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  1. Landis 1 thread looping on bottom

    I have two Landis #1s. One rebuilt and the other being rebuilt. With my first one I got a copy of the owners manual. I have scanned it and can send you a PDF if you'll let me know where to send it.
  2. Wanted Landis #1 for parts

    Try Eli at Landis Sales & Service   Address: 115 E Co Rd 500 N, Arthur, IL 61911 Phone: (217) 543-3464 He has had everything I've needed so far.
  3. I would like to purchase the two flower centers, if they are still for sale. Tane
  4. Adco Glue Pot For Sale

    Have you sold the glue pot yet? If not let me know and I will take it.
  5. Landis 1 For Sale

    I was wondering if you have sold your machine yet. If not I was wondering if you might be willing to sale some of the spare parts. I have two Landis #1. one is complete and the other is missing a few things and I would be interested in purchasing parts if that is somthing you would consider.
  6. Landis #1 Parts

    You're right for a spare it doen't work for me at a $1000.00. I'll let you know if I run across someone look for a working machine. I'm just hoping I can find parts, maybe from one of the worn out ones out there. Most of the stuff I need are not real ware parts so maybe I'll get lucky.
  7. Landis #1 Parts

    Thats kinda how this whole thing got started. I have a complete complete machine and I bought another one for spare parts and now I have taken it on as project. I have the spare one broke down and about ready to have it powder coated. I was hoping that I could find one that is in bad shape but has the right parts I could salvage. The spare one I have is operational when its together, it just not orginal. How much are they wanting for the one you know about? I'm afraid the cost of the machine and shipping from SD to TX might be a little more than I want to invest is a project piece, but you never know.
  8. Landis #1 Parts

    If anyone has spare parts for a landis #1 or a machine they are willing to part out I am looking. Below are some of the parts that I am most interested in finding. Upper and Lower tension springs Tension Screw Tension spring Bracket Nut on Take-up spring and all thread Raising Lever for Pressure Foot Pin to Trip lifting dog shuttles needles bobbins
  9. Replacement #171 Blade

    Thank you for the advise. I had thought maybe that would work, but its always good to have someone with experience confirm it.
  10. Replacement #171 Blade

    I'm looking for a somewhere to purchase or have made a replacement blade for an CS osborne #171 leather splitter. Any ideas? Thanks. Tane
  11. Wax/lube Pot

    Thank you very much
  12. Wax/lube Pot

    I hope someone here can help me. I'm looking for a new or used wax/lube pot I can modify/mount to use on my landis #1. I really like using linen thread and it needs to be lubricated. The only wax/lube pot I have found was way more expense that I want to pay for a plastic box and a couple of pins. Any help you can provide will be appreacted. Tane
  13. 12" Osborne Splitter Very Old Pre 1900's

    Let me know about payment and maybe we can work something out.
  14. Landis No. 1 ?

    Hello, I might be able to help you out. I have a memograph copy of a Landis #1 manual. I could scan it in and email it to you. Only thing it was copied on yellow paper and I'm not sure how well it will scan. Second this is it might be early next week before I can get it done. I've been meaning to scan it any way just in case something were to happen to this copy. It is about 20 pages long I'm guessing If you want, send me your email address and I will do my best to get it to you next week. They are beautiful machines. I've had my stored for several years but thinking about geting it out again and putting it back in shape. Tane Moore