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  1. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Alright, I’ve added him to my watch list. Thanks.
  2. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Well, I do think Nigel has turned my head. I see now why you have an interest in the Crimson Hide stitching irons. I sure like the way Armitage presents his material and will be returning to his videos. Was looking through his gallery too. Beautiful work!
  3. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Alright bikermutt07, thanks for the heads up on Crimson Hide. I'll sure check out their pricking irons. If I learn nothing else in this return to leather work saddle stitching is at the top of my list for learning to do well. The symmetry of the stitch and beauty that some of you do is something to behold IMO. Hope I can get there too. It's one of the reasons I don't mind spending the extra wampum for tools that I think will help me get there. Update: Have now found Nigel Armitage's "Pricking Iron Review Part 11 Crimson Hides". So, off to watch that video now.
  4. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Hi zuludog, You are correct that is a lacing chisel. I was looking for a diamond pricking iron but they were not in stock where I was shopping. So, still searching for a good pricking iron though but have discovered KS Blade Punch / Pricking Irons that really have my interest and consideration. A bit on the dear side but after the Barry King awl set...…… Ran across a review by Nigel Armitage who had very good things to say about them. BTW, the angle the awl is in in the photo makes it appear as round but is in fact a diamond shaped blade. The KS Pricking Irons are custom to your selection in metric sizes and number of prongs. They're made in South Korea so takes a couple of weeks to receive. Following is a photo of one of the KS diamond irons. I appreciate you checking out the post and your input. Many thanks.
  5. Beginner's Questions...Again

    bikermutt07, thanks for taking a look. Off and running now.
  6. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Thought you all may like to see the results of my practice using the C.S. Osborne tool to mark my stitch line. Pictured are all the tools I used today. Some items arrived yesterday so I put those to work along with some tiger thread that I just learned of reading through the forum. The small hammer I used for tapping down the stitches. A bit small but the only flat head hammer I have. This was my third practice session today and next I'll try linen thread that I'm more familiar with. The post is a thanks to you all for the help with my struggle trying to use a stitch groover for establishing the stitch line. Anyway, the practice has now been a pleasure and I think I maybe be able to learn to do an acceptable saddle stitch if I keep at it. Yes, I did get extravagant on the BK awl but I love it. Sharp, sharp ( ask me how I know ) plus like the changeability for different blades. Now, I'll have to be serious about staying with it!
  7. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Yes, I agree about cleaning it up. I'll need to do some research on that. Wish I could remember where and when I got it. Love old tools. It's from some of my original kit I think. I'm really enjoying trying to get started again.
  8. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Knew I had an old Osborne wing divider that uses interchangeable tips. Those tips include a point tip, and also groove tips. Inserted the point tip and gave it a try for scribing a piece of scrap dry leather. With a little practice I do believe this old girl is going to make my day. Maybe I should try cleaning it up a bit. I picked this tool up way back when...……. but don't know from where. Out to the shop to do some serious practicing now marking and stitching. Thanks again gents.
  9. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Quick question. When marking your stitch line with dividers do you normally dampen the leather before the scribe? I'll try it both ways today as I practice but thought I would check to see what the consensus maybe.
  10. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Love this forum. I have a twist in my knickers about getting a thread groover so started a search this evening. I shall now contain myself and tomorrow start practicing with a set of dividers that I have in my kit to mark my sewing line. Grand. I spent some time on practicing saddle stitching this afternoon and almost went around the bend trying to cut a groove in the practice piece with an old groover when I came to my senses and said why don’t you go to Leatherworker and see what folks suggest. Thanks again to all of you Patrick
  11. I like this approach but having no experience I’ll decide what works for me after some practice sessions which I’ll incorporate with getting up to speed with saddle stitching practice too. Back in the day I first started learning we only used overstitch wheels and an awl to accomplish the mission. (Long before the Internet and I had not heard of pricking irons in those days.) Just starting up again after a lay off and looking forward to joining you all again even though I’m long over the hill...... lol.
  12. Stohlman's Book Method

    Thanks for taking the time. Looking at the BK awl lengths that are available, they start at 1 1/2". So, I think I'll start with that blade and go from there.
  13. Stohlman's Book Method

    Thanks plinkercases for the reply. An article I was reading last night suggested an awl blade length of 57mm (2 1/4”) could be used for most work. I follow the Al Stohlman method for hand sewing so would like to be in the ball park for my first blade length to try and then possible purchase of different lengths as my experience develops.
  14. Stohlman's Book Method

    Thinking seriously about getting a quality awl but wondering what length of blade you all use for general work, holsters, belts and then wallets?
  15. Holster Patterns

    Man, I’m sure observant…… LOL "Observation is 9/10 of the law." Thanks Jeff.