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  2. weaver makes this punch
  3. Looking good
  4. I've done some awnings with Sunbrella, never 8 layers. Lots of marine info here
  5. I use trimmer cord for the brim. You can use wire.
  6. A cowboy 0797 or equiv will handle 138 thread, do wallets and your journals + most bags. I have run 207 top and 138 bottom but it is a bit of a stretch to say it will work well everyday. Call Ryan at Neel's saddlery (330) 549-9044 , he will be able to guide you and provide excellent service. If you want to use heavy thread you will need a different machine.
  7. Started with fluorescent pink acrylic, mixed in some dark red, a drop of black and finished it off by adding some white. Watered it down to absorb and voila.
  8. For 1/8" lace use a size 0 punch if you want round holes. I do it both ways, slits give a slightly cleaner appearance with round holes being slightly easier to work with.
  9. I can't help you with Riri. I use YKK and have not had a failure. Rub the zipper with paraffin wax to lubricate it. YKK by the yard, sliders, stops etc are available from
  10. The site is listed in his profile. This is the one he is referring to
  11. or tape stock to the gun for channels, mold kydex around gun, wrap in leather
  12. It needs to be smooth with no holes. You should be able to source a sink cutout from a local shop, or a defective headstone or...