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  1. World war II and later canteen snaps

    Search lift-the-dot snaps. Looks like there are many suppliers for these.
  2. Something to Sing(er) about! :)

    Threaded rod bends easy and is cheap. It’s like grade nothing on the SAE chart, but will be plenty strong for what you are doing.
  3. The planets are in alignment

    How about a little Loctite red on the bearing when you assemble it to encourage it to stay put?
  4. 29k58 or 71 - which one to buy?

    In my neck of the woods (SF Bay Area) those would be extremely reasonable prices. I wouldn’t haggle, I’d buy both and keep whichever one performed better.
  5. Fortuna leather splitting machine

    Discussions about power requirements are speculation without seeing the rating plate on the machine or on the motor.
  6. Screws for Blanchard Paris Gauge

    The threads on the screw in the photo don’t look damaged, are you replacing it for cosmetic reasons? If you want an exact replacement, you may have to get one from a donor tool. If you just want a functional replacement, than what baroness said, the hardware store is your friend. If it is 1/4” diameter, it may be 1/4-20, which is common as dirt, or 1/4-28, which is not. Blanchard may also have made proprietary thread forms like Singer frequently did. The comical point implies that this is a set screw. If so, you should replace it with a set screw with a similar point to avoid damage to the surface it bears against. Set screws are also typically hardened. If it is just a cosmetic issue, could you just dress the heads with a file?
  7. One Maul to Rule Them All

    Everything I have ever made has at least one flaw in it, none of them deliberate...
  8. Grease for Gears in Gearboxes

    What lubrication inadequacies are you addressing by using Marvel Mystery Oil, which is mostly mineral oil and Stoddard solvent?
  9. Grease for Gears in Gearboxes

    If you really want to dig deep on this topic, search lubricants over on the Practical Machinist site. I have heard of the effect of gears creating a void in the grease referred to as channeling, and there are definitely products designed to avoid this. There are also greases designed to be used on open gearing, like the spur gear on the top of a “camelback” drill. The problem with many of these specialized products is that they are packaged for industrial use in 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums. In the end, like Bob and Constabulary said, just keep oil in it.
  10. This the machine that was listed for $500.00 in La Honda, Ca, last week?
  11. Show your Shop

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the words “Grainger” and “Great Price” used in the same sentence.... Nice press though.
  12. Henley Mfg Company

    Since Henley swivel knives get occasional mention here, I just want to confirm that Louis and Tom Henley are still in business. They were quick to reply to emails, and they built what I ordered and shipped on schedule. Beautiful tool, great people to deal with. You do need to contact them directly to purchase, and they do not accept credit cards.
  13. Why buy a Chinese copy when you can buy directly from Bob? He’s still in business and making tools.
  14. Buying oblong punch tool (new or used) 25x6mm

    Interesting. I’ll have to log in with a different browser and see what there is to see. With safari on an I-phone, all is well.