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  1. Grease for Gears in Gearboxes

    If you really want to dig deep on this topic, search lubricants over on the Practical Machinist site. I have heard of the effect of gears creating a void in the grease referred to as channeling, and there are definitely products designed to avoid this. There are also greases designed to be used on open gearing, like the spur gear on the top of a “camelback” drill. The problem with many of these specialized products is that they are packaged for industrial use in 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums. In the end, like Bob and Constabulary said, just keep oil in it.
  2. This the machine that was listed for $500.00 in La Honda, Ca, last week?
  3. Show your Shop

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the words “Grainger” and “Great Price” used in the same sentence.... Nice press though.
  4. Henley Mfg Company

    Since Henley swivel knives get occasional mention here, I just want to confirm that Louis and Tom Henley are still in business. They were quick to reply to emails, and they built what I ordered and shipped on schedule. Beautiful tool, great people to deal with. You do need to contact them directly to purchase, and they do not accept credit cards.
  5. Why buy a Chinese copy when you can buy directly from Bob? He’s still in business and making tools.
  6. Buying oblong punch tool (new or used) 25x6mm

    Interesting. I’ll have to log in with a different browser and see what there is to see. With safari on an I-phone, all is well.
  7. Buying oblong punch tool (new or used) 25x6mm

    Huh? In my browser, it shows up as the typical upper left hand corner icon, not in the body of the post. What do you see?
  8. Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit

    One last comment about your project. In my own opinion, the steampunk esthetic has slid from an attempt at (sort of) a plausible adherence to a story line or actually functional things, to “stick a bunch of brass gears and shit on it”. I think you get high marks for making something that looks practical and functional.
  9. Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit

    Maybe a “dead blow” hammer...
  10. Steampunk Vampire Hunting Kit

    Very creative, nice attention to “means and methods”. All it lacks is a hammer... Though, if you’re making it for a Con, I suppose a hammer might not make it through security.
  11. Buying oblong punch tool (new or used) 25x6mm

    I like old tools and machinery, particularly things that stay usable for decades (or more). That is the “rode hard and put away wet” Koenig PTO winch on the front of my 1970 Dodge 4wd truck, the way it was when I acquired it.
  12. Buying oblong punch tool (new or used) 25x6mm

    I guess I should have checked your location before replying. While dealing with suppliers in the US is possible, I’m sure it puts a premium on cost. I really don’t know who in the EU performs the same service as Bruce Johnson, acquiring old high quality tools, refinishing, sharpening and reselling at what I consider very reasonable prices.
  13. Buying oblong punch tool (new or used) 25x6mm

    Try Bruce Johnson. He has inventory that is not listed on his site. I believe Bob Douglas has sold his old tool inventory to Bo Hargrave in Texas. If you buy new Osborne tools, expect them to be dull right out of the box, and have little attention paid to surface finish. About a year ago, I ordered a half-dozen new Osborne #147 punches through a local dealer, just to see what would show up. Tools arrived as I described above, plus they were shipped loose in a cardboard box, no attempt at packaging. They all needed sharpening anyway, so maybe it didn’t make any difference in the end.
  14. Durkopp 291 walking foot machines for sale (22)

    Three-phase motors cannot, will not, start themselves without something on the third leg. A static converter is just a capacitor that applies a voltage on L3 that is phase-shifted enough to get the motor started. It doesn’t really contribute much to the output of the motor, hence the de-rating in output. As you likely already know, any single-phase on-board accessories must be connected to the terminals fed from line voltage, not the one fed from the capacitor.
  15. RR Track Anvil

    A round hole in an anvil is a pritchell hole, and is intended for punching. The square hole is the hardy, and is intended to support tooling. Good records of how anvils were made don’t exist, but the hardy hole and the handling holes on the base of my Peter Wright were probably punched while the anvil was being forged. On an ASO, the hole is probably cast. I’m strictly a hobby machinist, but if I had to do a square hole like that, I’d probably drill (or bore) to the diameter, use an end mill to approach the corners and finish it on my die filer. You probably could cut a hardy hole on a shaper, but supporting the work would be a PITA. As I have heard from real machinists, you can make anything on a shaper, except money.