrggg! I back flushed it by holding my finger over the tip. Lots of nasty semi-hard stuff was flushed back into the bottle. After a few times, it was working again. Now this is a really cheap piece of c*#p. I guess it is only $10 tops. I found I could regulate the flow. At lower flows, it didn't spray. At the lowest setting it would spray, it was too strong. I was able to do it only by spraying bursts. I'll continue you playing with it. If I get it to work right, perhaps I'll report. I was really excited to think I could use the air brush to spray resolene. hmmm.
  2. Quick Airbrush Question

    Ryan, What a wonderful idea. I didn't even know they had airbrushes that didn't take the liquid internally. Wow. I hate resolene. I always have some streaking and/or brush marks. It is so nasty to work with. An air brush finish will be the cat's meow. ted
  3. Quick Airbrush Question

    I love my airbrush. It is an inexpensive model made in China. I have done hundreds of applications with it. You can get even coloring using it. You can move from a light shade to a dark shade in one application. (see pic). It works well with strong colors, ie. brown. It leaves a very weak color when used with greens, reds. blues, etc. It will not replicate the the colors achieved by dipping your project into dye or brushing on the dye. The airbrush will always deliver something weaker. Then again, you cannot attain the weaker effects by brushing on the dyes. If you don't have one, I recommend it. It is fun. It adds another dimension to your work. (be sure to wear a mask if you do. The colors are made with heavy metals and can make you very ill. ) They are inexpensive. I got a compressor and 3 airbrushes for $130.
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