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  1. At Disney no one can hear you scream

    I've heard it referred to as "Mauschwitz". Maybe not the happiest place on earth to work.
  2. At Disney no one can hear you scream

  3. Tool brands

    Bob Douglas makes very fine tools, and he and his wife are great to deal with.
  4. Help Applying Saddle Stitching to Tool Bag Design

    Do you mean "fid", the rope splicing tool?
  5. Star Wars Aztec Calendar

    Is Jar-Jar Binks on the B-side?
  6. Help Applying Saddle Stitching to Tool Bag Design

    I stitch with a pricking iron and awl. Pricking irons are used only to lay out stitch locations, not actually punch through the work. I own a couple very old sewing palms from when I used to sew Axminster and Wilton carpets and a several sizes of thimbles. I will occasionally wear a thimble while stitching, if the going is tough, but a traditional sewing palm just doesn't work for how I stitch: too clumsy, wrong angle.
  7. I had a bottle of 98% methyl alcohol from a chemical supply house in its original plastic bottle for over 30 years. Can't say what kind of plastic it is.
  8. Diamond Awl problems

    Contact info?
  9. Swedish bandolier

    I've haven't seen quite that style of closure before, I'd love to see pictures of both ends, open and closed. Nice work on your part, as always. Ken
  10. Presser foot conundrum

    Having owned a 1941 1/2-ton WC closed cab and a 1953 M-37, I can definitely say that they don't have bells and whistles, and if they did, the bells and whistles would have grease zerks, bronze bushings and would be waterproof.
  11. need help choosing

    Old Singer (and other) industrials pop up constantly on CL where I am located, if you educate yourself on machines adequate to the task and you are patient, you should find something. Around here, walking foot machines seem to get offered for around 600-800, Singer 31-15 & 31-20 machines seem to go for 200. As Wiz said, they virtually always have clutch motors that you need to slow down or put on a servo motor.
  12. Diamond Awl problems

    You can also email Douglas Tools: dsctools@rangeweb.net
  13. Diamond Awl problems

    Bob makes two sizes of awl, slim and regular. I've only used the slim, in the haft that he also makes. If you have small hands, you may need a shorter handle, such as the one made by Barry King. Bob's awl blades are works of art, sharp and mirror polished right out of the tube.
  14. Diamond Chisel Recommendation Needed

    In my opinion, if you want the best, buy Vergez Blanchard. About as expensive as it gets, but RML generally has them in stock and ships in a day or so. These are beautifully made, but they are pricking irons, not chisels, and are not meant to be driven all the way through the work. I like the look of 7 tpi for a lot of what I do.
  15. Diamond Chisel Recommendation Needed

    I second watching Nigel Armitage's tutorials. If you want to get really refined looking stitches on any thickness of leather, than learn how to use a pricking iron and awl. It does take a heck of a lot of repetition to get good at it.