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  1. do you mean you enlarged the slit for the belts?? that is what I had to do..
  2. Speed reducer I installed went directly in line with the machine and I just had to move the servo motor a little
  3. I will refer him directly to you..
  4. made watch straps, a wallet and belt for a good customer in Texas...he wants custom shoes but does not know where to turn.. anyone here??
  5. for watch straps wallet and belts I use Masters..sets up fast holds tight and sewing through it is great. you HAVE to thin it with their thinner..
  6. great so far.//would love to see more. I was afraid to do this as I thought the leather would not feed well..but my mod was fairly minimal and worked great. UWE....extreme and awesome!
  7. someone here recommended them so I went with I can say is that I have not had ANY issues and they sew great...
  8. cut out the pressor foot on my Techsew 2750 pro and it worked great for edge sewing. I can see the needle like I wanted to!
  9. my servo was modified to use with a speed reducer from works great. It was quite a day putting it all together though but well worth it
  10. my machine is needle fed yes....I think that should work..the only way I have found to test it is to do it yourself with the materials that you use regularly. hope that helps ..
  11. try a 16 needle...I use 69 or 92 and with thinner leather it was much easier with the smaller needle. hope that helps I have also used a smaller 46 bobbin thread which makes it even easier to adjust the tension
  12. I have one on my Techsew 5580RF and it is wonderful..full control fast and slow and great torque and the needle positioner works great with the servo. I wouldn't do it any other way from now on.
  13. I got my skiver working great after watching the youtube video by Cechaflo where he adjusts the whole thing from scratch. He uses index cards and pieces of paper and it is really easy to follow. SHARP SHARP SHARP BLADE is the key also! When in doubt sharpen your blade. hope that helps
  14. great needle position motor on my Techsew machines one with a speed reducer and the 2750 pro without a speed reducer..makes life NICE and not an expensive upgrade. Call Ron at Techsew
  15. whatever you do only change one thing at a time so you know what works..thats what we do in Surgery!!