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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Where can I get a large thread cone rack to store 40 or so cones of thread. All the ones I have seen seem to be for small spools of thread. Thank you Greg
  2. Leather squeezing out from bottom side feed dogs

    I have a techsew 2750 pro and if you cement the edges you will not have this problem... double sided tape...tried it did not work.. I got real good at gluing with Masters cement after awhile and it dries fast waiting to sew good luck
  3. Regad Creaser problem

    my watch strap tip does not get hot at the very tip near the collar it does anyone else have this happen see picture
  4. WTB Post-Bed Sewing Machine (WI - USA)

    call Ron at
  5. Roller feed vs walking foot

    I have both from Techsew and they are both great machines...but of course Ron is correct the feeding for your purposes will be better with a walking foot.. I have the 2750PRO and for my money it is the most versatile for my uses. Get a speed reducer you will not be sorry..just my humble opinion Remember "buy the seller"..and the follow up support from Techsew is fantastic! Good Luck
  6. Thread types 'n' tension 'n' stuff

    I have found that polyester hangs up quite a bit more in the problematic for me I barely use it.. just my 2 cents.
  7. Help choosing first machine

    have 2 techsew machines..awesome5580RF and awesomer 2750pro...Ron and Mike will take care of you with customer service BUY THE SELLER!!! good luck
  8. Bought a new Weaver Rivet Press

    looks like an old machine a video of it in action!
  9. best way to start and end is....forward stitch,back stitch, then forward stitch to lock everything up.
  10. I crease a line to stay parallel to the edge. Visulalization of your needle is key. I modified my walking foot pressor foot to see the needle and I use a roller foot machine as well. I use an awl to mark all the points you have on your drawing and aim for those. Hand crank when you are 1 or 2 stitches away from these points to hit the mark if you need to. Over time and practice you will get to know your machine and leather better for stitch length approximation and the machine will do all the work for you. It took quite a large number of straps to get this down and I started by making key fobs as they are just straps as well and fun to make Hope that helps
  11. TECHSEW 3850 PRO question

    just call Ron at Techsew and he will set you straight...fantastic support
  12. Machine Learning Curve

    the more company support you have for the machine you buy the shorter and easier learning curve. Buy the Seller! I have 2 Techsew machines and could not be happier with the machines and the support. I do wish someone would have been around to teach me but the process now that I look back on it was necessary to know how to do things. The good companies will help you pick out the correct machine for you. Let us know what you do!
  13. Installing speed reducer

    do you mean you enlarged the slit for the belts?? that is what I had to do..
  14. Installing speed reducer

    Speed reducer I installed went directly in line with the machine and I just had to move the servo motor a little
  15. I will refer him directly to you..