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  1. Would anyone know why the top thread wraps around the bobbin shuttle? It sews but will wrap around shuttle once or twice...? Thank you!
  2. Don, WOW, very nice work! The competition will be very fierce for that saddle.
  3. Hey Don, Excellent episode on All Around performance Horse, and the roping saddle you made looked like just the right kind. I especially like the look of the carving with stamp pattern on the swells and the areas that had rough out was just right. I could tell you knew your way around a swivel knife. Great job, I hope we see more of your shop on All Around performance Horse in the future. Dave
  4. New member and first time poster... Great topic... and unfortunately very important. Earlier this year at a local rodeo during slack, a calf ropers saddle swell broke clean off his saddle as the rope came tight. With the rope still tied on the horn it lodged against the neck rope on the horse as the calf strained. There was a certain amount of panic from the horse, but not too bad as several others came in to help. This could have been a real bad wreck. Would the saddle maker be responsible for an expensive rope horses injuries? The saddle was a production saddle, however very popular among tie down ropers and after a closer look at the damage, it appeared the only thing holding the tree together was a thin single layer of fiberglass that was torn away from the rest of the tree. The tree may have been an inexpensive one made in Mexico (?) Would the saddle maker take the full liability if the failed saddle tree was made out of the country? I would think if a saddle is sold as a roping saddle, most of us would believe it would stay together when roping a 400 pound calf. Would labeling a saddle as a roping saddle increase ones liability? Also, this was not an old saddle, it appeared to be a newer looking saddle with plenty of tooling. (the insides apparently did not live up to the outside) All my saddles are handmade with good USA made trees and I feel confident that when I rope a steer everything will stay together. Now, more than ever I would be afraid to put that kind of stress on a cheaply made production saddle. Thank you for such a great forum, keep up the good work... Dave